Step 3:  Is there a Problem here?

Why does the moth bump incessantly into the artificial light when it can be eaten by the dragonfly, which can be eaten by the birds which poop it as fertilizer along with seeds ingested.

Such a problem can be pondered and questioned with heart yet no decision can be made, for the heart is incapable of making a decision, even if its life depended on it though fully capable to follow through in what it takes to feed the Holy in Nature. From birth, the heart is inscribed by the Divine with Love, enough to drain our Despair, our pools of misery that we so loathe to come out of. In the discovery of our love for what loves us by dying to feed us, we learn to love this more than we love our hate. Once again, movement of the back end changing places with the front end. And does the end to Despair come in understanding Nature’s constant Grief assimilated into Beauty, how she makes life of her losses. For Nature to feed is to cause to remember that living things on the earth live only because of the generosity of other living things. And so She gave us seeds, and Generosity as a value to live by.

When one aligns their will with the will of Creator, it is such values given us by Love that prevent that connection from being broken or tainted. It is these values that keep your will from falling into the despair, the problem, of being yours alone. It is these values that keep your will free.

Another problem with having a heart is that at some point it will most likely be broken, stomped on, disregarded, ridiculed, refused, laughed at, misjudged, misunderstood, neglected and abandoned and that you will most likely be the one to do such damage to yourself or another. There is no winning this game with the Heart. You love, you hurt, cause hurt, put yourself back together and love again, like the fools you are, learning from your mistakes as you go. And is this entire process loosely termed Happiness. Besides, the heart ever bounces back, for it cannot choose to do otherwise. Only you can choose, guided by the values inscribed on the heart.

One of the first wheels we come to on this Course is the Wheel of Mistakes, which we enter from the South then head straight Northward, the same route taken on this Course. In the South, you give yourself permission to make as many mistakes as needed to learn a new behavior, a new myth. In the South, all emotions are acceptable, even shame. With this permission, we prepare our ascent along the Red Road to the North, where one becomes determined to learn from mistakes then learn to learn without them and eventually come to “knowing” without learning.   This process alone is a repellent for problems. But for those that occur in the meantime, we give you these teachings to work with them.

Problems like claustrophobia and many other phobias come of not learning from our mistakes, from not seeing our one-sidedness and so becoming imbalanced, clinging to the behaviors we adopted as a Child in the South to survive at that time rather than continuing to explore all aspects of our developing Self. As an Adult, one must put away such childish things and so move through time, initiated by the Ordeal or “shamanic death”. One of the sacrifices one must make in this putting away is exchanging your dependency on your human parents for What Is and I Am. This does not infer that you “get rid of them”, or anything else you are dependent on, only your dependence on them. For things and people are not the problem, yet your unconscious dependence on them.

Imbalance flourishes in one who negates their negative traits, those relinquished into darkness for they do not fit in with our ideal Persona.   In the Sundance there is a prayer:

“Let my shadow fall at my feet always.”

With your shadow at your feet, small, not making long and drawn out projections, it is manageable; not to be stomped upon like grapes but seen, acknowledged and invited to become a part of us for Integration to have a chance to make any problem transparent.   Many believe that Integration is some kind of peaceful, blissful state. And it is; a resting place before the storm so to speak, the eye of the storm to be exact that takes the Child to the Elder where it is nurtured into the Wise Child (refer to map in Induction). Integration comes of first giving something up, laying your problem on the altar of Learning. Here we meet the Art of Integration, the real heart of this Step, which allows one to work with problems without breeding more of them, without “making a mess”. It is often this mess that has one feel they are not ready to take their Rite of Passage.  Yet as the old ones say, you have to make a mess before you can clean it up.

Problems in general are much like a broken heart, in that you would not go in and rip it out, get rid of it, just because it is poses a problem, just because it stands up to your closed mind. You would not blow up the moon because it shines light into your darkness. If you did, you would condemn yourself to being a heartless sorcerer, one who operates from the head without heart, worshipping only the Sun and not the Moon, too. And that would be a real problem.

Like ego, personality has been indicted as a problem in the knowledge that humanity has gone to the moon and back but can’t seem to get along with our neighbours. As it is, your outer limit, the hardened shell of Personality that reflects the surrounding culture is the closest neighbour or, relative you have to the true individuated One, that which is indigenous to the deeper spiritual landscape. So as not to disturb the waxing and waning of that which is indigenous, Consciousness will reveal itself through the Personality, particularly in one who stubbornly refuses to Know Thy Self willingly. Indeed, Stubbornness is a problem for due to its rebellious ego driven spirit and incapacity to listen to others, those who behave like goats will indeed have to endure the samsara force of their innate rebellious consciousness.

An advanced civilization is fundamentally spiritual,
that is, concerned with the well being of the group instead of the individual.

Do you notice how you can be buttered up by any one sentence, as if it and it alone was the truth? Yet the truth ever walks with facts as for one to see both ways. The fact or “toast” of the buttery statement above is that the physical is concerned with the individual rather than the group. Where the well being of the group comes first, there is an advanced spiritual civilization. Yet like butter and toast, one must come before the other in the equanimity of Right Place.

Let me tell you a story about a girl with a problem, which contains some things that are true, and some that are fact. A yoga teacher in contact with people daily, often in sweaty closed spaces, came to me overwhelmed by her inability to cope with smells that other people carry such as detergents, tobacco, perfumes and essential oils. This challenge led to acknowledging her inability to cope with other people's energy in general. In coming to know this of her self, a sign was posted that her own precious sensitivity was disabled; the cause of her insensitivity to others. These are the facts. What is true is that if you cannot smell other people, the real smell that comes from their scent glands, you cannot intimately know them.

