Step 2: Separating into Unity

Never mind the staircase, just mind the stairs. - Martin Luther

Have you heard the one about the centipede that knows not which foot goes first and so never goes anywhere?  Don't let the staircase intimidate you and don't be that centipede.  We have much ground to cover in order to uncover the co-dependent state.

This blistering state arose during the Conditioning Period and affected all who came in contact with it yet it can not exist outside of itself, which in the big picture no longer exists. Yet like a dead star, conditioning can nonetheless be seen far and wide, and having made a place for itself here like another star on the flag, claims its very own state.  For the spiritually disciplined working the Unified Field, to accept and love someone unconditionally can be to say, “I don’t want to meet you in the conditioned state. I would like to meet you in your Best.” That person must then chose where they wish to meet, in Conditioning (which has fallen into the dictatorship of Illusion) or their Best (which is slowly rebuilding Reality). And in doing so, one can always do their Best, as prescribed by the Toltec in the Four Agreements.

At first this language feels awkward or offensive, but the more you practice, the more fluent it becomes for all. And it is best if one comes out of co-dependence on their own. As a shaman I can go in and get you, but most likely you’ll be snapped back into its conditions like an elastic without first having the flexibility of the fluid Network in place. Elastic bands seem flexible but have finite capability. Your flexibility improves as you extend Compassion to that one regardless of their choice for you too once lived in that state and, as you are coming to understanding, being your Best requires constant maintenance and vigilance, which for the Adult is accompanied by Patience rather than struggle so that even effort seems effortless.

So here we have already applied several practical uses of the Art of Differentiation. Those who have not yet mastered this Art are said to have one foot on the gas and one on the brake, one on unity and one independence, and wonder why they never get anywhere except the overloaded isolating state of Confusion which can lead to the dark art of Overthinking that seduces one deeper into the arms of Overload which uses Trauma as its outlet.  Most often a result of your unconscious words uttered storm-trooping back at you, Confusion fills the brain with a gooey, gummy substance that can form into calcified plaque called beta amyloid protein, in later years showing up as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or at any age, as night terrors.

Overthinking is a naturally occurring phenomenon due to the fact that all things are connected yet can this connection can be experienced subtly, without calling upon the gross of Confusion, through Conscious word use. Used consciously, even Confusion eventually sets like clear glue to highlight the difference between what you really see and what you have been told was possible and permissible to see. In this way, Confusion can actually be preventative medicine for relapse into Conditioning. Confusion may also be subtlety applied that Terror not be called to completely exceed your expectations. In short, used cautiously, Confusion can insulate one from the Terror of being overloaded by the Unknown, of being "too much".

Where the multiple personality has been around since the beginning of time and is highly regarded by indigenous people, particularly those that have managed to stay outside of the Conditioned State, what is termed Mania and Depression have arisen from the Conditioned State, and experienced mildly or in full-blown psychosis are symptoms of our exasperation with seclusion, enslavement in it that has one dig too deeply into Soul or Ego as possible escape routes.  Simply put, Mania is too much Soul and Depression too much Ego. These imbalances are having a highly negative influence on all our Adolescents at this time, regardless of race and age, for they are compounded with the fact that they see the masses of over-aged adolescent lined up ahead of them and the idea of reaching Adulthood for them selves appears hopeless. Under such torment one actually learns to live in the dark without ability to see, hear or communicate with what is really there and so Confusion, with nothing to work with, gives way to Ignorance.

One way out of the Conditioned State is the lessons given upon this Rite yet the distance you travel depends on how well you understand the lesson, hence the importance of exercising and developing your Understanding and so your capacity for worldly communication. As it is, the territory you walk will always bear a resemblance within you.

When one tugs on the thread of truth all loose ends unravel.

And as the ends unravel the layers of the teachings is the smorgasbord of Truth laid out right before your eyes upon the table of Enlightenment, for better or for worse. Yes, Truth is the unexpected guest, for one can never possibly expect what will come it of, nor know where its thread might lead. Yet and Still one can learn to consciously simulate the future with our good thoughts and actions, the good thoughts that come before us as free children of God crying “here we are!” As such, Here actually stimulates the Future whereas Now works only with Nothingness, another of your dormant senses concerned only with the Eternal.

In the most simple terms, Enlightenment is to know who you are, and that “are” is Love, whereas the “who” is that which feels sound, be it come of language or otherwise, and the “you” well, Namaste. In this it becomes clear that the human experience is a great opportunity to discover that we are the Divine eternal principle. In the spiritual journey, the human experience continually changes how it is to be human, an exploration of what really it is to be human, which goes beyond experiencing.

Yet at this stage, it is wise to accept experience as the Mother of all Teachers. For when we put ourselves into the world of worlds, things happen. If we don’t, things stay the same. Here one may come to the world of Inertia that loves to bask in the shade between the rock and the hard place and which can only be shifted by Unbalance, as stated in Newton’s First Law of Motion, for Inertia is governed by this set of Laws made by man. Or, following mastery of the Arts, one might simply lean into Discomfort as to see that it, a rock and a hard place are in actual fact four different things (including the space between them represented by “and”), and to suffer the complexity of thinking otherwise, optional. For it is this very act of differentiating that moves Awareness into Being as to alleviate the extent of discomfort so prevalent in the West despite its inhabitants being the most privileged in the world and in doing so, let Inertia be itself, that which promotes Rest once one is in Right Place.

