Step 1: What is the Meaning of This

Today a stone is cast in the pool of humanity, a complete and unique concentric circle rippling into the Universe, sending shivers down its starry spine.  And as with the Japanese Koan for Peace, this circle never ends.  Likewise, in the world of Peace that connects all of the human, animal, plant, spirit and other worlds, the door never closes. In fact, there is no door, only pure Perception.


A Koan is an unanswerable question that demands an answer used in Zen practice to provoke the “Great Doubt”. It is a symbolic paradox to abandon dependence on reason as to bring about sudden intuitive splashes of enlightenment. Note that the key word to this passage is “dependence”.

And so, in step one, we begin to alchemically burn off your dependence on “calcified” meaning, which has access only to the past and creates doors between you and your Pure Perception. As such, Imagination can soar no higher than your previous experiences. Even Inspiration comes only from the childhood myth, no more than overtones of convictions derived by a 7 year old. As for Intuition, we will come to that eventually upon subsequent steps in this Course.

As each step brings you a higher Vision of what can be achieved, based on the simple Truths of What Is, do you move forward in your spiritual development, working to cleanse yourself of the contaminating influences (defilements) of the bonding-rejection (duality) impulses of your earthly existence. Step by step, you transcend your ego for the Conscious Ego, directly responsive to Divine Consciousness and its reality within you, your living and your environment.

You have already burned much up to this point yet one cannot light ash. So must we go deeper, behind the curtain, to the old one who got lost in a hot air balloon and use that billowing energy as for the Phoenix to rise and shed its healing tears that the alchemical process of Transformation may be carried on.

As you cast your Changing Mind through our website you read this script:

You Don't Know that You Don't Know.

In Arabian Proverb these words are attributed to the Fool, yet fear not. Even the Tarot begins here for it is preferable until this stage of growth changes in taking a walk through the Mistakes Wheel. For now consider this as what keeps the mystery alive in you.  Christ did not know he could not walk on water. But he did it just the same. So it said, that one must do only that which you cannot not do.

And too it has been said, as if a warning, that “the fire has gone out in the West”. Yet this is natural, for the West is the place where the sun goes down and so natural, not a threat at all. Let these words put your fight or flight system to rest now, for it is a good time to let the you that thinks they have been running the show die off that we may come to where the sun also rises.

When something dies, another something is born. As with the Tibetan teachings on death and dying, which we will cover in this course, that which has died must be ushered or guided out, which generally takes 49 days. In this time there is grieving, wailing, sadness, a sense of loss as trauma releases from the body. Simultaneously, one must also tend to the needs of the newborn that has come in the very same moment as the death. Many would say there is no greater pain than to bear a child; others that there is no greater pain than to bury one. The key word here is Pain, which is present for both events, the kind of Pain that Love is so good at sharing that no one should carry it alone.

The moon, Grandmother Kia, who shines light into the Darkness, knows this well, as conveyed in The Shaman’ca Loop. If you do not already have the CD, please click on the link for audio download.

Yet and still, how are we to work with this practically? That my Friend is why you are here for as Christ, Muhammad and Buddha were fully aware, the practical application of Enlightenment is within you.  To access it the teachings and texts, stories and pictures given to us are to be taken allegorically, for there is little room for logic in the 5th dimension.

Your head may well be swimming here as the ripples of Peace make their way to wash over you, so let us come to the key that opened the tiny door for Alice when she experienced this sensation on her way to Wonderland. The magical “key” to any passage, any thread of words, contains the Truth within it. Sometimes the key is lost upon you for it is far beyond the seemingly measurable meaning mustered up your memory yet right under your nose. Tug on that thread, breathe it in, and the Truth unravels in the inner invisible space of the Third Eye. Here, there is no longer need to search outwards for the ever-expanding place of Freedom.  And here, in this Course, will you receive your Key Word Apothecary for relief when you feel as if the water is pulling you under.

In the world of Freedom it is not enough to sit in the West and say “the fire has gone out”. The Christened and Bodhisattvas do not hide in a cave when Enlightenment comes to them, though it can certainly send one in that direction with its blinding light. Yet in Enlightenment, even a shooting star understands Right Place.

Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.  
After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.

What is the difference? The difference is subtle, Sublime. Just as each planet has its own bodily functions, spinning at different rates of time, different “climates” etc. so does each world (or “realm” as used in Buddhism) have its own set of rules and laws. The laws that govern Ignorance for instance are different than those of Enlightenment, those that govern Judgment subtly different that Discernment. This can also be true in relationships between people who are operating in different worlds with different laws at the same time, which can bring confusion, isolation and loneliness in one unable to celebrate this sense of Difference as key to Diversity.

The Great Mystery celebrates the ability of the Spirit to take flight from the body and return to the human form at will, rising like the flame from the wick yet never separate from the candle. Jonathon Livingstone seagull is an excellent role model for the teaching that there is more to flying than flying. Likewise, the seekers and travellers of the Cosmic Mirror must return to the people with The Vision that it bestow us with. If one does not or cannot find Expression in what they find there in the Here and Now, energy does not move. This is the basis of the Age of Aquarius, oral communication, which is limited not to verbal communication yet Transmittance which requires opening to the Goddess, the Great Mystery and making it clear.

Ours is not to clear up the Mystery.
It is to make the Mystery clear.