She asked for my help and I told her this: "You can't easily change the world around you, but you can change your response to it."  I encouraged her to work WITH, bring the shadow to her feet rather than "get rid of it".  If there is such a thing as getting rid of annoyance, stress, pain and discomfort, it is to change your mind about them, becoming Conscious rather than condemning. Furthermore, energy is a signature of people’s values or qualities, we can also work with, even if they are not aligned with our own. To do this one must be aware of your tools of creativity, your thoughts, which can inflict damage or hurt to others and yourself (for they will always come back to you) or be helpful. Ask, in your prayers, for relief from any thought which is contrary to true unconditional love.   According to the power of your prayer and the sincere faith in which you raise your mind to Divine Consciousness, your thoughts will be imbued with new love and life. Some days later she admitted that my words of reckoning pissed her off.  "Good", said I.  "Yes," she replied.  "It helped me come around." Just as Nature makes life of her losses, as they roll in, so can one learn not to be buried alive in Regret. And that Compassion has scent none can resist.

Let us turn now to the mystical skill of clarifying problems without breaking into Overthinking for Depression is sure to meet you there. In African language the closest term they have to describe Depression is “thinking too much”. Overthinking causes stress in the Soul that over time is pronounced, manifested, as illness. Firstly, 95% of problems are man-made, clever delay tactics one thinks up to side step their one-sidedness.  A major contributor to this is the dark art of Overthinking, which fertilizes problems such as Depression. Yet and still this artful dodger can be considered the lead, without which the Art of Alchemy would have nothing to work with. In fact, in Nirvana there is no need for such things as Alchemy, yet does it blaze the golden path towards its Realization.

Realization is a precept that leads one to the fullness of the 8-fold path that fills the 4th Noble Truth. What is generally unknown is that the 3rd Noble Truth is the realization of Nirvana, and the 4th, the way to get there, just as the River shows us how to come and go through Death to Life once we have realized the existence of the River. Though dependence on Logic will run one in infernal circles, chasing your tail so to speak, receiving drops from it now and again via The Word, and the Truth that it holds, is healthy. The mind is highly adaptable yet prefers not to be flooded. Once it “gets” the drop it is most happy to do it again and again like a hummingbird going from flower to flower, or a plant collecting dewdrops. If you don’t “get” something in these readings the first time, read it once again, perhaps a third time. If still there is confusion, move on. When you were at the Western Front, you became used to banging your head against it. But this is no longer how you operate. Furthermore, this Course is carefully design to bamboozle you at times, a test of your Faith and also to purposely “scramble” your brain for discrepancies to become apparent to the “readers” of the Spirit World that they may be tended to. This may seems like a whack of information, but at the same time your brain is having experiences of the linear meeting the spiral that broaden your bandwidth of Intelligence. All you have to do is keeping moving through the material, dense as it may seem at times.

Logic, also referred to as Logos, is useful in leading the lead towards Critical Thinking, which propagates ones ability to objectively follow instructions in order to stay on track with Truth via the fact seeking masculine aspect of the Mind that often requires straight lines to follow where the feminine prefers spirals, both of which make up the Spiders Web. So it is said, all good stories contain some things that are True and some that are fact, ever travelling together promoting the Radical Interdependence of seeing both ways, fueled by the power of And.

In academic terms, Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action. In its exemplary form, it is based on universal intellectual values that transcend subjectivity. Is your head hurting yet? Perhaps you can see here how it is that Critical Thinking can easily become confused with Overthinking. But there is a difference; one leads the right way and one the wrong. Yet and still, there is no wrong way to get it right. The wrong way just takes more our of precious time and in doing so, deviates about 95% of your attention toward problems where some of this attention could be devoted to the Holy in Nature. Fortunately, the right way naturally comes to one with Know-How.

It is said that the human eye is able to perceive only 5% the spectrum of light that exists in our world, often mistakenly perceived as the entirety of our existence. In Truth, anything that is created is not Creator but an image or “fact” of it that contains It; thus the paradoxical “hollowness” of manifestation. Anything material that is worshipped as God is likewise considered hollow, as with the interior of the circle of Peace that has the densely physical at one end and the wispy spiritual the other. One might say that the 5% is image and the 95% the hollowness.

Thinking is one of the 6 undeveloped human senses. Let us now put this critical sense to the rather blind faith in that which the mind has created to date. How did Steve Jobs, creator of the Apple computer, turn the symbol for the fall of humanity, the bite out of the apple into the seed symbol for creativity?  How did he take an established myth, a belief, backed by the minions of Opinion and dream a new one?

Firstly, he put aside the social network that held this symbol culpable, that is to say, responsible for all our problems and in doing so charged his own natural response ability to think critically, rather than criticize or condemn, and in doing so changed his mind, and in doing so changed ours.  In short, he became the change he wished to see. He came round; actualized. The extinguishing of beliefs is also known as the 6th Extinction. Humanity need not face full extinction, only old beliefs, as for the heritage seed of Believe to broadcast the pollen of Faith.   When what you believe in, have faith and conviction in, meets with Know-How, it is much easier to survive any crisis. Indeed, you too may find yourself saying, “Crisis? What crisis?”

Jobs then aptly applied the Intelligence come of it, also known as going viral, the result of which is that you are likely staring at a symbol of the bitten apple on the upper left hand corner of mans new best friend at this very moment. Yet be not stuck in the corner. For what is happening has broader range. We will speak more on the nature of going viral later in the course.  What is important for you to remember is Intelligence comes of YOUR RESPONSE to the thoughts you entertain, host and nurture, a response that comes not solely of the individual but the interdependent.