Differentiation is a preparatory stage of the Alchemical process of Separation that separates the gross from the subtle as to “unwedge” one stuck in the West and its with distorted versions of manifestation and abundance, living your truth, being authentic and even what thinking is. Many such words have been misappropriated in the “new-age” language, often spoken with a dogmatic passive aggression necessary to be heard in the dark where one is truly frightened of these words and what they represent. Again the unconscious use of these words can buffer the great power they possess that is beyond your current ability to comprehend them and too, that buffer can keep one stuck in the bandwidth limited to 5% of the spectrum of light, known relatively as the “dark”.

Let us now expand upon the phrase, Live my Truth. On its own it sounds good but what is one to really make of it? Much pain and misunderstanding can come of one applying their own truth before fully understanding it themselves. There is no “key” in this phrase and so I suggest seeing it this way: using our pal punctuation, insert a comma and make your own commandment: “Live, my Truth”. Here we are commanding Truth to come to the forefront to guide us to our inner guide; the Witness, the Dharma, the Buddha within. Then sit back under a tree as it happens, doing nothing yet taking your daily bread, the Rest that our ancestors have gifted us for getting out of our own way, and in doing so, the straightening begins to give end to the struggle with What Is. Indeed, our daily bread is the constant work required to move Consciousness out of the brain, to change your Mind and attune your sense of Nothingness.

One way to see this process is the “back end”, that which runs the computer, trading places with the “front end”, that which appears on the screen.   Eventually, upon this course, we will clear the screen that you may experience the Tabula Rasa. But your nervous system is not ready for that just yet and we wouldn’t want to fry the current circuitry for it has gotten you thus far and necessary to carry on into Acceptance that you are a Happy Being.

Whatever happens has already happened; it could not be happening any other way. In accepting this one accesses Happiness. Accepting the idea that it could have been some other way is to invest in the dark side of Fantasy. An experience can never be anything other than what it is, just as Patience can only do only thing at a time, lest she get Impatient, frustrated and angry. Perhaps you have noticed the happenstance play of happen and happiness. And the importance of being Aware of what you are accepting as knowledge and truth.

When you put yourself out there, participating as the plants, trees, animals and stars do without Anticipation, things coincide rather than collide, yet as with a vanity mirror, appear to reflect only the opposite of who you perceive you are. Indeed, perception makes mistakes. For instance, we perceive that Life is flowing around and through us, but the truth is that we are Life flowing and each movement moves or “influences” every cell and quark in the Universe, most notable in the Butterfly effect. Shatter the mirror and there is no more “opposite”, no more Duality yet the simultaneously expanding and contracting of Paradoxical Unity as for Life to relate you as "I Am Here", I matter and I am light, the Sacred Mirror of Nature that requires no special surface yet All That Is.

Entrained with Nature, the heart ever rises and falls and is highly disciplined in this rhythm for to wander from it would be deadly for its host. And so comes from the teaching , follow your heart for Rhythm is one of the Laws of Existence in which lies the understanding that accepted knowledge must justly influence the next happening and be discarded, just as the heart pumps blood in and out, as for new oxygenated knowledge to continuously come with the flow of Consciousness that is Intelligence, which lives in the Heart. Artificial Intelligence lives in the mind. Eventually the two may co-exist, just as man and computer do, or not, depending on if that relationship obeys the Laws of Existence, also referred to as Her.

Intellect, a lesser faculty of Intelligence, is ever impatient to rush ahead yet a highly valuable part in developing Intelligence.   With Intellect on your side at this stage you will indeed learn that you can learn without making mistakes. You can then learn to know without learning and eventually realize without knowing, all filtered through the watershed of Understanding. Yet never will any one of these things be abandoned for each is integral in the whole. Rather than rely heavily or be dependent on learning or even understanding, one must exercise all their faculties regularly, cultivating each as a part of your Precious Sensitivity, to be called upon in Right Use. Reason too is one of your necessary aids yet leaned on too heavily allows Logic to take precedence in the Heart which leads to heart disease.

Coming to your senses, your Precious Sensitivity, is not only important for your Health but necessary for True Communication with plants and animals, stones and the wind, which always uses language yet not always words. Here the undeveloped sense of thinking depended on too heavily is only a hindrance. As said, we are still in the threshing stage and all of this “dependence” will be dropped as we come to the Horseshoe Canyon upon Step 13 in order for you to have Luck alongside as you face the Peak of the Adult in the North, from which like snow upon it, the Sun takes you to the Sea.

