Welcome to the Library, the first four steps and accompanying stones to direct the call to your Rite of Passage to Initiated Adulthood.  These must be read before taking the Course to prepare yourself for what is to come.  Though you may feel resistance to this, it is recommended you read the material through the computer rather than printed form, for several reasons including the embedded links you will need access to.  As you choose to embark on your Rite of Passage with Changing Mind, you will receive further teachings woven of The Path and The Way via email 3x a week which require 8-10 hours of your time per week.  If you have not already done so, you can make your commitment for the Course here.   

 The Path

Your Audio Guide to the looping Path of Power


Your backend traveling partner for maintaining your Enlightenment bit by bit, drip by drip.


The Way

Stones to complement your path, from A - Z.

  • A - Pain
    A - Pain

    The Truth hurts and how the Truth will set you free.

  • C - Fear
    C - Fear

    Looking fear right in the face and saying, "I'm going to get you!"