Response has a migratory nature as with animals and plants through the seasons, governed by the Moon, as is the Medicine Wheel. For the Moon, there are 13 seasons, each corresponding to the activity of the plants and birds in any given physical location. These can be reduced in places to 4 seasons and for those closer to the Equator as 2 seasons; that which is dry and that which is wet, also the theoretical basis for Chinese Medicine.

For humans who tend to stay in relatively one place, the responses to our inner landscape is the spark that Spirit uses to move us right along. The progeny of the marriage of a thought with one of the two basic seasons, the emotion of Love (wet) and Fear (dry) as they are known in humans, produces a feeling. A response connecting a thought to Love produces a feeling containing positive energy that raises Intelligence and propagates Peace. In connecting a thought to Fear a negative feeling is produced, created, which lowers Intelligence and propagates Conflict/War. Simple as that; you are a creator being and your response to thoughts are directly related to the Intelligence of Life and reality of your world.

The Quantum state of thoughts and feelings
is to be in constant motion via Emotion.
This movement guides Destiny.

Thoughts are creative “power tools” that do not come from you yet pass through you. As an individual it is your responsibility to the group to learn how to work with them. We present you now with a map, a set of instructions for navigating thoughts through the Quantum Territory of Emotions. You will come to know all parts as you come to see them, for the map is not the territory.

                                     Love (wet season)                                                      Fear (dry season)

                      Positive Feeling (move forward)                         Negative Feeling (move back)
Increase in Intelligence                                      Decrease in Intelligence
Propagates Peace                                           Propagates Conflict and War
Produces Oxygen                                                   Depletes oxygen
Ability to stay in touch with Faith                             No contact with Faith
Able to alter Reality                                       Able to propagate Illusion

Note that not all problems in the Game are necessarily conceived of negative feelings. Certainly love has presented many with such problems as wanting someone who is already married, unplanned pregnancy and loosing something or someone that you love. For the rules of this game are directly related to the Cosmic Law that you must integrate and experience each level of Truth in order to move to the next, more advanced level.  It also adheres to the Law of Physics, which states that the total amount of matter and energy in a system must stay the same as does the Law of the Circle proclaim that negative and positive energies be balanced. For example, when one succumbs to negative energies, speaking loudly, being argumentative or using angry words, excessive negative energies are drawn into your system adding another brick to your mental prison. The brain must then access its energy conservation “short-cuts” or escape routes of Emotion, which use less energy than figuring things out yet can be nonetheless become exhaustive.

Just as you are wed, so do you continuously shed your past, as in finished, wished, relinquished, established on your way to growing up, putting such childish things as short-cuts and instant gratification away. Here we come to the work imbued by the Values of Love, also known as “coherent emotion”. A thought carried by a Value of Love such as Compassion, Patience, Generosity or Gratitude, will birth an event of the same frequency. If a thought is carried by Fear it will birth an event with that frequency. Reality is the frequency of Love and Illusion the frequency of Fear. It is the Responsibility of the Adult to “give birth, give life”. Embodying Values also heals and teaches the Inner Child to live again, as the Wise Child rather than the wounded.

All manifestation is based on frequency, or level of Consciousness that you are transmitting and all matter energy or qualities made manifest. For the uninitiated, simply noticing and releasing a thought with a spark of feeling, but no more polluting intoxication or wallowing, is sufficient RESPONSE to act as an environmental marker for the Higher Order to gage how things are going down here as the climate changes from Greed to Love. When feelings latch on to you, as if they were you, it is of utmost importance to give them “up” in full Surrender lest they become a big hairy deal, monster-like even. One way to send your feelings up is prayer, another through song. These may sound like thoughts but due to your Intention, are not. Prayers and song are connected to the Higher Realms of the 5th Dimension via Faith. Therefore, one must never pray for what you do not want and keep the mind in positive thoughts when doing so. Furthermore, it is scientifically proven that Change is more motivated at low levels of stimulus intensity (prayer) than at higher levels of stimulus intensity (emotion), also the basis of Ho’oponopono and the water healing of Dr. Emoto. Meditation is the very lowest level of stimulus intensity.

Indeed we are experiencing climate change but not how you have been led to believe in it. Yet the thoughts those beliefs provoke are important to move feelings right along as with the “call and response” way of singing a song as with Kirtan. Imagine now, living in a world whose climate is governed equally by Love and Fear as One, connected to All That Is. Imagine your guides knowing exactly how you feel as you are feeling it and so sending just the right experience, just the thing you need before the idea of need or problem even occurs to you, just as you experienced in the womb.

Now, you might be wondering, haven’t we been living in a climate of Fear? No, for Fear has no oxygen in it. Fear sucks away oxygen and so impossible to live in. Love, the breath of Creator, contains oxygen. Fear is the container for Love, the ozone layer at the outer limits that protects us from the Void. What we have been immersed in for some thousands of years, known also as the age of Kali Yuga, is the climate of Greed which contains high levels of Argon, a gaseous element that makes one “inert” or sleepy and inhibits change.  This element is used in museums and archives to preserve what are considered important documents like the Magna Carta. It is the same Noble gas used in fluorescent lighting, including the new spiral energy saving kind we are warned are dangerous when broken. That this element is in our environment is simply a part of the Earth’s evolution. In fact, research has found that Argon could one day be used to limit brain damage after traumatic injuries or oxygen deprivation.