Where knowledge must meet with experience to fulfill itself must Understanding meet with feelings to undergo the refinement of New Knowledge, a sugar for the heart which sweetens your next experience with Understanding as to produce heart-field “knowing”. This knowing is a two-way communication that opens the lines of language between plants, animals, humans and all life forms. This language combines and compares your living (actual) experience of the thing and the initial description you have of it. Any differences in the two fields of perception are then separated out and any discrepancies focused upon until the error is perceived and corrected as for Pure Insight to occur. These insights or “sugars” will not be lost and need not be held in the brain for they are naturally encoded in memory and released as needed by the need-to-know system that improves your ability to perceive with the Heart and so move towards complete understanding with the plant or thing you are in relation with. This complete understanding is known as Seeing, all phenomena showing itself in its own light, which has little to do with the eyes and involves neither thinking or feeling when the perceiver and perceived are Whole. As Self and World are one, it is quite impossible for a person to become Whole without acknowledging the world we live in as relative to us.   All My Relations

Where Truth may well give your life a good shaking up, does this Journey or Vision Quest relate you to it. In Truth, nothing affects us directly and nothing can hurt you but your thoughts. Yet everything is in how we relate to it in Right Relation. This is how the maharishis of India could take 64 hits of LSD. Furthermore, the statement “we are all connected” acknowledges that you are connected, related, to the loudmouth next door, to the one who cut in front of you on the highway, to the one who mercilessly dumped you last week, to the Tree, the wind, the stone, the winged ones, the four-leggeds who, long ago, all spoke the same language before we broke the Sacred Agreement. As for the Sacred Hoop to mend does the Spirit behind these words give you a good going over, purifying the stagnant water of old beliefs based in false knowledge that you did not even realize you were swimming in, perhaps now becoming as waves crashing upon the shores of your Identity as to reshape it to resemble that of the Divine. What is familiar is comfortable, yet some of these comforts too begin to float away as Unity wrestles that which is inappropriate for growing to the ground. To shelter the nakedness come of Unity, we have been given Connectivity, which can be felt as your favorite blanket, yet woven of all that is different. And given to us, we must take care of it.

It is said that if the trees were not rooted, they would fall upwards into the Void.

It is also said that we are born of Spirit into a 3D world to heal ourselves of misperception, misconception, misinformation and all other distortions of the “misses” before returning to the pure Source of Divine Power. But more important than this is the actual human experience, which is not confined to healing or even making corrections. The three “musketeers” of this world here to assist in the experience of being Spirit in a material world, known as Human, are the Thinker, Doer and Knower, which might also be considered Soul, Self and Ego yet all will have reached their expiration date once you understand who you are.

Believe it or not, to Know Thy Self is a preliminary step and if one does not do so willingly, they will be forced by a loving Universe to come into direct contact with Consciousness through the Personality, the primary formation of your Life here that came into being the moment you were given a name. Name is the first agreement we make to integrate knowledge. With name we learn how to Love conditionally. Conditional love is based in Control and Conditions formed of old knowledge calcified. People who want power will always try to control those who truly possess it, a subtle form of Conquest that predominates one who does not shed old knowledge/conditions collected. The first diagnostic signs of shedding old knowledge are feelings of Shame, Injustice, Anger, Guilt and even Jealousy, the lowest frequencies on the scalar of Consciousness. As with overload leading to confusion, when one is tired of being ashamed, they become cynical, the second phase of shedding. But it is not acceptable to be cynical so it is often sunk into hopelessness. So even before this, when you see yourself being cynical, it is time to look at what you are shedding along your path; is it love, strength, blessings and growth or fear, selfish greed and destruction? Just as you shed your skin, do you shed what is in your heart and mind, leaving a path of destruction or growth wherever you go, and in doing so, creating your own reality.  As such, letting old knowledge fall away can give life or take it away. Yet this shedding of conditions is essential to love ones self unconditionally, that is, free of the Conditioned State.

Self and World are in Truth inseparable. For the initiated, World is Sacred Mirror, what is inside you being shown to you outside, As Is, in accordance with the Law of Existence, also spoken in the Bhagavad-gita as As It Is, and it's not taking a backseat anymore. For as the Illusion of self as separate falls all that is left is what we are creating; the material world (front end) which has largely dominated, giving way to the spiritual world (back end) as what really matters. Whatever criticism or judgment you are handing out to others, you are handing to yourselves. Once you get this, really get it, is to make the Laws of Existence a way of Life. As the poles shift in the bigger picture I will go so far as to say that the Mother, who has tended to all our physical and emotional needs, is passing us on to the Father for our development as spiritually intelligent mental beings who understand that we create and are responsible for our own reality.

The Father sends rain to the Mother
which heals her
And the Mother grows green and the rivers flow
which heals the Father

As Reversal or, an “in kind” gesture is also necessary for the shift, the mind will pass the keeping of Consciousness to the heart, which circulates it throughout the network of the entire Body. A Rite of Passage acknowledges this shift, this “handing over”. Indeed, the initiation into Adulthood requires ones individuated “poles” to be shifted as to see both ways.

