Where The Course of Changing Mind works strongly with your ability to read and be read, the How of Understanding works through Listening, activated in building your own Medicine Wheel of your Inner Council. Amongst many things, your Inner Council is your instruction manual for the skill of Conscious Decision-making, so essential for working with All That Is in the life we are coming into. This decision-making is not just for the big stuff, it is the way to get out of your own way as for your Being to adjust to the new "normal" of one who now lives in the North, one able to Respond, with no fuss, no muss.   Yogi Bhajan tells it this way:

"There are 10 beings inside of you.
And you must consult with each one, get their point-of-view,
before making any decisions.  This is Conscious Decision-making."

Your Inner Council lives by the Platinum Law of do unto others as they would have done to them rather than as you would have done to you.  With this comes freedom from our slavery to gold, freedom for each one to be who they are and so bring forth the special gift each one has brought.  It is said by the Song of the Universe that we will only become complete when we have danced with the powers that each of us has brought.  Another benefit of your Inner Council is that the heart cannot make decisions if its life depended on it. Besides, it has other work to do, spreading Love and Compassion. Having a personal Inner Council you can turn into at any time gives the heart a breath of fresh air to do its own good work, for the benefit of all.

The Course of Changing Mind has strengthened your heart with Understanding.  Yet just as a practitioner first studies academically they must also undertake their PRACTICUM. The How of Understanding is your practicum in the skills of new behaviour, capacity (expanding bandwidth of Understanding) and working with what you gleaned in The Course of Changing Mind where Martin Luther said, "Don’t mind the staircase, just mind the steps".  You have been minding the steps and stones, each reminding you what things are and how to use them.  Now is time to mind the staircase to arrive smack-dab in your Mastery and make it shine!

In order to clean the house of Healing, which is larger on the inside than the outside, one must move beyond the intellect of Academics, even the magic of Alchemy, which have little to do with Reality yet knowledge of them an essential aid in the application of The Laws of Existence and Quantum Mechanics.  The mental things of this world, such as Respect, Patience, Anger and Compassion possess specific Quantum properties that can be used diagnostically and practically upon the healing house of the Body, Mind, Self, Soul and Ego.  These things are the tools of your enlightenment and Spirit that you have studied in The Course of Changing Mind and will now apply in The How of Understanding.  And in doing so:

Learn to use Feeling (call) and Response as a Diagnostic tool

Come into direct communication with your own personalized Inner Council

Embody understanding of Manifestation and Abundance (for Real!)

Step out of a limited mind and up to your responsibility
as an Adult to "give life"; to nurture and grow life on all levels*

Have your needs and those of others met without the drama
that comes of misunderstanding 

Access your ability to Overcome 

Love Your Self and all your Creations

Reclaim your full sense of humour

*also referred to as the mastery of manifestation and abundance

 Through the How of Understanding you will receive 12 audio guidance transmissions and meditations via email (no reading!) and a facebook page for intercommunication to hone your skills in practical diagnostics and the ability to respond (listen) to your Council for your continued awakening and that of the planet.  There will be one on-line meeting at the end of the Practicum to bring your experiences and insights to the Council of Elders and in doing so, initiate your Inner Council.

This Practicum is 3 weeks
with transmissions beginning May 1st.


The How of Understanding a really powerful. It was just what I needed, and has really helped me focus on what I want to bring forth in life. It’s also given me some perspective on meeting my needs and being patient with the process. It’s amazing how supported I feel by my council members, and I’ve been looking at the things that have been happening in my life through their lenses.   Laura, Australia

To register, please send your financial contribution of $147 (cdn)
by email transfer or paypal to neith@changingmind.co

Any questions or inquiries, you can contact me via that same email address.

May we dance the Joy of Completion together.