There are times one may fear taking on more than they can handle, which is most often something that is simply new to them, something “out of the ordinary”. Here doubts and conflicts may arise which externalize as emotion and impulses that contravene the Cosmic Law of Love, and so set one back. Yet the essence of Balance comes of mastering our negative responses to Life and in doing so you bring forth the positive qualities in all forces, just as one must learn from their mistakes. Again, in the language of Alchemy, without the lead, there can be no gold. And again, in Nirvana, there is no need for Alchemy. But this mastery comes in steps and stages, with specific instructions that must be adhered to by your Understanding as for Awareness to grow.

As said earlier, yours is the ability to choose, the ability to choose how you wish to live in the future, enabling Destiny to flow into your body and mind in direct response to prayer, protecting you from all ailments of human (collective) consciousness, the climate of Greed many find themselves immersed in. Through prayer, one can “keep their head above the water”. One may also choose the way you will live by changing your consciousness from antagonism to love and acceptance of every one equally. In acceptance, the qualities of one’s energy reveal themselves. No longer blind, you are more adept at working with them.

The way we have so far mapped out navigating thoughts by taking the short-cut of emotion is one route, one set of instructions for the relief of problems without breaking into their volatile solution. Values are another and here yet another fairly direct though advanced route given by Mahatma Gandhi:

Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.

And so you see here that Destiny, though influenced by Prayer, follows Values, which as shown in the previous map, are maintained by well-navigated Emotion. Yet and still, when the Heart is your primary organ of perception, the meaning that it makes of coherence and connection replaces feeling. You will notice indeed that the map of Mahatma does not address feelings or emotions yet for the initiate are they an important “cog” of the Wheel and all work together for the world of Reason is a lonely place without feelings and emotion, and feeling and emotion lonely without Prayer. In the words of Dr. Emoto, “The blue print for our reality can change with a single positive thought. All it takes is faith, if you're open to it.”  For Faith is the conduit for channeling your feelings to the Higher Realms just as Peace is the communicating umbilical cord between the Physical and Spiritual.

Some of the Quantum Mechanics of a word such as Faith begin to come clear to you now: positive feelings have the ability to alter Reality when in contact with Faith. Negative feelings are incapable of coming into contact with Faith and so impotent at altering reality, able only to propagate Illusion, that which is not whole, the lone wolf quarterback running Interference in the game which at the least produces illness and problems and at its greatest, world war and catastrophic natural disasters. As such, one can safely conclude that the time of the lone wolf is over when we cease to create Interference.

One way to do so is understanding that when we share our feelings with others, either positive feelings not connected to Faith, or negative feelings incapable of it, they may well begin to act as if they were lone wolves. As such it is important for sharing your feelings to be held in Awareness, the container of Alchemy. Just as sharing “your truth” before you fully understand it can bring harm, so it can be with sharing “uncontained” thoughts and feelings. We will come to know more of healthy sharing later on as we work with the Art of Non-Interference.

Many inquire about the nature of the “game”, which comes from the Greek word for marriage, gamos. The name of the game, so to speak, of being human is to heal the “3D” aspects of our Being known as Self, Soul and Ego that we may return Home, light as a feather or hollow bone of Spirit. Again, simple as that. But this takes Know-How, which is being given to you in this Course.

At times one feels trapped in the game. So let us speak again to "containment".  Love is the container of Life, contained by Fear. In the spirit world, every spirit has a spirit helper which has a helper which has a helper and on and on.  Each helper is a container for the one that comes before it. A big fish eat little fish kind of thing of the world-feeding inner nature. The human body is a container for alchemically reducing negativity, your medicine bag, given life by the breath of Creator. It is the Law of Existence that what has been created in Consciousness by means of aggression, violence, greed must be drawn into the human materialized form before Peace, Prosperity and Harmony can prevail. It is for this that the First Noble Truth states, “there is suffering”.

The moon time in women aids humanity in passing this through and so highly revered as a potent Ceremony. Unfortunately this very clear law was misinterpreted and misunderstood as repenting for sins as to produce mass amounts of guilt and shame, more than the women in moon time combined with the escalating climate of Greed could bear. The result has been self-hate and aggression, presented as PMS or mood swings, the result of a problem (the misunderstanding) not well handled. This also radically affects a woman’s Precious Sensitivity. For all, so long as we do not hoard, become intoxicated or wallow in negative energy, things will go well. Understanding the power and responsibility of the moon time, by men, women and children will also aid women in their work so essential to all our relations.

Furthermore, as Michael Franti stated, the exhale is the name of the game. Each time we sacrifice our precious “knowing” to the breath, to Creator, with the exhale, or exaltation of prayer, we gain back a piece of our Precious Sensitivity, our KA body, that which contains the physical organism. In surrendering your feelings and sacrificing what you think you know, you are released of the burden of figuring things out, of thinking you have to do it all on your own, that it is your duty, right and privilege to struggle in this way. Indeed, Struggle is a Right of the Adolescent, and you have already had a good long turn with that. To move into the place of Adult one must give up Struggle, remove it from your vocabulary and attitude. When you sacrifice Struggle, as regularly as you exhale, you begin to breath life into another of the 6 dormant senses of the Adult, of which Understanding is one. Often the first awareness that comes of an awakened Understanding is that you are not alone, yet solely responsible for your Self. Yet depend not wholly on Understanding. Only Creator can truly understand. Ours is to wonder and obey lest Understanding be subjugated by Control.