A common occurrence at this stage is Comparison, a valued ally in the formation of heart-centred Meaning yet can lead to Depression if not used rightly. Paranoia and a feeling of doom may follow. These are all natural responses of Self-Love shedding old knowledge acquired that require acute Awareness to transcend and understanding of responsibility at different levels lest Depression take one under. To step out of any feedback loop demands that the pursuit of Knowledge be aligned with embodiment, feeling it. . So is it best to “lean” into knowledge, simply to feel it as you would a sun-burn or ill-fitting underwear yet not be absorbed by it nor how awkward this might feel.

Discomfort is medicine and a profound teaching if we neither resist nor persist in it, simply being in the still-point of any experience for as long as that still-point lasts. Here non-resistance doesn’t imply that you avoid standing up for yourself, or that you remove healthy boundaries and put up with self-abuse. It’s about letting go of any resistance to the internal friction of evolution while maintaining the artist’s “resist” to the thought injections of the commentary, the exhausting narrative of the little mind babbling the same old story in a myriad of ways that distracts you from feeling the Love that lives inside you. Even if you do not know what love is, this stage gives way to Unity, Eternal Life and the Intelligence that is the flow of Consciousness itself pervading the mature Heart and Mind with equilibrium. According to Don Miguel Ruiz, the closest thing to real love is equilibrium of Gratitude and Generosity. When this is strong, we rise in love. When this is weak, we fall in love, scraping our knees and even our hearts and very soul.

Acting appropriately can seem somewhat dogmatic to the little ego, a challenge even. A better word choice perhaps would be healthy, which allows Spirit, whose reality is help and health, to work without influence of external suggestions or internal conditioning that may result in an embarrassing exhibition of your mechanical/reactive behaviors. Responsibility and Sacrifice may sound like big, scary words but when we “sound them out”, listening allegorically with our Understanding and leaning into their Knowledge, they become approachable, comfortable even, and so easier to access the Truth they bear from our Souls. For instance, Sacrifice is the act of exchange made by one of matter that propels an ancestral luminous body to and from the other worlds. One might say that Sacrifice is the transit system of the luminous. And Responsibility, well this is simply the ability to respond. Now, what of Innocence and Stealth? Do you understand them? What is your relationship with them as you lean in?

Relationship is another word to be teased out of co-dependence as it is a thing of its own right, the fruit of the tree filled with the energy or sequence of qualities of Divine Living Essence.  We have said that to be truly Selfish is to act in the world without needing the fruits of it, where the perceived and perceiver rest in not wanting anything from the other, also known as Entrainment.  Here we expand your Understanding to fit in that the fruit is Relationship itself, which cannot be touched, seen or held yet ever present. Here too the Tree of Knowledge grows through the word, which conjures up and engages a person, place or thing also known as a noun and related to the trunk of the tree, to Know Itself. Verbs, adverbs, adjectives etc. serve like leaves to give the standing Tree energy in a Universe that is in constant motion. It is also said that the roots of the Tree is Tradition, the limbs the spiritual teachers, the teachings a swing hanging from the limbs and we, the children…

Ok. Your eyes have dangled over the feast spread out upon the table of Enlightenment and perhaps the brain is experiencing virtual Vertigo, the act of falling in upon itself. Watch your step now. You may feel uncomfortably intoxicated with the Abundance of Peace in the Spirit World, which will have you reach for an addiction, or at the least burp or fart, which is a sign that the Ancestors are tickled, having a gas even, with your progress in Process.

Now then, what if you could take it all in, expanding your bandwidth to let everything that flows with Intelligence show you What Is? What if you could unplug the projector and easily adapt to any given moment as it is like you did as a Child, receiving the unexpected gifts drop by drop, digesting and metabolizing the micro-nutrients in every morsel and poop the rest out. One might say you would be in the state of Fascination; instantaneously and simultaneously looking, learning and moving on, never once getting stuck in the “learning” stage as to say just looking. For Fascination is the chef of the ever-changing smorgasbord that adds new items all the time so that when you go back for more of the same, you come upon Different, just as a drop of rain, a tear or a lake is water.

Be fascinated as the old familiar parts of you unravel in response to Truth calling the River Well. Notice that a River is neither straight nor spiral. And stay tight with your host and guide (which are two different things) as to no longer be interested in the petty pursuit of meaning yet the renewable power that comes from creating it. Watch with wonder as the great and small pieces of your world, and those of others, float by proving the principles of Universal Wisdom, as practiced in the Alchemical Arts, that all things must be separated to come into wholeness. This process may bring about a feeling of being scattered or abandoned yet with right use of the Universal Language of Feeling can one see all things more clearly, and so bless all things on their Way.

As ill-fitted things part company from people it is not uncommon to catch a cold, flu or anything that has gone viral at the same time as things fall away. Too when that which has been lost returns in your Recollection, it might feel weird, yet is weird a middle-english distortion of the word Magic. So the Hopi say, Prepare for the worst and expect the best. Take good care of what you have been given.

Your Life is a gift from the Creator, Pacha.
Your Gift Back to the Pacha, Creator
is what you make of your Life.

