You don't always get what you see.

Walking unto or, with, the Unknown, can be unsettling for some and so in this Rite of Passage I act as your mentor, offering you the attentiveness within which the budding practical mystic observes the subtlest dimensions of existence, those realms of experience imperceptible to the eye, the ones that overwhelm the ordinary mind into a stunned silence. And to then bring that quieted ordinary mind into the landscape of the Spirit mind, are you presented with methods and guidance, tools for navigating with your Inner Light,  some familiar, some not, yet all relative. The first “relation” accessed is the mythical Hero’s Journey put together by Joseph Campbell and the blueprint for every mainstream movie you have ever seen.


The mythically proportioned Hero’s Journey begins with a sudden or unexpected call to embark on a quest to the hereunto unknown. Most often it comes when a person is quite comfortable in their ordinary life, for the appearance of comfort, the dim of the West you are still immersed in, a good place from which to launch the unexpected.


This model emulates a "myth" that pits forces intent on enslaving the human spirit against those quixotic souls who still search for meaning, beauty, and magic in the world. Yet Campbell himself, the leading expert in Mythology said, “I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as the experience of being alive.” For most, the experience of the Hero’s Journey has come over and again through Hollywood. Yet these shows distort and accrue undo stress upon the Journey with heaps of Drama, which is when action and dialogue collide as to evoke the artificial hero, the one made of stone. As such, Hollywood has actually distorted the entire basis of Campbell's work - which is to enter the Ordeal once and for all, free yourself of the Childhood Myth and MOVE ON, not step into it over and over and track it around, for this is the world of Samsara and its cohort Karma, which the leaves and bark of the plants that constitute “Ayahuasca” gives their best to have us step out of guided by the teachings of Tradition, the roots of the Tree.

As you have had enough exposure to the films of Hollywood by now to see Distortion as a starting place do we explore deeper the Territory of meaning, beauty and magic that constitute one who is Alive, which brings with it the intensity of experiencing each moment As It Is. One might even say that being Alive comes with the Territory, which adds these “gems” of being Alive to the diamond lotus of the Golden Buddha. These gems of Meaning, Beauty and Magic can be transmitted by Hollywood yet not without enduring Drama and the offspring of Tragedy not married with Comedy that is Violence and not made “precious” without first hand experience.

Set your sights now to the Induction Wheel, an outline of the Territory inherently designed for safe passage from the West to the North, that is to say, without need for the 2x4 fallout of Drama that is divorce, disease, premature death and other heartbreakers that take the Innocent as hostage.  Due to the calcified Western Front, the Wall between us and the True North built of Ignorance, we are best guided to head South, the gate through which Medicine Wheels are typically entered, for which we must go down, down, down - adding to the featherbed that awaits you.

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Induction Wheel

Upon this Rite we will walk many Wheels, moving from one to another with Ease and Grace and even overlapping them, not unlike the traditional Hoop Dancer. To make a map of the entire Territory we will cover that would satisfy the intellect would take many, many pages and would indeed be contrary to its own mysterious nature. As such, I can only paint your eyes with an explanation lest you get dumped in the linear goo of the moat of Complexity one can so easily fall into without running Understanding at full capacity.

Let us have a look into the Territory now beginning with the red dot signifying “you are here”, staring at or perhaps hitting your head against the Calcified Western Front, the place referred to by Terrence McKenna as the Height of Novelty for the westerner. Because you have not yet learned how to walk through walls there is nowhere to go from here but down, to the ground at the least but in the case of this Rite, due South as to endure the winter of our Consciousness until the “shamanic death” brings us back to Life, face first.

Aligning our given territory with the most basic structure of the Medicine Wheel, the line that moves from West to East is known as the Black Road, the Path strewn with Difficulty that ensures an Adolescent must walk the wheel in its turn rather than skip over to Elder without first doing so. The invisible line that runs South to North is the Red Road, the way of Help and Health, which for the wandering over-aged adolescent is difficult to stay on yet of itself, not difficult. In our territory, the “black road” is indicated with a dotted line as to be less formidable yet designate its other role which is the appropriate balance between the ordinary and spirit worlds.