God is Everything, not Everything is God, and knowing the difference imperative to initiation. As said, the thoughts you have do not come from you. Only inspiration comes from you yet is generally blocked by what one thinks they know. Thoughts are transpersonal in nature, coming from the realm that exists between the 3rd and 5th dimension, a rather putrid, cloudy grey matter known as the Collective or Human Consciousness that seduces the inexperienced little mind on a regular basis grounding both our senses of Imagination and Inspiration to soar no higher than your last experience. Troublesome thoughts enter through the Personality, the Identity or “idea” of your self-image for they have not such velocity, power or audacity upon the True Self, the I Am presence. This also for why dependence on Identity is contraindicated. One of the most debilitating thought forms that currently dominate the 4th Dimension is Paranoia, which will have one stay neither here nor there. There is no healing power in paranoia, no movement, yet a strong signal that Inertia has taken a room in your Guest House.

Marijuana, also referred to as Karma Coma by the Rastafarian can be used to step out of Karma or lock it in via Paranoia. A true Rastafarian believes they are a Self-realized being, a being that realizes there is no Self, and Marijuana useful to maintain this state. But if one has not truly come to that place, it will keep you from it. As a true Medicine, Marijuana is excellent in sedating and moving swarms of bees and can also be used to isolate Fear that appears as Pain. If that Fear is not promptly and efficiently handled and shipped back to Right Place or, if there is no pain, Marijuana can make one highly susceptible to Paranoia which, preventing movement, keeps Fear isolated in the body and its related Pain ever dependent on this plant for relief. Whenever Fear is successfully put in its Right Place, most often achieved by giving something up, Integration may bring the temporary feeling of emptiness as the I Am fills the hollow bone, the Ancestors penetrating you softly with their songs as to dissolve the Pain completely. By now you have also read Stone A, which has broadened your Understanding of Pain and how to work WITH it.

And here now you have been formally introduced to the Art of Integration, one of the first arts the Master encounters as to flourish in the neutral field upon which all other Arts develop one to be empty, a “hollow” container for Spirit to dwell in that it might “incarnate” the Soul, also known as catching the big fish, or Resurrection. This Art requires great amounts of Trust in ones central nervous system, the one that has been here long before we arrived. We do not ask the body to make choices or decisions for us, yet coax it to teach us about Cooperation and Coordination and to apply these in all that we do. As you come to bear the Art of Integration you will conceive of the skills that impart one with the ability to discern and communicate whether housekeeping for this big fish requires an act of destructive creativity (an eviction notice to move in with the Unknown) or constructive creativity (snuggling up with a good habit). And sometimes, a Thing just wants to refresh itself in the bathhouse of your Understanding.

Many consider the Ancestors something of the past, yet as Life is full circle and time not linear are these the awakened ones that come before us, needing our help to keep their light bodies moving into higher dimensions that they may feed them to us. Unknown to most, when an Ancestor gets stuck in a wormhole, by the law of Physics, the only energy that can free them is feeding them negative energy. As said, Humans naturally gather or “harvest” negative energy in the 3D realm but becomes a burden to them if not regularly “given up” as to be harvested by the Spirits, again done with prayer and commonly the Sweat Lodge. The Spirits indeed need us to do this for them, for the spirits need to help us. The Mayans speak of this as the time of the Sheaf, and that there are many “bent on the harvest and so few to actually harvest.” Right here is a major lesson for the Practical Mystic in Know-How as to keep all things moving Right Along. One way to help the spirits help us is this prayer while using sage smudge to send all that does not serve you to feed the Ancestors that they might remember the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. And in doing so, you do your part, serve your Purpose here as a human. I have heard said that the purpose you seek is inside your feet, which produced a great belly laugh in me.

Into this smoke does release all that does not serve me
all negativity that surrounded me
all fear that limited me.
I walk anew with light in my heart
and Hope for better things to come.

Smoke has the ability to carry energy between dimensions via the element of Air, though any plant carries Intelligence even if not burned. The use of smoke in a cleansing is more so to dislodge the blocked energy from the density of the physical. In ceremony we pray to the element of Air to teach us how to speak respectfully and make beautiful music as medicine for a song or eloquent words are most able to carry that energy all the way to Creator. Air also teaches us the value of being silent together. A friend recently told me he and his friends have Rest Parties. They all get together and just rest. No talking, just laying around together, like a pride of lions in the cool shade of a great tree nurturing the restful alertness of Listening that is beyond being awake, asleep or dreaming in which the Universal Mind can be felt. In the words of Christ: “ Be still and know that I Am God.”

Devout listening is also the healing component of Council for listening is what enables a speaker to be authentic. Authenticity opens ones sense of Inspiration that has the ability to emancipate the mental slavery that binds us to the 4th Dimension and so impedes our progress with the 5th Dimension. The Dagara Elder, Malidoma Some, has spoken that the greatest problem of mankind is that we have broken our chains to family, to community and to our ancestors because we have forgotten the Way of Council, leaving us slaves to the heavy metals of the Collective Consciousness, the sound of our own wheels that make us crazy. Yes and, of our own creation are we fully capable of cleaning it up, which can begin with being conscious of what rolls off your tongue.

The tongue is a big muscle much like the heart and both have a great capacity for Memory. Once you bit your tongue, which the tongue remembers, and so for the most part lingers in the cave of the mostly breathless mouth, tucked away from the sharp-toothed kind. It is believed the tongue is irreplaceable in forming speech. Yet when one lets it rest over the lower jaw, stuck out as to get some air, as is normal in those with what is called Downs Syndrome, we are more likely to hear what is on the wind for the vestibular pathways of your container are less constricted. This too is a form of Oral Communication, similar to the wordless language used by plants, animals and elders.

In the climate of Love, one can hear what is alive in you, in the world, just as you would taste the air to determine the season.  Here the inhalation fills you with the living essence of Peace and the exhale sounds out the Joy released as disbelief dissolves. And of this airborne viral exchange with the climate of Love, a precious new gas is formed that you dare not waste by talking incessantly with your fellow human beings as a way to cover up your discomfort of being with them. The overriding word for this new gaseous element might be Yes, which transliterated through Hebrew expresses Honesty. Indeed, in Love, most speech is reserved for the Holy in Nature.

