Adult: Place of New Beginnings

 2016 has been a year of Purification.
Our next course is designed to maintain that infrastructure of Purity
you worked so hard for
as 2017 collapses Illusion,
like an origami crane.

In our modern busy lives, taking time to receive the Rites is uncommon and the path to enlightenment congested.  Fewer still are there actual guides, like Sherpas. to show us the Way through this relatively new yet ancient landscape.  Yet and still it is our failure to take the Rites that has the world stuck in the intoxication of the West, as for one man to struggle while another relaxes.

Traditionally one takes a Rite of Passage as a 5 day Vision Quest in a wilderness location with no food or water.  After I completed my first of many vision quests in this way to step into my place as an Adult, did it take 6 more years including dietas with plant teachers while isolated in the jungle and probably another $50,000 to actually tap into my enlightenment. But I was a hard nut to crack and we just don't have that kind of time anymore for the end, when White Buffalo Calf Woman returns, is near.

Today you have the opportunity to take your Rite to Enlightened Adulthood in the comfort of your own home, (or, being "on-line" and the internet connecting us, wherever you are) with the jungle of your own mind.  When one comes to the North, home of the true, strong and free, you again tap into your enlightenment, as you did as a Child.  But this time to fuel your ability to Understand and Respond and so, see both ways.

Here one remembers that the colour white represents both Innocence and Sacrifice, containing the light for the illumination of the RGB, the three primary colours of Red, Green and Blue; the Red Road, Earth and Sky.  So does this Course consist not only of Native American teachings, but those of Buddhism, Daoism, Physics and the Metaphysical, Botany, Science and Toltec Wisdom; the introspective, inward-focused meditative practices of the Eastern philosophies joined with the creative, outward-focused practices of all of the Western world mixed the Intelligence of the Plant Kingdom, a veritable smorgasbord for your enlightenment.

But be clear now, you are not undertaking this Rite of Passage as a tick on your bucket-list, but a bead in your wampum belt, a marker for your departure from the place of Adolescence into assuming the privileges and responsibilities come of the illuminated Vision of the Conscious Adult and the KNOW-HOW to apply it!

One who has Know-How is more inclined to see
and make space for freedom, emancipation, liberation:
not from your problems but from the mind
that thinks things are problems.

In undertaking your Rite through this Course
you will have the Know-How to:

-know that you don't know

-see more than you can tell and understand more than you saw

-navigate problems without breaking into their volatile solution

-remove struggle from your vocabulary and attitude

-reduce dependency on the hierarchy of Need

-mind your own business

-disengage from the control of trauma

-free yourself from confusion

And all of these skills, this Know-How, in the first 2 weeks!!

The next course of beginnings is:

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

and includes:

- 3 lessons per week in PDF format via email. 

- Key Word Apothecary

-Review of the Arts of Mastery

-Thetabeta Meaning Inculcator

- 10 on-line Council sessions to clarify and explore your process

- Closing Council of Elders 

- Up to 3 Personal shamanic clearing/spiritual coaching sessions

Choose your path now.

  • Option 1: Teachings and Council including 3 personal sessions - $475 (one time)
  • Option 2: As above using payment plan- $175 x 3 over 8 weeks
  • Option 3: Teachings and Council (personal sessions optional) - $350 (one time)
  • *Optional or additional personal sessions - $50

Please note:  Your personal sessions may also be used after the Course is complete to recalibrate as you align with Understanding enlightenment on a daily basis.

If you feel that finances are prohibiting you from taking your Rite of Passage
please contact me at and we will work through it together.

Please contact us,

with any questions.


May the path
of your Heart
be guided

by the desire
to find Beauty
in Life,


Alumni may audit the course and participate in weekly council for $200. Please contact me directly.

A transformative journey awaits you, mapped upon a
landscape of story telling, interactive exploration,
practical technology, video and song.

Your support materials for the Course are available here:

The Shaman'ca Loop CD for audio assist in Increasing Intelligence.
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Master your ability
to BE READ by The Word.
Order your copy of
An Inklings Weave,
the "back end" code
to your Vision Quest,
to assist your
Changing Mind.

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