What impedes the ability to take what is there in your own two hands (manifest) is that something is out of alignment, the road within you too crooked and tight for The Vision to come through. And so that road, the pathway, must be straightened out. Furthermore, when the energy is trapped it not only turns to “black goo”, but begins pumping cement into ones ruts, and in doing so impedes the return as for one to be stuck in Forever, often experienced as replays of childish convictions. We will speak more of the southerly world of Forever as we pass it along our Journey as well as many views of mental health.

Let us now dwell for a spell in Enlightenment, which for many still seems like something hovering around you, something you dream of when you look towards the stars yet more like the sunglasses perched on your head that you thought were lost. The fact is one must reach for their star and pull it on like a cozy sweater for, like your Soul, it is waiting to be incorporated so as to warm the place reserved precisely for the unexpected guest.

It is possible you will not recognize the place Enlightenment has reserved for you at its table and so your host shows you the way.  Too you may not be accustomed to the culture and customs of this transcendent field of existence where all opposites are unified into the Middle Path nor be familiar with the response abilities inherent to the place of the Adult that grants you passage upon this path. You may not know what the little spoon and the little fork are for. For this reason you need a guide, which is different than the host yet serves it, until all becomes familiar enough for the little ego to take its Right Place in Consciousness and Consciousness to move from its tiny prison in the brain into the wholeness of the body.

The Course of Changing Mind will guide you through familiar though forgotten inner terrain with readings that are a challenge to get through that you might not seek trouble in the outer world. Your eyes will see only what the mind is prepared to comprehend. And this is fine, for the fact is, the Words are reading you, finding the places where the extraordinary lives in you, bringing you back into circulation, bringing forth the teachings of your own medicine bundle inside you. Eventually you will take the medicine of your own voice and the value of your own word, just as the Fair Lady learned to speak so as to be heard by the Good Doctor.

In the Plan of the Higher Order, what we call “meaning” naturally flows and follows through without question or doubt, just as the lesser naturally flows to the greater. But this new, subtle muscle of “meaning” must be worked out with the fluidity of your developing Understanding. Here is a portion of the Plan designed to unravel the threads of your dormant DNA that will develop your Understanding. Notice that each portion is completed with a period, a full pause of stillness after each movement to do so.

Love manifests Beauty.
Contentment expresses Gentleness.
Tenderness begets Humility.
Humility creates Compassion.
Compassion creates Tranquility.

This Rite of Passage to your Enlightened Adulthood is for those seeking a direct, transformative experience of the sacred, until now, reserved for the mystics.  You may not even know that this is what you have been looking for, nor what the real meaning of it may be.  No matter. Word is, it has found you.  In the words of Rumi:

"When I run after what I think I want, my days are a furnace of stress and anxiety;
if I sit in my own place of patience, what I need flows to me, and without pain.
From this I understand that what I want also wants me, is looking for me and attracting me. There is a great secret here for anyone who can grasp it."

Indeed we are taught that our "place" here is inside our feet.  And Spider teaches that Life is always counterbalanced in perfect equilibrium with no ultimate right and ultimate wrong. And as a spiders web, the Path and Way of the Course of Changing Mind contains both straight lines and spirals - continually bringing things back to you that you thought you understood as to see deeper truths inside them.

Some feel that coming across familiar situations or patterns means they have failed in some way. This is not true. One who makes no mistakes has no opportunity to learn from them.  Learning from our mistakes is a part of the way to step out of Karma, out of Samsara, and into the Medicine Wheel. Indeed one of the introductory Medicine Wheels we will travel is the Mistakes Wheel. And as to move from wheel to progressive wheel, going ever deeper in Ascension, there is Council to keep things flowing in the Interactive Field and our one-on-one shamanic sessions for when one might be digging too deep without removing the debris and so bury them selves alive. For we truly need more people here who are Alive, upright and dignified.

As you find yourself craving more insight, more understanding, more wisdom, education, learning and even more, know that you are on the right track to the Rainbow Bridge of the Agape for Knowledge is Light. But too know that what you gather must be met with Experience as for the Light to be illuminated. With this light you will go beyond learning and knowing to Realization, and in doing so ignite a being enlightened with your gift of spiritual and intellectual light, your emotional maturity seasoned with know-how and the ability to respond, proudly powered by The Word, imagery and song. Quite the horn of Plenty!

These teachings are not just about the words yet the energy transmission and guidance that flow therein. Therefore they ought to be listened not just with the ears or eyes, but with the heart, unhurriedly, peace and stillness moving through you in the constant motion that is healing, which comes of Listening from which Understanding blooms.

There is much to be had from The Word. We are already aware that words can as easily bring peace as star wars.  It is said that our Ancestors fought to get us here. The Rest is up to us.  May we all Rest in Peace for the Rest of our Life.

I leave you in this resting place today with the words of a great medicine people of the Amazon who speak the sound of light, transliterated by the Plant Kingdom.

I will open your thoughts.
By doing so, I'll fill you with joy.
By doing so, I'll straighten your thoughts.
By doing so, I'll straighten your body.
Now, I will heal you to the depths of your heart.
By doing so, I'll fill you with immense joy.
By doing so, I'll return Life to your body and thoughts.
I will heal your being, your body
With the powerful essence of The Tree and The Universe
So you are Joyous.

Remember my words
So you will remember them,
I will repeat them in many ways.
Though I am small,
I made your thoughts shine like jewels.
The Universe is in Harmony.
The Word is and will ever Be.


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