Other “hoops” running alongside the physical layout of this Rite are the 7 steps of Alchemy as well as the three “acts” or stages you will be run through:

Act 1. Entry from the ordinary world to the special world or Crossing the Threshold
Act 2. Immersion into the special world or “Shamanic Death” of the winter
Act 3. The return or Resurrection

As you are reading this indicates you are already on the brink of Stage One, standing in the sidelines so to speak awaiting the curtain call. Here you may be bumping into invisible spirits, some frightening some friendly, yet not sure what to make of them. And even if you may not feel particularly motivated to change your way of life, there is that sound in your ears you cannot shake, a time also referred to as when the “threshing” begins. Try as you may, you attempt to refuse the call that echoes off the wall. Yet the call, unshaken in its inability to shake you up, will be preserved in Trust until taken. For to Cross the Threshold is to take a step into Trust, yet Trust has a poor sense of direction, in fact, it knows no direction and so best entered into with a guide. And once engaged, Trust makes the first act relatively short and painless, like clicking on a link you might say.

Once you have committed to the Course, the human mentor, together with their guides, walk you thought the Mistakes Wheel and prepare you for approaching the Truth that you be well equipped for the tests, trials and tribulations of Stage Two. There is no failure upon this stage, only the gauging of the capacity of your powers by the spirits as to discern the best means to utilize them within the fullness of the Network. As we make our way further South, your unconscious archetypes are gently nudged into the vision of Consciousness as for your resistance to support the Ordeal to come to its end, the accounting of childhood myths that have weighed you down as to lighten your load for the journey Northward “face first” through the Underworld, also referred to as the Spirit World, or Special World in Joseph Campbell’s more common model, so as not to freak people out unnecessarily.  When one emerges through the Clearing into the True North, your mind is set as the bubble in the compass, the diamond mind of the Golden Buddha that radiates the Free with Compassion.

Though Guidance is one greatest from of Protection, it is in the Underworld where one may perceive guidance received as a “bad trip” when Consciousness comes into direct conflict with your Subconscious programming, the result of which is struggle.   As Consciousness overrides the programming one realizes they are not the lab rat having something being done to them, they are the experiment and understanding the parameters or “reason” for the experiment eventually puts you on the road to Return with the Elixir.   Where there is not understanding of the Reason behind things, one returns empty handed, which is most often the case in the majority of “psychedelic” experiences, which can end up starving the Soul into fragmentation.

But we have gotten ahead ourselves here. Long before the Return, the second stage has a way of increasing the intensity of personal problems. There will be challenges in the beginning, a sure fire sign you are on the right path, the one difficult to stay on rather than the one immersed in Difficulty. This is the time where one’s looming negative aspects, the dirt, burrs and knots clinging to the physical are teased and pulled out with the fine-toothed comb of the Spirit World. This can come with the heaviness of regret, resentment or anger, arising to be acknowledged as to proceed with the process of Real Progress. Indeed, the first step of relieving addiction is to acknowledge there is.

Upon this second stage you increasingly see spirits or feel the presence of the otherworldly guides and allies interested in you. Nonetheless creepy as this might seem, these guides come to lend you their powers that you may continue to the third stage. Here one must work appropriately and in obedience with Guidance for your unique guides to come to you, for they will not lend you their powers if you, the student, are not ready to wake up and discover what you are doing. What angers the spirits is any attempt to define their magical ways of removing societal conditioning as evil or “possession”. You may simply feel like you are being watched as your conscience is increasingly provoked to return to Innocence. Furthermore, Obedience is highly adaptive, skilled in integrating failed communications (misunderstandings) into your very next instructions aimed at expanding your Understanding.

Along the way to your Enlightened Adulthood we will pick up some key players, your dormant senses of Imagination, Intuition, Thinking, Balance and Nothingness and the building blocks of your Values such as Respect, Honesty, Generosity, Creativity and Compassion along with the skills to engage them. Upon this Course you will also encounter the Art of Differentiation, the Art of Longing and Belonging, the Art of Integration and understand the Dark Art of Overthinking and the Lord of its court, Confusion. In fact, you will leave the course with an alternative masters degree in the Arts, enabled to bridge the invisible and visible, an artistry as applicable to paint and music as the boardroom, politics and parenting.  As with all knowledge, what you do with it is completely up to you and, you will stick to the Plan of the Higher Good for you will have nibbled enough of the Noble Truth, the Eight-fold path and boiled and toiled your way through Alchemy and ingested the Medicine Wheel teachings sufficiently to apply your increasing intelligence to spread your enlightenment like pollen from your “Watchtower” as you tumble into that which comes of it.

