In this form of Counsel known as Satsang,
one steps 
into the fire of Self-Discovery,
a fire that does not burn you,
only that which is not you.  

In the Course of Changing Mind we meet on-line weekly to explore the teachings of the Medicine Wheel using the Way of Council
bringing your own experiences to the light of the fire
as you experience Enlightenment drop by drop.

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'Stepping in it'

You don't know that you don't know

'Working up to The Witness'

As Presence is the anchor in The Void, does the Witness step up to the Judge.

'The Impossible'

Seeing the near impossible task of becoming whole begins with the possibility that you are not
and using it as the bridge. (We also had an impossible echo join us for this session!)

'Acknowledging Enlightenment'

In the same breath that one might say, how dare you call yourself Enlightened, is there fear
for this unfamiliar state. Indeed, one participant of the Course of Changing Mind asked,
'Is this legal?'

'Returning to Creativity'

Come to the Shores of your Enlightenment

'Heaven and Hell'

Demonic energies are not particularly graceful, rather clumsy one might say.
And so when I spoke of being 'attacked' by one,
it was more like it slammed into me on its way into the ceremony for healing.


To swim in a Spiritual sea, alive in a physical body, afloat with mental and emotional intelligence.
May your 'aha' s come to you forwards and backwards, ever expanding and contracting.


The caterpillar and butterfly are stellar teachers of regeneration, how Response Ability
and Enlightenment work together as the strangest of allies.

Who would believe, if they didn't know, that one would become the other over and again!?


Life likes the taste of Chaos, like Aioli sauce.

"Empathy Sucks"

If you experience Empathy or being Empathic, you will want to Understand this.


Experience is like the Ocean that visits one as rain, tears, sweat, rivers, puddles
and to the Ocean does it return for Experience is essentially impersonal.


Keeping your head above the water
in the fullness that comes of emptiness.

'The Triune Beat'

Connecting with Death and Balance as the Triune Beat of the pulse of the planet.

'Egg of Destruction'

Destruction is to Creation as the tempura
is to the yolk.

'The Same'

Everything is different and so it is the Same; paradox leading one to Samadhi.

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