You don't always get what you see.

There are 7 – 12 parts to the journey of meeting your maker depending if one takes the direct route or the milk run. There are times when one might feel they have no choice. This may be so, which is an indicator that Choice, which is ever present, has been displaced by your attention on its conclusive bookends of this or that which leads to making “poor choices” rather than its inclusive nature which grants freedom.

Let us also induce that being present is not only being with “what is”. Presence is a reminder that what we do in this moment, this life, will follow us into the next. And so one would do well to respond in Kind. As such, Presence is as much a place as a kind of energy, just as “through” is a place and energy. Presence is not just being here, it is working with what you have been given in that presence and bringing it forth, from Heaven to Earth, not the other way round.

One of the maps used in this Journey is the mythical Heroes Journey, put together by Joseph Campbell. One may make this more than once, in fact, as many times as there are roles to play, lives to be lived out within this life you have been given. Yet only if one is set on playing the “hero”. That said, we may still use it proportions as guidance, for indeed it is the blueprint for every movie you have ever scene. Here is a map for your eyes to follow as the words read you:



The mythically proportioned Heroes Journey begins with a sudden or unexpected call to embark on a quest to the hereunto unknown. Most often it comes when a person is quite comfortable in their life, for the stability of comfort is a good place from which to launch. This "comfort" may also be the darkness you are immersed in.




Aligning this wheel with the traditional Medicine Wheel, the line that moves from West to East is known as the Black Road, Path of Difficulty. The invisible line that runs South to North, the Red Road, which is difficult to stay on. The latter is the route that we will take guided by the words reading you.

Running alongside the physical layout of the Heroes Journey are also three “acts” or stages:

  1. Entry from the ordinary world to the special world
  2. Submersion into the special world (where one must keep their head above the water)
  3. The return

Acknowledging how difficult it is for the Western Mind to step into the Unknown, we give you a basic outline here of the “landscape” and itinerary of the journey. You are reading this, which indicates you are already on the brink of your journey, bumping into invisible spirits yet not sure what to make of it for you have not consciously embarked on the Journey yet. And even though you may not feel particularly motivated to change your way of life, there is that sound in your ears you cannot shake. Try as you may, you attempt to refuse the call. Yet the call, unshaken in its inability to shake you up, will be preserved in Trust until taken. When this occurs, it is difficult for one to access Trust without hearing the call. Yet entry is just that, a step, a wake up call and so once engaged, this first phase is relatively short and painless, like clicking a button you might say.

Once you are fully “in”, crossed the Threshold, you have accepted a human mentor, who together with their guides, prepare you for the tests, trial and tribulations of stage two that gauges the capacity of your powers. Here we actually move back into the South to account some childhood myths that weigh you down as to lighten your load for the journey Northward through the Underworld, also referred to as the Spirit World or Special World in Joseph Campbell’s model so as not to freak people out.

It is the Underworld where one may perceive the guidance given as a “bad trip”, a crazy person leading you if one remains unconscious.   Yet consciously tripped one realizes they are not the lab rat, they are the experiment and understanding the parameters or "reason" behind the experiment will put you on the road to Return with the Elixir, where a bad trip, whether received full of light and love or darkness and fear, sends one back empty handed.

In order to support your becoming Conscious the second phase has a way of increasing the intensity of personal problems. There will be failures in the beginning, a sure fire sign you are on the right path, the one difficult to stay on rather than the one immersed in Difficulty. This is the time where one’s looming negative aspects, the dirt, burrs and knots clinging to the wool are teased and pulled out with the fine-toothed comb of the Spirit World. This can come with the heaviness of regret, resentment or anger, arising to be acknowledged and so, set aside, as to proceed with the process of Progress. Indeed, the first step of relieving addiction is to acknowledge that something is there.

Upon this stage you will see spirits or feel the presence of the otherworldly guides and allies interested in you. Nonetheless creepy as this might seem, these guides come to lend you their powers that you may continue to the third level. Here one must work appropriately and in obedience with Guidance for your unique guides to come to you, for they will not lend you their powers if you, the student, are not ready to wake up and discover what you are doing. What angers the spirits is any attempt to define their magical ways of removing all societal conditioning as evil or “possession”. You may simply feel like you are being watched, your conscience increasingly provoked to return to Innocence.

At stage three you integrate the powers of your guides and begin to pass your tests successfully and achieve life-changing breakthroughs. These can come through a continuum of Aha and Hmm moments or more obvious physical changes and emergences, pleasant and unpleasant. Nonetheless, the hero emerges from this stage with greater powers, skills and profound knowledge of how to use them. This is also the stage where you must return to the people and function as one who has become that which is above and that which is below with the uncanny ability to look both ways as to close the gaping gap between the left and right brain as to come into the Sensational United State.

