The Vision Fast is one of the 7 rites given to us by White Buffalo Woman
to help us live again. I recently made a 4 night fast
in our Eagle Woman Sweat Lodge, sitting in each direction for one day. 

The following recordings contain the teachings
received from the Four Directions

Teachings of the West, Place of the Adolescent

The ability to allow access, bear pain, drain it and cease anticipation.

Teachings of the North, Place of the Adult

Clear thinking without thoughts.  The ability to respond yet there is very little to respond to.

Teachings of the East, Place of the Elder

The place which guards where the sun rises, knowledge and illumination.
And also, what i call the "tight spot".

Teachings of the South, Place of the Child

Guardian of the Generations, the place to which we always face,
and keeper of Reality.

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