Indeed we will encounter many wondrous things upon this journey yet it is in Wonderland where one returns to True Novelty, which prefers the deep places rather than the peaks. Here comes the amusement of being both localized in time and space while recognizing that some part of you (i.e., your multidimensional reality) transcends time and space as well as being a part of all the local phenomena (i.e., situations, persons and places) which you cannot live without. In this place one also recovers their Sense of Humour, so necessary to carry on. This is also where you receive your “specs” that enable you to see both ways, read the map of the linear while at the same time experiencing the randomness of the Territory as to be in simultaneous existence. Even as you emerge into Adulthood this way of Seeing will continue to be your work, for it does not come all at once. Even with your “specs” or Vision on, you must work with this in Relationship every moment as to Master it. Yet having put struggle aside as we will do in Step 5 and empowered by your renewed Sense of Humour, the Abundance come of Mastery flows with Peace and Joy.

In Act Three you also integrate the powers of your guides and achieve life-changing breakthroughs which come not of external influence but of changing you Way of Life. These can come through a continuum of Aha and Hmm moments or more obvious physical changes and emergences, pleasant and unpleasant. Nonetheless, having been “initiated” by these powers, one emerges from this stage with greater skills and profound knowledge of how to use them. This is also the stage where you must return to the people and function as one who has become that which is above and that which is below with the uncanny ability to look both ways as to close the gaping gap between the mind and heart and come into your Precious Sensitivity.

If at any point upon this Course your need to facilitate change in the world and alleviate the suffering of others increases as if to drive you crazy, realize that what is really driving you crazy is the incessant fluctuations of your mind continuously assessing the risks of Duality in order to do the Right Thing as for this and that, right and wrong to become as splitting as a headache. But what is happening with each contraction and expansion is the opening of your Universal Mind or “Studio”. And in this, that which is already happening, you can find Rest in the medicine of aaahhh….that which turns what has troubled you deeply into what touches you there. And in this Rest of your Life you realize that whatever the “doing” may be that you are called to, it is the Divine presenting the perfect tasks for your bliss-bringing hands, happy feet and blubbering tongue to Know Thyself.

Movies have a way of showing us the Impossible within their means. You have been director, producer, writer and hero in your own show and now your ship is coming in as to pass all heroic attempts into the hands of Ease and Grace. As a shamanic engineer do I lay myself at your feet as the plank to come aboard, to step up and walk upon my back, which is backed by many spirits and guides, as to dovetail Her fluid Heart with His serpentine Mind as told in the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl and the Eagle and the Condor. Furthermore, as you take your show on the road, the Road takes precedence over the show.

Be prepared for a bejewelled “trip” that will weave you in and out of a loom you are not completely aware of. At times you feel the “warp”, at times the smooth tug and still others, trapped in the house of mirrors - that “crazy” feeling of Wisdom approaching, scattering the teachings out for you like a child’s treasure hunt with each step leading to a new place, each stone leaving nothing unturned. You will learn to become comfortable with Chaos, which is simply another word for the Higher Order, which answers to the Great Mystery as expressed by Great Spirit, just as the Open Mind serves the Open Heart, all in service to Cooperation. And in doing so, you will become more skilled at navigating the Unknown with the Known in your back pocket, like small change.

As to come to know the true nature of Change, this Course moves along the Path that provides points of knowledge for exploration and The Way, places to dig in as we walk Northward to the gates of the Akashic Records, the right and privilege of each one to enter that you need not carry the burden of Knowledge as you come to know More.

Your own life will provide ample opportunities
for you to experience these teachings and in doing so
assist your mentor in conducting your Rite of Passage.

I will tell you now that some things in this course are true, and some are facts. But don’t take my word for it. As an initiate your task is to seek out that which is hidden behind the words and bring this mystic force forth, which will be given practical application in our weekly on-line Council Sessions.

Maybe this Induction has made things clear as mud so let us get down to the nitty-gritty. Your part on this course is to keep up with the information you receive in your inbox 3x a week, to which you must dedicate 8-10 hours per week and appear for 10 weekly online council meetings to the best of your ability*. You are also responsible for monitoring your own condition as you come to your Understanding and to bring your progress to the private Facebook page and our Council sessions to enable us to see clearly into the Well we are digging. Where we find large boulders it is suggested that you book your one-to-one shamanic clearing sessions. Here, with direct help from the Spirit World, things get done 6X faster while at the same time coaching your own inner shaman. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a Day. But Egypt was.

It is said that the Kingdom of Man is the third shore as to form The Bay where vessels can safely spend the Night and children play. And as my fellow northerner Raffi tells us, Down by the Bay you may well see a whale with a polka-dot tail and many other wonders the mind cannot know as to lighten you up for the journey Northward. Let us begin this journey now by heading toward the threshold, the “show-down” that opens the first act. For the way in is the way out, beginnings best started at the end.

*All council meetings will be recorded and audio available to participants the following day.

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The meaning of enlightenment is in the middle.