In the words of Chief Dan George:

"Love is something you and I must have, we must have it because our spirit feeds upon it, we must have it because without it we become weak and faint. Without love our self-esteem weakens, without it our courage fails. Without love we can no longer look out confidently at the world. With love we are creative. With love we march tirelessly, with love, and with love alone, we are able to sacrifice for others."

I suggest taking a breather here, as we have migrated perhaps only 1/3 of the sticky territory that Problems cover. At this point in a traditional Vision Quest you are still scouting your “spot” in the Spirit World that you will rest in for the next 4 nights and 5 days (10 weeks of virtual time) upon this moving Mountain, this Rolling Stone called the Course of Changing Mind. When your understanding has absorbed (or pooped out) what has been uncovered thus far as for all the assessments you are making as to where your right place is, we can jump into the flash that keeps you from being Here.

Perhaps a song to give you the strength to do so; maybe even a little shake of your booty with your tongue hanging out.

As one approaches the Threshold, the territory can become problematic due largely to being fraught with what appear to be personal goals attached to identity, most of which is adopted anyways and hence not truly who you are. Once over the Threshold these are fair game for the Spiritual, which is concerned more with the group than the individual. A part of this Course is to walk you through the Special World, to cleanse the individual entirely of your dependency on the struggle and independence indicative of the West that has in fact forced you to take an extended “leave of absence” from your Life and deliver you into your place as an Adult, one who gives Life, which can only be done by one who is fully in it, IS life itself.

Your Inspiration to do so may be rather “dry” at the moment, which left to itself, can soar no higher than your previous experiences. In fact most “inspiration” travelling solo comes from the Childhood Myth in the South, overtones of convictions derived by a 7 year old. This is for why we head South upon this Journey from the West to the North, to meet with this Child and let it know that everything little thing will be alright for while you, the initiate Adult leaves the Child to make this Journey North, the Genius in you will pass the Child to the Elders along the way, where it feels safe in your absence.  Then each step brings you a higher Vision of what can be achieved, based on the simple Truths of What Is, and out of this vision you move forward in your spiritual development. Here you exchange your Independence for working with Devotion to cleanse yourself of the contaminating influences (defilements) of the bonding-rejection impulses of your earthly existence. And step by step, transcend your ego for the Conscious “Ego” attuned to Divine Consciousness, its reality within you, your life and your environment. Then, and only then, are you a “good” parent or match for your Child, who also has become Wise.

As a sense, Inspiration cannot take the place of the values of Diligence and Discipline, even for the Good and Wise. Yet when in Right Place, that is to say awakened, Inspiration assists Values to produce the Effort necessary for the work of keeping your “Marriage” together, the Mystical Union of Soul and Spirit that comes at Resurrection. To simply stay in the game, exhale - another way of saying, don’t hold your breath that things will get better without your due diligence and discipline. Certainly it is good and wise to put your attention to your “dowry” of Values for the upcoming event, be you woman or man. Saturn, known largely as the Father of Time, governs the development and formation of relationship to values and duty.

With values in place, the insistence of personal goals tugging at your shirtsleeves lessens so we can focus on the problems inherent in them. At this point you may indeed be asking, “Is there a problem here? Why are we talking about problems again?” And this is good, for it signals that you have stepped out of the territory of Problems sufficiently that we might address them bravely, that is, without being caught in them. (Note that this is a “self-sufficient” act, solicited by Voluntary Simplicity.)

Ok. Let us get on our game….you could set half a dozen goals right now without exerting more than a couple brain cells in the process. The problem is getting to those goals for every goal has a complicated sequence swirling beneath it like the vortex of a whirlpool. Take your first step towards that goal and instantly you are sucked into that vortex, swirled downward endlessly farther and farther away from your goal until you’ve forgotten what the goal was, and your only concern how to get out of the vortex. It’s kind of scary when you think of it, reaching goals on your own. Especially when your original contract with Soul already laid out so much for you to “do” that you keep unconsciously sidestepping in search of your Purpose, the one inside your feet.

This sidestepping of your Sacred Contract is more commonly referred to as “original sin”, which also causes a break in the Sacred Hoop, which has been torn farther and farther apart by the social conditioning and artificial intelligence that tailor your fabricated personal identity and feed it Desire as for you to become attached or dependent on it, the cause of Suffering as given in the Second Noble Truth. Problems also propagate within the Personal Identity . The Serpent of the mind will ”bite” you every time when you are in personal identity, and that bite produces Guilt, worthlessness, not enough, which perpetuates Desire with attachment, in this case the attachment being so that I can stop feeling ______. The True Self does not even hear this voice, there is not even anyone to bite. The Serpent so does us a favour; if it comes you are in personal identity, the manufactured person made in the climate of Greed that you take yourself to be. Remember again the words of Alan Watts: you are under no obligation to be the same person you were 5 minutes, days, years, decades ago.

In the climate of Love where the Heart is the primary organ of Perception, when ego is perceived to be seeking goals in order to prove beliefs that are not ours, the complex and uncontrollable mechanism of the Universe, that fluid spiraling, swirling essence in all things, washes your vestibular system out, dissolving all conceptual boundaries of the primary 5 senses to bring you infinite Balance, the well-being and health of constant motion you so wish to experience but had no idea what it was. Here Restlessness shows up, a wanting of something but not really knowing what, due to an imbalance in your sense of Balance yet also the call of the Great Attractor. Here does Rest, the guard of your own Peace, remind you to keep your Peace.