The Hopi Prophecy, a harvest of the spirit behind the word gathered by over 100 elders, tells us the River is flowing very fast now. The River will not cease flowing by applying ignorance, nor by trying to figure it out and most certainly not by trying to steer it. In connecting with the Jumping Mouse story you hear that keeping the roar of The River at the back of your head will lead you back to the People. When you hear the roar ahead of you, you are heading to the River. This is how one differentiates if one is coming or going as one changes ones mind hundreds of times a day; one moment a sunny yes, then a shadow of doubt and a cloud of no floats by, flouncy petals of a daisy plucked. In Truth, Yes and No are a fickle bunch and so best used by Conviction to harness the tension that is created from their differences as the most potent alchemical transformer; a daisy chain circling your head, though you thought it was eagles trying to catch you, or a noose. In fact, tension is the main tool used by the Shaman.

Hearsay is when you are told something but cannot prove it is True yet pass it along anyway. This trait of the monkey mind can be teased out by what Socrates called one of the 3 filters necessary for speaking truthfully; that if one cannot prove it is true, it should not be spoken. When new information comes to you and you can understand it in a realistic and logical way, as by experience, then you can “prove” it is True. But be clear that this Logic must be paired with Experience, as to keep Logic in its tonic rather than toxic state. With this proof that Jumping Mouse sought in the beginning you have a sense of the Conviction old mouse shared with him. But the Conviction of old Mouse was not Absolute Truth, for it is based in his individual experience and capacity for understanding. There is yet a deeper level of True Knowledge that comes with understanding the Laws of Existence, not simply your personal experiences and hearsay. And this is what Jumping Mouse continued to seek.

But we must start where we are and at this point you must give up hearsay and access your Conviction to make it through. Unbeknownst to many, Through is not so much an action as a place, which we will come to in good time. For now, with Conviction on board, Confusion becomes less prominent yet not unheard of so that although things are clearly demarcated, they may seem blurry at times. When Confusion does come into the Red Road it is noted as an indicator, a “diagnosis” that the Soul is in transition, which can throw the Spirit, Body and Mind temporarily out of alignment, an occurrence not unlike jet-lag yet may show up as Panic or Melancholy. Again, simply by resting, observing what is happening, it changes, giving Time a chance to catch up with being not as we have known it. In Qi Gong this lag-time is known as Wu Wei, doing-not-doing or the still point in which a new seed may germinate.

From the Place of Adult on The Medicine Wheel your ability to respond will be “heightened” to the point of realizing there is very little to respond to once the gross is separated, differentiated, from the subtle into Unity; and so too, the ability to differentiate a real threat from an imagined one. In doing so, Response is enabled as the common language of the biological, emotional, mental and spiritual faculties. It will also take some effort on your part to learn to give the Dramas of life a rest yet for in doing so, Karma too settles down.

This is a great relief to an adrenal system that has been on low-level fight or flight for a great part of your life, keeping the adrenals pumping out vivid reproductions of trauma, experienced in some as PTSD, OCD, ADD or other such acronymic mimics of what is happening on the inside that cannot be differentiated from the outside. Eventually, as with the appendix and wisdom teeth, the adrenal gland will be expendable, differentiated, giving us more time to create memories of a perfect life not yet lived though ever in our face, also known as remembering the future. As written in An Inklings Weave:

“Differentiate used as a Command prepares the initiate for the absorption and integration of the immaculate meaning from the conceptual reality. Acting like the call of the conch does Differentiate instantly stave off the tornados of Confusion when one has had enough of the swells of this ancient magician. And so stilled is the initiate given access to the reality they have created. Yet is it the Good nature of Survival as a fitting that the appointment be rescheduled if the Mother detects that the initiated is not sufficiently prepared for the shift. A pregnant horse will so lovingly end conception if she differentiates that the pregnancy will not result in a healthy new Life, overwhelming, reabsorbing the developing fetus as Her Own for Better Luck next Time.”

At this time it is more practical to take a boat than walk. As you sit in the bow, a bright spark appears. You wonder, is it or isn’t it? You know not what it is and so speak out loud, “differentiate”.   And like the bow cutting through the water all duality flows back into the Ocean as to expose that one juicy morsel of Meaning with your name on it. Then, as you remain still, Enlightenment burns off that which is not you, that which cannot differentiate Reality (5D) from Illusion (3D), and in doing so, makes space for the world-feeding inner life. Be clear that the 5th dimension and even those up to the 11th, is inside of you, not some astral places. Enlightenment does this burning off in what is known as “Real Time”, which takes perhaps a second and useful for heeling to addiction, which is based in and controlled by old memories. Addiction is in fact an old memory of taking something for relief repeating itself. This is the closest old memory and so one must stay tight with it, heel to it, as for the end to unravel. Stepping out of the Addiction to tobacco, alcohol, food, Advil or other habits of an immature sense of Reason is your first step sun-wise to relieve (rather than relive) the burden of carrying a truckload of old memories, conditions, up the mountain. We understand that stepping out of Addiction is difficult for you and so Spirit will always meet you halfway. For in this way, Cooperation may flourish upon earth, the only thing that will save humanity.

