Some Words from Experience

"I am ever looking for new experiences and ideas, thinking.  But these last weeks I felt a fog roll in, and learned to be ok with that, not worried or anxious about it, but to just keep walking.  I don't know what the process is that is going on or what I should be doing, except for just living.  And that is a huge teaching for me, to experience what it is to just live, and be here in the moment.  I don't know what the process of change is except for just living, and being comfortable in my own skin, which is quite new to me. "

Laura, Sidney, Australia

"I really hoped this course would help me "get it", those things that has always been missing that I have been seeking to find.  I see now, that I have been looking, looking, looking because I didn't trust myself, that I had many of the answers already.  This course has allowed me to soften, to sink into myself.  I have learned more about surrender and faith, and at this moment, I feel very peaceful."

Candice, Vancouver, BC

"Through the course, I’ve been growing in Awareness of how I get in my own way, and too, how I’ve gently gotten out of the way, with ease and grace, almost surprising myself at my ability. And with this comes clarity and understanding the desires that were motivating me to sabotage myself in the first place. I have also come back in touch with my physical body, feel at peace with my body, giving it small, simple gifts of kindness that are so full. Which is teaching me how I am integrating all the things I want into all of the small choices I make, and I can view all of these things as a plan going forward but really just see them when they are there."

Keegan, Salt Spring Island, BC

"You don't know that You don't know." Yes, this has very much so been a part of the many realizations that have poured in, and wow, it is pretty incredible when Your world of Awareness begins to open up. The experience of many illusions that have held me in place, falling away, so that I can see a little more of reality as it is, has been profound and changing on such deep levels. I now have the tools to participate in my own growth, meeting Life half way. I see now that there is no place to get to, the journey never truly ends. So I am free to enjoy the moment. And I am finally beginning to understand what it is to be Self response-abled. To me, this is freedom. My gratitude runs deep.

Maria, Kelowna, B.C.

"I was deeply searching and praying for some divine guidance. I had been lost for a long time.  The course was the perfect thing for me.  Opening a door, lifting a veil of my inner landscape~ taking me back to the path I had left unconsciously.  The work has only begun, but the destination is clearer than it ever was for me before. Realizing that making the choice of leaving the Adolescence for the calling of matured Adulthood was beyond powerful and yet so so simple.  Thank you Ne'ith for your life's work and offerings, with assertiveness and reverence, you shed a light that gives no ambiguity for the one wants to see."

Celia, Vernon, BC

"Just 3 weeks into the course,  I already knew I was a different person, one able to see things differently. Now, nearly at the end, I have received many new perspectives and understandings to help me along my journey, and I know that I will be continuing to digest many more in the days to come, as this is how the teachings come, little by little and word by word. Changing Mind is a multi-dimensional learning experience that has the capacity to assist those that are ripe through their right of passage."

Cedar, Salt Spring Island, BC

Having these new tools makes me happy, come what may.

Casey, Hornby Island, BC

"Ne’ith’s careful attention to every detail from preparations to integration made the journey super powerful for me.  I really appreciated how she helped me to get clear on my intention going into the journey and how she provided a “map” and some “tools” to help me get the most out of the experience.  She established clear boundaries for safety and her facilitation was spacious and intuitively responsive allowing the experience to flow and evolve easily.

I’ve known Ne’ith for many years and I just feel so grateful that she’s stepped into this important role  for the powerful teachings of the medicine to come through."

Michael, Vancouver

"Thank you so much for holding me in sacred space and caring enough to show me things I need to work on in such a compassionately fierce way, helping me to have faith in myself and humanity."

John, Vancouver

" You continue to inspire me and bless me with your wisdom…. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it."

Greg, Alton, Illinois

"I’m deeply grateful to have crossed paths with you. Many teachings have transpired through you. I’ve changed so much since I left Montreal and it is because of the few conscientious people like you that I’ve been able to stay on track, stay strong, and not cooperate with the violence."

Olly, Kelowna, BC

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