At times Love will unapologetically utilize Fear where deemed necessary to bring Balance back as the integral and intimate sense that excels in the Art of Integration expressed simply as:  Not getting stuck in what you're stuck on. The experience of this “rebalancing” might come with dizziness, tinnitus, feeling off-balance or simply overwhelmed by the tasks at hand, clear symptoms that you are adapting to Spirit, your most ancient ancestor, as the marrow of your bones and, hearing the call from the ultimate in Understanding.

Like thoughts, Experience is not a personal matter; it is Transpersonal, something that works with you on behalf of the whole, just as the Healer does. The Healer can feel no Fear. Read this again. The healer can feel “no fear”. The warrior feels Fear but does it anyway, an act of self-healing. The Healer is ineffective when there is fear in the patient and so self-healing is an act of the Warrior. The Vision is a form of self-healing in that is wraps around you as a protective meningeal coating, not unlike a womb, to gestate the growth of the Third Eye. In the shamanic field we use a stringed musical instrument called an Arco to activate communication between the sonic cavities of the vestibular system and Third Eye of what is needed to heal all aspects of your Self, which rarely has much to do with what you think you want, need or desire, yet nothing is ignored.

Perhaps you’ve had a go with what may be called the body-mind, the dissolving of the boundary between the two, particularly those invested in the early western yoga styles which points to ones limited flexibility, due largely to the differences of language between the body and mind, between thought and action which ever produces Drama. Yet learning other languages gives one a greater understanding of what you spoke in the first place, often come of the original wounds the heart and tongue never forgot that have one speak awkwardly, in a “tongue” that makes it hard to hear ones Self let alone eloquent enough for Creator, the Holy in Nature to hear. This greater Understanding too is a living thing that acts as a two-way bridge between the Mundane and the Sacred, fueled by an earnest desire to know and a slight disengagement.

This developed Understanding keeps the heart connected to its very own outlet of Wisdom, with its own rhythm and its own cycles of growth. One could even say that each heart has its own pattern language, yet all connected to the one Source. In story of the tower of Babel it was said that man would be cursed with not being able to understand one another, that each would speak a different language. What this calls us to do now is listen to the Source, the All One. Of course, you will want to take this in bit by bit at first, beat by beat, as to eventually turn the beat around, upside down even, as to hear the percussion of your Purpose, the sound of your own drum beating with the One from head to toe. In fact, there is no other Way upon the hydrological Path of Power, which drips “drops” of Pure Perfection in increments. This is very important to remember. Just when you think, “Eureka, I’ve got it!” another drop sends the clarity of your pool into a swirl. And just so, for Clarity is a limitation, not somewhere one can live but that will eventually become one of your dearest friends.

We will touch now on Passion, for it is a hot topic. Just as one would not want to be in a room with a drummer pounding senselessly on the skin, so must one mind their Passion lest the Desire it feeds on overtake it. Think of the “body-snatchers” for a moment, or a governmental coup. So is it possible for Desire to over take Passion and use its flame for autonomous purposes. Desire is a fog, a smokescreen in the play of Passion. Here, the outer activities of Life, the Personality, may bring you pokes and prods, some colder and harsher than others yet always their points face inward. Consider now, did Christ wear a crown of thorns or a crown of stars? Both are pokey. The death of Christ, that part of the story, is known as The Passion. For the light of Passion is most bright when we are pushed to our limits. If Passion is consumed by your Desire to get somewhere or achieve something, this great resource will be depleted if and when you really need it. Desire is best left to function on its own, with no attachments.

One who has not been spiritually initiated into their Enlightenment can easily become so misguided by things, or worse, lost in the milky vastness of the Spiritual territory of Bliss without proper guidance. There are those ones who might seek the state of Bliss as a refugee camp, leaving the body in times of crisis, which is an error in Judgment. When the body experiences being left in Crisis for Bliss, it gets hurt by the feelings of neglect and abandon left lurking in the corners and will seek safety in the strangely comforting habit of Ignorance, which will often masquerade as Bliss but is not it. The body then becomes sore, tired, dis-eased or in some other way engages more deeply with Crisis. Not a pretty sight, for in Crisis is the Dark Lords court of Conflict that keeps Illusion as entertainment for its own benefit. Yet too do you incomprehensibly, transcendentally remember where there is Dark there is Light. Pure states of Bliss are essential for where Crisis drops the “heavens” more deeply into the Earth bit by bit like seeds, under the right conditions, Bliss waters them.  If this water is polluted by Ignorance, the seeds suffer and so produce more suffering.

In Right Place, that is to say Pure, Bliss comes after Enlightenment, just as the realization of Nirvana must come before the directions for getting there. Experiencing your enlightenment as an Adult is both a peaceful and destructive process for it requires one to drop into the body more completely as to put aside, displace, Ignorance like mud in a cup under the tap.  In the absence of enlightened Adults and excess of over-aged Adolescents suckling prosthetics of the milky Bliss, must many of our elders endure chronic pain while our children must do most of the Remembering for their teen-aged parents. Where there are concerns about injustice, might one look no further than right under your nose and your own home for evidence of it.

Does this feel like a threat to you? If so, the words have hit a chord. When I feel “caught” or trapped I know my Conscience is tugging at me. Conscience does not live with Ignorance, for Ignorance lives in its own filth and Conscience is highly fastidious. Yet as with the Pig that symbolizes Ignorance in the Buddhist Texts, the Pig is also very smart and Ignorance has figured out it can make filth, move on as if it never happened, and leave it for others to clean up. Everywhere Ignorance goes, there is filth, even if the “pig” that created it is not there. We see this clearly in the piles of computer parts in India, islands of plastic in the Oceans and other such monuments of Ignorance at large. Rather than feel victimized or blocked by your choices and beliefs, one can be truly Victorious, that is to say, not have things go your way.

