Cross the Threshold to new Beginnings

In our modern busy lives, taking time to receive the Rites is uncommon and the path to enlightenment congested.  Fewer still are there actual guides to show the Path and the Way through this relatively new yet ancient landscape.  Yet and still it is our failure to take the Rites that has the world stuck in the intoxication of the West, as for one man to struggle while another relaxes.

I will tell you straight up that the teachings of this course are not an easy read. In fact, you are being read by the teachings as for the Teacher within to be brought forth, the Quester to be answer to his or her questions.  The words, songs and images of the Course, along with our weekly Council meetings also track the pills of pain you took by the hand of your inner physician, finding the places where the extraordinary lives as to bring you back into circulation. Our personal one-on-one encounters go beyond coaching. These sessions are direct shamanic healings via Skype to clear any boulders still resisting the Mountain, that which is getting in The Way of you giving Life your All.  For the role of the nurturing and generative Adult is to Give Life.

So here you have it, the opportunity to step out of the muddled mind and take your Rite to Enlightened Adulthood, this virtual Vision Quest whoever and wherever you are, guided by one who has been there and come back to the people with the means of true liberation that awaits you in the North, the place of beginnings, home of the true, strong and free, where after a long period of dormancy, you may once again tap into your enlightenment, as you did as a Child.  But in this place, within these 10 weeks, you will be empowered with the KNOW-HOW to apply the directions and discipline of the South wisely, for the good of all beings.

Your Rite of Passage includes:


- 9 on-line Council sessions
to clarify and explore your process as you go

- 8 - 10 hours per week of PDF readings via email

 -private facebook group for ongoing discussion and sharing
(group initiations only)

- Key Word Apothecary

-The Arts of Mastery Review

-"Arrow" Wheel of archetypal influences tempered
by Hebrew symbols and botanical evolution

-Thetabeta Meaning Inculcator

- Closing Council of Elders (week 10)

- Up to 3 one-to-one shamanic coaching/clearing sessions

Our next group Rite of Passage begins
March 15th, 2018

This Rite can also be taken Solo at any time


Choose your path now.

  • Option 1: Teachings and Council including 3 one-to-one shamanic coaching sessions - $475 CDN
  • Option 2: As above using payment plan- $175 x 3 over 8 weeks
  • Option 3: Teachings and Council (shamanic coaching sessions optional) - $350
  • *Optional or additional one-to-one shamanic coaching sessions - $50
We do not wish to prevent anyone from taking their Rite due to finances. Another option is to contribute by dana, or donation, made by email transfer to


Notes:   Costs are per person and in Canadian funds.  Personal sessions may also be used after the Course is complete to recalibrate as you align with Understanding the "know-how" of your enlightenment on a daily basis.


Please contact me,

with any questions.


May the path
of your Heart
be guided

by the desire
to find Beauty
in Life,


Alumni may audit the course and participate in weekly council for $200. Please contact me directly.

A transformative journey awaits you, mapped upon a
landscape of story telling, interactive exploration,
practical technology, video and song.

Your support materials for the Course are available here:

The Shaman'ca Loop CD for audio assist in Increasing Intelligence.
(click image for direct access)

Master your ability
to BE READ by The Word.
Order your copy of
An Inklings Weave,
the "back end" code
to your Vision Quest,
to assist your
Changing Mind.

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the direct link to the publisher.