At this point of the journey your need to facilitate change in the world and alleviate the suffering of others increases as if to drive you crazy. But what is really driving you crazy is the incessant fluctuations of your mind continuously assessing the risks of Duality in order to do the Right Thing while this and that, right and wrong spin the Eternal dance in your head. But what is happening with each contraction and expansion is the opening of your Universal Mind. And in this, that which has already happened, you can find Rest in the medicine of aaahhh….

And in this Rest you may realize that Bliss has a life of its own that has little to do with finding your purpose yet comes of it. Whatever the “doing” may be that you are called to, it is the Divine presenting the perfect tasks for your bliss-bringing hands, happy feet and blubbering tongue to Know Thyself. At this time what is most important is to exercise compassionate thought, feeling and action (Right Conduct) to transform all newfound knowledge into Wisdom, which you will then shed like feathers and skin as the feathered serpent, come of the Union of the Son, Mother and Father in the “daughters” of Earth.

Each one is a story with 3 acts.
the Triune Self

Movies have a way of showing us the Impossible within their means. And you already a film star, director and writer, the hero in your own journey, your ship coming in. As a shamanic engineer do I lay myself at your feet as the plank to come aboard, to step up and walk upon my back as to dovetail Her fluid Heart with His serpentine Mind, the Soul with Spirit, as with the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl and the Eagle and the Condor. 

Along the way to your Enlightened Adulthood we will pick up some key players to engage in your Experiences such as Imagination, Creativity, Passion and Compassion along with the skills to engage them. Otherwise you will have only the butter, and nothing to spread it on. Upon this Course you will also encounter the Art of Differentiation, the Art of Longing and Belonging, the Art of Integration and understand the Dark Art of Overthinking. In fact, you will leave the course with an alternative masters degree in the Arts, enabled to bridge the invisible and visible, an artistry as applicable to paint and music as the boardroom, politics and parenting.  As with all schooling, what you do with it is completely up to you and, you will stick to the Plan.

In any case, you will have nibbled enough of the Noble Truth, the Eight-fold path, boiled and toiled your way through Alchemy and ingested the Medicine Wheel teachings to apply your increasing intelligence to spread your enlightenment like pollen as you tumble into that which comes of it.

Be prepared for a bejewelled journey that will weave you in and out of a loom you are not completely aware of. At times you feel the sharp edges, at times the smooth surfaces and still others, trapped in the house of mirrors that will bring that “crazy” feeling. The path will be scattered like a child’s treasure hunt, each step leading to a new place, each stone leaving nothing unturned. You will learn to become comfortable with Chaos, which is simply another word for the Higher Order, which answers to the Great Mystery as expressed by Great Spirit, just as the Open Mind serves the Open Heart. And in doing so, become more skilled at navigating the Unknown with the Known in your back pocket, like small change.

Now, back to the nitty-gritty for a moment… the Course of Changing Mind flows between the two banks of The Path and The Way. The Path will provide points of knowledge for exploration and The Way, places to dig in as we walk Northward to the gates of the Akashic Records, the right and privilege of each one to enter that you need not carry the burden of Knowledge as you come to know More.

Your own life will provide ample opportunities
for you to experience these teachings and in doing so
assist in conducting your Rite of Passage.

I will tell you now that some things in this course are true, and some are facts. But don’t take my word for it. As an initiate your task is to seek out that which is hidden behind the words and true this to your Word, the most valuable asset you have. This will be practiced in our weekly on-line Council Sessions.

Maybe this Induction has made things clear as mud, yet you “get” what is happening. Be clear, paying for the course does not give you the freedom to do what you wish with it without participation with the Divine Power, for only It can grant you that. Your part is to keep up with the information you receive in your inbox 3x a week, to which you must dedicate 8-10 hours per week and appear for 10 weekly online council meetings to the best of your ability*. Council sessions enable us to look into the Well we are digging. Where we find large boulders it is suggested that you book your personal one-to-one shamanic clearing sessions. Here, with direct help from the Spirit World, things get done 6X faster. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a Day. But Egypt was.

It is said that the Kingdom of Man is the third shore as to form The Bay where vessels can safely spend the Night and children play. And as my fellow Canadian Raffi tells us, Down by the Bay you may well see a whale with a polka-dot tail and many other wonders the mind cannot know as to lighten you up for the journey Northward. Let us begin this journey now by heading South, the place of the Child, for the “show-down”.  For the way in is the way out, beginnings best started at the end. You are responsible for monitoring your own condition as you come to your Understanding.

*All council meetings will be recorded and audio available to participants the following day.


Cross the Threshold to Adulthood Now


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The meaning of enlightenment is in the middle.