Welcome your Changing Mind

Come out, come out, wherever you are

Welcome your Changing Mind into the vastness of this network.   The step and stones of this Course lead the Perceiver in you, currently trapped in the linear consciousness of the brain-mind known as the system, back to the network of the heart-mind. When the heart is the primary organ of perception, the mind naturally changes as to be in alignment with the ever-changing omnipresent essence of the Universe and true ecology of Earth. This change is the initiation of Adulthood, recognized as one whose “poles” have shifted, and the true path of Liberation from the system.

What this gets you is a front row seat in the Unknown. You might be feeling nervous to step into the unknown yet it is here that seeking becomes experience, experience becomes knowing, knowing becomes being and being becomes certain of its part in the wholeness of Being that encompasses the entire Universe and alleviates “becoming” all together. As set and setting are important for any journey, here you will find trees giving advice, rivers ready to listen, mountains offering protection and stars for company, where everything is clothed in the most surprising naturalness, an innocent clarity enabling you to take part in a ritual, this Rite of Passage, which enables the Adult to give Life.

Before this, your mind has been like the wheelbarrow going back and forth time and again harvesting the known, just doing what it does to get the job done.  It may feel like you are stuck in those ruts and this may be so.  However, you are not alone. Indeed the entire world has been run aground by the weight of middle-aged adolescents hogging external resources in the West to avoid taking in the cold, dark of its insulated collective Ignorance spun of forgetting to undertake our Rites of Passage.  This is not judgment speaking, it is just the way it has been, the way it can be seen with Discernment from behind the scenes.

Clearly many are feeling the "brink of Existence" approaching and the insanity Einstein wrote as "doing the same things over and again and expecting something different to come of it."  One may have many different adventures, lifestyles, partners, experiences, yet if each is approached and responded to in the same way, there is no change, no real movement away from the brink, from which no real difference can be made in the world. And it is this lack of truly diverse experience inherent in the over-aged adolescent that makes them a poor choice as leaders, as parents, not unlike giving a monkey a pack of matches near a gas station. In the words of David Crosby, the damage is done now, as to demonstrate clearly how not to live life, a valuable lesson that when taken in, gives the heartbreaking 2x4 the deep six.

We wish to clarify here that the 2x4 is obviously a construct of the linear brain-mind. But more important than this, that the true Adolescent is a valued member of Community, just as all things function Well when in Right Place. It is the Right of the Adolescent to struggle and find independence, which you have already done, perhaps ad nausea. And you are here, reading this, because frankly, you are sick and tired of the suffering come of it.

The planet does not need more "successful" people. .
It needs people who live well in their places.

The fear you feel about making a difference now, about Changing your place, also excites you for you remember that All life must flow and that through it all, you got yourself to this place.  Congratulate your self and celebrate being here on this sane page that we might move right along in Togetherness.

Like the wheelbarrow, the mind of the West has been contracted in small, repetitive moves, affording only a narrow view of the world. Indeed, many of the questions you’ve had could not necessarily be answered because you didn't have the energy or Understanding for the answers. So is this course designed to send you, the over-ripened adolescent still fond of wandering, deeper through your gathered experiences to travel the invisible routes of the Pure Heart and One Mind to many worlds and multiple streams of your very Best into the ocean of Existence as to be over the moon as you arrive upon the doorstep of your Initiated Adulthood.

Much of this wondrous travel can be considered a quantum, alchemical and metaphysical leap upon the Heart Bridge of Enlightenment which allows one to constantly adjust oneself to the world rather than demanding it adjust to you.  To keep it simple, our meta-mission is We make the "woo-woo" Work for You, wooing the How of the Known and the Wow of the Unknown in simultaneous measure as to be married, brought into Union as the Now. This path is simple, which can be difficult for those accustomed to complexity and struggle. Ease comes with simplicity yet not without effort, best transliterated perhaps as an egg done “over easy”, which takes precision, attention and heaps of awareness so as not to break the delicate yolk.

With the power of The Word, imagery and sound, the Course of Changing Mind drips the complex and seemingly incomprehensible into your simplifying, clarifying container of Understanding. As you go deeper into Understanding you hear your own heart naturally beating with the energy of Earth pulsing Central Intelligence, commonly spoken as "follow your heart" which in the simplest form is to imitate its rhythmic, balanced dance of expanding and contracting, its pattern language of movement into the whole body, the world, and the relaxation and movement inward as the heart is filled with it again, just as a flower adjusts to the flow of light and dark, hot and cold. In Understanding one also becomes Aware of what it is to be truly selfish - doing things in the world without needing the fruits it of.