Ok. Back on land with your own two feet we carry onward and upward. When one makes a traditional Vision Quest, we sit in a small circle of prayer ties, getting comfortable in a reality of our making for the duration as we fast and pray, for while prayer can take you halfway there, fasting takes us the other half. That circle invisibly expands in Cooperation with All That Is as for the Spirits to have a good whiff of you to determine your spiritual needs. At any given time in your day-to-day life do you sit in such an earth altar, but there are so many distractions and conditioned possibilities in day-to-day living that you forget where you are and what is really happening. In taking this Course, this Quantum Vision Quest into the Spirit World, although you are sitting in front of a computer, you are indeed being read, or sniffed, by the Spirits, who have no concern for privacy settings. Here, what is “really happening” is in a time signature or gestalt that may not be aligned to the 3D world. Like visiting Mars for a day would be equivalent to 30 days on Earth, or something like that, you may not “see” progress at times, but it is there, and will come for you, all in Good Time. In the words of Alan Watts:

  You are under no obligation to be the same person you were 5 minutes ago.

Differentiation too flourishes in the mystery of how on earth everything can be Different yet the Same. This is not a question, it is an inquiry, a Koan of the Great Mystery that comes to its own end as to unravel the teaching that all men come from Woman, and Woman, who was created first, comes from Inyan, the single force come of the darkness that created all things as uniquely equal, fluid not solid. In the Laws of Existence, the teachings of Buddha and Christ, the roles of male and female are equally defined and the natural responsibilities and duties of one to another governed by Relationship.

Yet for all, male or female, our first experience of Differentiation came in the moment of mental awakening when we realized we were separate from our mothers, that moment when I am seeped in, the very first shock or trauma to many and so something we would rather not go through again. It was also at this time, that we realized we were separate from the body of our mother and needed an invisible form of protection that the spark of ego was born. As the ego recognized itself it became aware of its power to discriminate and began to reason around the age of 8. Over time, and without proper guidance, it became dependent, addicted to the immature reasoning of the “childhood myth”, which if not checked in a Rite of Passage, displaces the Reason behind everything, or Divine Will, that naturally governs Adult Life. And so the Great Doubt was born long before humans as if somehow aware this would come to be. We will explore further the world of the Ego upon Stone B along The Way (also available in The Library).

This is a lengthy discourse for the state of co-dependence can get very defensive when it detects a defector and Defense always brings with it an inability to Differentiate that serves only to isolate. As such, we must carry with this Art as to strengthen its own immunity to Defensiveness. Differentiation works closely with The Word, which is Sound made of Light, not meaning, also referred to as Him. In utilizing the Light of The Word, groups of words are Socratic, encouraging discussion between individuals based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and illuminate ideas. The basis of Socratic learning comes of Socrates, deemed the wisest man in the world for he knew he didn’t know, which is realms away from not knowing that you don’t know. Fortunately words, of their own, are also highly Democratic, suggesting that they can demonstrate the hurdle between the realms, for cratis comes of the Greek sound for hurdle and demo for show. It is up to each individual to make meaning for Life to carry on, which can be done without or without words.   So when asked, what is the meaning of Life, well that is entirely up to you.

When it is words that overwhelm your neurons with their stimulus, when you cannot seem to get over that hurdle, think of yourself as a jellyfish, effortlessly absorbing the nutritional stream into your visceral understanding, without moving a molecule, without even thinking about it. And that is that.   Your mind may not “get” the shot of Understanding right away, and you will be tempted to grasp the invisible shores of “knowing”. But resist this urge, for surely struggle will bring one to drown, perhaps even those around you. Let it come when it comes, let it go when it goes, the subtle yet profound mantra of the Art of Differentiation where:

All things come to you on a need-to-know basis,
like a mother cat tends to her kittens
before the necessity of need
even occurs to them.

With the need-to-know basis of the Network, insights are never lost for they are stored like sugars in the plant in your Memory and released as energy that improves your ability to perceive with the Heart and so move into complete Understanding with whatever you are in relationship with. This Understanding is also referred to as Seeing - the direct perception of Nature and its phenomena in its own light, the same light that runs Intelligence, the invisible technology of Spirit that knows, understands and fulfills the needs of every being on the planet when sincerely asked to do so.

A part of this Course is the dismantling of the hierarchy of Need, a psychological warfare that distracts one from improving your communication skills and a complete fabrication of the Illusion that has one attempt to satiate needs like a buzzing mosquito. Need is then basically a good reason to talk with the plants, that they may help us with the knowledge we require to meet that need before it even arises. I recently stood out on the edge of the ocean where I live here on the West Coast and asked myself if I needed anything, for I wanted to practice communicating with the plants. I dug deep but could find no need that had not already been met. As a medicine woman, I can also bring the needs of others to the plants, which I often do to extract the meaning of them into knowledge.

If there is any misunderstanding here, consider that if you do not understand What Is as it is being said by someone, it may simply be due to the fact that at times language can fly by like racehorses at the track. Or, it may be due to the simple truth that you already think you know what they are going to say, and so Anticipation, a kind of premeditated mass or murder of crows, pecks away at your ability to Participate with Life. At this point, you may not have anticipated the depth of these steps, nor their length. This is a good thing, for are you more inclined to participate consciously now that you understand how these things work.

As comfortable with bringing things together as apart, the Art of Differentiation may also engage with Humility to cut through glaring false truths and filters that clog communication. A common inquiry that enables Humility to cut the crap might be: “I don’t understand what you are saying.” Then, once again, invite Patience to be your guide, for Patience can only work with one thing at a time, What Is in the Moment, not the illusion of past, future, or even the present. Like all things of Help and Health, Patience works in Real Time, in which it may have only an earthly second or so to pull you out of the disconnecting shame of misunderstanding as to remain in Connectivity. Fortunately, simply noticing what is happening is sufficient to move things right along, even if that noticing lags behind the happening. Yet and still, all of this may take only a split second and you can return to the conversation with increasing intelligence, ease and grace rather than expand the filter of Shame.

As it is, most thoughts of the uninitiated come from the Collective Conscious, a rather putrid cesspool of negativity and unmitigated fear and need. This Collective is the 4th dimension and so tend to bring about strange entanglements for people with one foot in the 3D and one in the 5D. To stay clear of such entanglements, that often lead to mental and physical imbalances or at the least persistent bouts of Confusion, one must refrain from engaging with these pestering thoughts which come not directly from you but occur through you. Be clear that any persistent though is “pestering” as soon as you think it is yours, regardless of what it contains. Simply use the silent commandment of “differentiate” and be still to what happens. Thoughts will always be in your head, just as the sun is always in the sky, but it is up to you to keep them differentiated from your Conscious Awareness. This has been exceedingly difficult for Consciousness has been imprisoned in the little mind, the brain. But that damage is done now. Consciousness has been freed and in the Process of permeating the whole body, turning the little mind into the Big Sky.

For now, encourage the tense little mind, so long contracted in questions with answers you could not comprehend, to rest so as to be expansive welcoming wings for the warm currents of hmm, oh and aha to massage The Word and let it flow with the giggles of Compassion while the Heart oversees the refining of our bursts of Understanding into clear linguistic encoding. For just as the cool little cats A – Z in the Cat Came Back were called in to bring Order to propose on its knee to Chaos does The Word have the perfect plan to bring all to Right Place while Creator sleeps. There can be no changing Chaos, for it is what it is.  All we can do is bring Order to meet its Bride, not unlike a horse to water.

Do not grasp on to these teachings yet make them your aim.

The words I and my are in fact very recent migrants into our language and have been a tonic, bitter as they are, for our development, to this point. Yet just like a deer in the forest, words will come and they will go. Moments act in the same way. Not strung in a linear fashion as we have perceived Time to be, they come when they come and go when they go, from and into the random pattern of the Higher Order no one could ever anticipate or figure out yet follow with ease and grace. There is too much to learn and too much to teach and so the practice must give way to the practitioner, the disciple. In time a soft warm nose will nuzzle you, just as the Buddha was awakened under the Bodhi tree. Why wait for the moment of Death to suddenly understand everything? You will have much more to put your attention to when you get there. And all of Life prepares us for the Joy that journey Home on the “wings” of Spirit, our mental faculty, will demand of us.

A great player in developing our capacity of Joy is the word Aloha transliterated as the joy of sharing the moment, whatever that moment looks like, for each moment is infused with Joy, which has a regenerative deep cycle release lasting about 18 seconds. Note that each and every shared moment contains 18 seconds of Joy, a relatively long span in the nature of things. For some this is accessed in sharing a single sip of Wine, referred to as “the blood of Christ”. For others this shared moment may come in a grueling 4-hour sit with Ayahuasca, as Gabor Mate experienced. Regardless of how the moment has delivered your 18 seconds, Joy is lodged in your Memory, where it becomes exponential, ever ignited by the Kahuna sharing of Wisdom, the last part of which is the seed symbol om.

The Old Ones could not understand how the people could forget what things are for their language stayed away from what words mean but describe or demonstrate what they are and how they work, their relativity. They knew that the meaning of a thing was different for everyone, not an average interpretation, which is by no means democratic nor relative, just as no one word may stand apart for The Word can only be understood in relation to all that stands next to or influences it, just as the planets, moons and stars influence one another and all of Life, just as the Light can not be separate from the Sun. It is in this way that the Hopi Prophecy is “written”. It is not enough to understand what the prophecy means, yet relate to each word in it in its own light. For this one must also understand how it came to be. It is the same with understanding who you are and where you came from, and how these are relative to one another. Furthermore, when one remembers what things ARE, how they work and what FOR, do you open to a drop of the nectar of Wisdom and Truth inherent in all things. Indeed in the Lakota tongue the sound How communicates, “It is” and As It Is the basis of all indigenous language which speaks from the place of no separation between self and other/world that is the Heart.