True Selfishness is not living your life as you wish.
It is the Power of the Divine to shape Reality to its Pure Purpose.

Another level of our mission can be encased in the saying of May All Beings Be Happy, come what May. The state of pure happiness comes when Pain and the “unhappy me” part ways, making way for ones spiritual needs to be met. In one so spiritually quenched, Pain becomes a great ally, and all physical needs are naturally, easily met. And in this state it also comes to you that you can pay the light bill with Ease and Grace, and that your words and actions can truly help you and others, uncommonly known as Wealth Consciousness or Abundance, which is not how much you have but how much enjoyment you can receive. Furthermore, there can be no Abundance without Peace and Joy.

Happiness is said to be the master builder, the bridging engineer who utilizes the power of And to bring forth the rightful Kingdom of Man that bridges the gaps that lead to the resolution and resurrection of our spun out DNA, which is And spelled backwards. Enlightenment is the force behind the power of And, which comes of a different order of reality not aligned with the laws of polarity that deems things good and bad. Surrender is also immune to polarity and governs the production of Dopamine that regulates both the formation of new memories and the forgetting of outdated ones that cement the past to the future without regard for the Present. It is important to have memories in order to simulate the future, which at this point does not exist, yet only those in accordance with your wishes.

Enlightenment, in the hands of the Adult
is the ultimate matchmaker.

The River is flowing very fast now and your help is needed. But just like on an airplane you must put your oxygen mask on first. Breath deeply now and open your eyes, see that you have been lost, off-track; that you actually adjusted to the culture of Disconnection as for it to appear normal. Fear not. This passage you embark upon with the Course of Changing Mind will carry you with Understanding and Forgiveness through the Medicine Wheel, gently awakening you from the illusions of Samsara   At first this may be uncomfortable, for having spent so much time in the West you are more comfortable with that place where the sun goes down. But as the sun also rises comes Enlightenment, not too bright as to blind you yet nourishing your Spirit as you learn to live with non-physical matters in a good way. Enlightenment can also be used as a tool to gently digest the scales of darkness that fall away as the iridescent Being emerges. Indeed, most intestinal disorders are the inability to digest your own shadow.

One of the reasons some people fear Enlightenment is that one day in the busy collecting and exploring of extended adolescence you suddenly came to realize that your childhood had ended. For some, this was a shock, a trauma, for there was no Rite of Passage to support the transition. For others it came with a sense of betrayal or abandonment; how could it be so? How could Innocence and Love be plucked from my world just because I wandered from the Path? And of course, one is not eager to repeat this, nor be enlightened as you were as a child only to have it hammered out of you again. But the shift has already happened and if you resist it will only hurt and so do your best to move right along as all painful consequences come of bad judgment leave you with nothing but the lessons for living a good life as an Initiated Adult.

We are here to help you with this transition. And once landed in the Place of Adult you will have changed your mind from the West to the North, home of the true, strong and free set like a compass towards the One Mind and Pure Heart. Here you are not simply handed fish over and again but learn to catch the big fish for yourself, the only true food that aligns the Child with the Adult upon the Red Road. And in doing so, you also balance out the excess of over-aged adolescents and grave shortage of Elders, which having taken your Rite of Passage to Adulthood you will one day move into.

The guiding thread of any journey is Intention, which may look like improving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, working with addictions, parenting, relationships, finding a partner, building a business or gaining more guidance and clarity in general.  This is a level of reality that is completely up to you yet the purpose of setting your intention is to connect you to Pure Intent, which is likely beyond your current capacity to comprehend yet the Source of all intention. The intention of this Course is that you come into your rights as an Adult, take Understanding and Responsibility as your natural habitat and broaden your bandwidth. And in doing so, be a good wind to send along to the Future.

We will meet you halfway, as a sail meets the wind. It is said, that one must take it in your own two hands and push it up and push it up, and stick it to the Plan. Of course, just as one ingests the Medicines with intention as a guiding light, one can have no idea what the plan of the Medicine is, yet stick to it.


And so we say Thank You
which is also to say, You Are Welcome Here.

With regards to Respect, the first protocol of this Territory, to be unhappy and to lead a life of misery is to show a lack of respect, for ourselves and Pachamama, and to spurn the teachings. As such, please take in this video to get a handle on the power of the Word and begin to set things straight Here.



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  • Welcome Your Changing Mind
    Welcome Your Changing Mind

    Welcome your Changing Mind into the vastness of this network. It might be feeling nervous to step into the Unknown so we will give some comfort in the form of something familiar...Come out, come out, wherever you are.