In the meantime, borrowed meaning from old memories can provoke a bad taste of the nectar of Wisdom and Truth, as to distort it. So does the Shaman ever give Life new meaning through their heart-field refinement of Understanding to minimalize distorted Perception. Another key player in distortion is Interference, the process of creating a hologram, an illusion, achieved through involvement in activities and concerns of other people when your involvement is not necessary which tends to present as unnecessary risk, which can bring unnecessary misfortune and even unnecessary death for in Truth, only Creator can run Interference. Interference run by man is apparent as one country “invading” another country but also occurs in day-to-day life when you don’t mind your own business (MYOB), which we will speak more of later upon this Path.

There is little need for Interference in Unity for in Unity there is no difference. My truth and your truth are one, yet they are not the same. In Harmony however, it is the difference that matters and the tension between differences that make Harmony harmonic. When sitting around a campfire, what I see from where I sit will be different from what you see from where you sit. Yet and still there exists the Truth, which is, there is a fire. Truth is different from Unity. Likewise is Harmony its own autonomous world, with its own rules and laws. In understanding the differences between the worlds, all things can be related by their relationship. Again, never mind the staircase, just mind the steps as for process to come to Progress, filling you like a sap does a tree rather than sapping your energy. For you will require this energy to Cross the Threshold and complete this path of steps and stones to Understanding reality As It Is.

Understanding the way reality works at the quantum level
is to access and use its power responsibly
as to make Life joyous, adventurous and fascinating.

This is not to say your life will be more pleasant or comfortable than that of another, but it will be your life, your gift given and received. And generally, once the teachings have been assimilated into the Whole, which includes self and other, Suffering moves in with Sacrifice, sheltered by the second truth of the Sundance, It Is All Good. (The first truth of Sundance is “Give it to the Tree”). Please note that as a unified body, a Whole, not each person need volunteer for Suffering. Nor each person follow a guru in India or otherwise. For each one has their own work cut out and Compassion rather than Comparison that which fits that unique employment opportunity, that puzzle piece into the Whole, which is not actually a puzzle at all but allegorical. Indeed, no one can know what every piece together might look like for it is ever-changing, rearranging. As one person said to me, “I’ve got all the pieces but someone made off with the lid to the box.”

As all things come for you As Is is there no need to seek knowledge out, for in doing so it will elude you in the “need-to-know” supplicant structure of the Spirit World. The same goes for Enlightenment. You cannot seek it out, though it is seeking you. The deer comes to you. Simply place yourself in the nutrient stream and take aim as for Life to wrap itself around the arrow. When a wave comes let it move you, just as kelp calms the Ocean. And in doing so, you realize voluntary simplicity.

Picture this: You are on a boat in The River with a bow and no paddles. The glare of the sun is blinding but the bow cuts through the water, which is clear in some places and murky in others. You begin to see all parts of the world, great and small, pass by. The bow knows not where it is going. Its job is simply to go Through. You see the porpoises leaping just ahead of the bow. What is it they are following? Are you being led? Are you leading? How can you know? This is the basis of Voluntary Simplicity.

The speaking of “true” refers to the likes of truing a bicycle wheel, which is to tune each spoke that the wheel functions at optimal capacity. Each word comes to you to be trued, for along its carbuncled path have many blistered and become worn out, forgetful of what they are, their purpose. And if our words are experiencing confusion and the word is and will ever be, we are surely dead in the waters of the Great Ocean that is the Universe. And that would be a shame indeed.

As we will discuss upon Step 6, Shame comes of Struggle, a word that of itself is getting worn out, the fight taken out of it from overuse. Once you get the nutrient base of Struggle, you can remove it and its residues from your attitude and vocabulary. For once understood such words become much like the chicken pox, you generally only have to get it once. Other words not understood, such as abundance and manifestation, when over-ingested bring indigestion.

Indigestion forms into Problems, which have a tendency to breed like bunnies in the colon. The colon produces much more serotonin than the brain when not plugged up with problems. The brain too is depleted of its serotonin production due to being “hooked up” with the Thinker in the co-dependent state. Having uncover this in Step 2, upon our next stop on The Path you will learn how to work with problems but more importantly, the great Solution that dissolves all make believe Problems the Thinker thinks it has thought up.

For now, I leave you with the story of a monk named Banzan that I heard from Eckhart Tolle as I touched in to the New Earth.

Before Banzan became a great Zen master, he spent many years in pursuit of enlightenment, but it eluded him.   The one day, as he was walking in the marketplace, he overheard a conversation between a butcher and his customer. “Give me the best piece of meat you have,” said the customer. And the butcher replied, “Every piece of meat I have is the best. There is no piece of meat here that is not the best.” Upon hearing this, Banzan became enlightened.

For homework, please review this need-to-know Story of The Heart about First Mother and First Father, to whom we are all related. If this link does not work, please cut and paste this one:

And take yourself to Stone B, When Ego is Lost upon The Way.

You will also be prone to Understand Differentiation in reading the chapter, The Infinite Details, in An Inklings Weave.

Mental awakening – Vicki Noble, Motherpeace, Magician

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