Be not discouraged nor fall into Inertia either. Many indigenous people say that one cannot become enlightened. It is true. Just as you cannot become broccoli or potato, yet can you taste it, have it inside of you, assimilate it and even pass it along. No one can be more enlightened than another. No one can chase enlightenment, yet when one swims in it, it is absorbed.

It used to be that one was initiated into their enlightened Adulthood when they could run in the sand without kicking it up. And just when you thought it was a joke, that it was impossible, there came a brother or sister running beside you without kicking up the sand. No fuss, no muss. Then, once you got it, you had to learn to do it backwards. In the course of taking this course, there will be days you wish you could have done it that way, those times when your attention is fading into tired, bored, hungry or frustrated. Perhaps this is one of those times, for we are now at the epicenter of Problem, where such feelings often arise.

So here you are, in a Problem, allegorically. Consider now a problem as something horribly bound in misconception and at the same time containing a vile substance, which if released, serves only to perpetuate the problem. It is important that you understand that every problem is conceivably hooped or “caught” in its solution. As such one must become attuned to disarming a problem without breaking into its volatile internal sac of "solution" as said in Martin Prechtel's brilliant story, the Toe Bone and the Tooth:

"…it is the continual implementation of solutions
that give birth to the next litter of problems, demanding solutions."

This “solution” is the basis of addiction, the quick fix so hard to resist. As you may have already deemed, this Course is not a quick fix, not a solution to your problems yet a source of Know-How for YOU to work WITH them and all things that come to you. Approaching a problem without rupturing the hymen of the solution is a sticky business indeed, not one for the uninitiated magician. Do you recall Mickey Mouse as the apprentice wizard with the broom?   He thought chopping up the pestering broom would solve his problem but it only multiplied. Eventually one learns when to apply swords and when Wisdom, or at the least a good dose of its Common Sense as the monkey chases the weasel round the Mulberry Tree.

A common sense approach to problems comes of the teachings of the Buddha: either accept it, change it or leave it.  And if you can’t accept it, change it. If you can’t change it, leave it - words of Wisdom from the Guard of your own Peace, known as Rest. So here we come to sit in the dappled shade of the Tree and watch the shadows and light play.   Peace walks with Prosperity and taken lightly here, enlightenment is both salve and digestive aid for Understanding ones true nature as well as ones natural state, and thirdly, your part in the whole.  For me, when that part presents apparent problems or technical difficulties, I remind myself that as an Initiated Adult, struggle has been banished from my attitude and vocabulary, which generally repels them for problems are fairly docile without Struggle, which has been replaced with the ability to work hard and rest when required. Yet and still there is occasion for an apparent problem to pop up for Problems know I know how to work WITH them, how to free them without being propagated by their own convoluted solution. When problems come to me they are in a relatively docile state, and I well rested. I then bring them to my Enlightenment to be run through quickly, with mercy, ease and grace, just as lightening flashes across the sky. Sometimes this looks like ignoring the words or actions of others intended to “get my goat”, taking time instead to understand their medicine sent by Wisdom and allow the problem to naturally ripen in the subtleness of Experience necessary for one to Learn, to develop Spiritually. As said, at some point you will stop learning, for your Spirit is sufficiently developed. Yet Learning can be had at any time if your Spirit weakens, simply by laying yourself on its altar.

As it is, focusing on the ”faults” or Unconscious parts of people of things breeds more of the same which enforces Blame to be our “neighbourhood watch”. If a problem comes to you, do not look to your neighbour to see where it is coming from. Look into your own heart for the last time you were at odds with someone destructively – by slander, falsifying truth, rejection, criticism. That was the moment of the birth of your present grief, which your undeveloped Conscience will readily add to the pile under the bed. Here the scent of the volatile solution that is phobia may arise, which is the fear of being that thing you are most frightened of. Psychologically, one of the two strongest phobias are the Anima and the Animus, as termed by Carl Jung. Anima is the totality of the unconscious feminine psychological qualities that a man possesses and Animus the unconscious masculine ones possessed by a woman. In other words, a man fears he is a woman and a woman fears she is a man.   I have to tell you here that the other day, in the ladies bathroom in a Sikh temple, I saw a woman with a full beard. And it wiped my slate clean. Imagine all those “bearded ladies” in the circus during the time of snake oil sellers and potions. This experience alone did not make the unconscious fully conscious in me but did serve to dilute Phobia. As do the eclipses of the Sun and the Moon.

The primary Phobia of all humans is Death, which is the only thing in life that is certain and certainly a part of the experience of all living beings.  Phobia commonly manifests as Projection, aspects of the personal unconscious that can influence for good or ill, make problems and messes or clean things up. Surely you have seen the trouble come of it yet without something to improve, fix or figure out, phobia is incapable of projection. As such one can only rest in the mantra of “my life if perfect”, at least for a gestalt moment, as for an increment of Perfection to overwhelm the Problem completely.

With approximately 95% of the neural landscape being fraught with cleverly constructed Problems, it is wise for the initiate to be aware of the many ways to free the problem without puncturing the sac of solution. Being aware of these ways described in this step does not require you memorize them or make notes. Because this is Ceremony, just by reading the words, you are now aware of them, as they are you.

Problems also have varying degrees of Risk, a sort of pheromone they emit that must be assessed as necessary or unnecessary. An unnecessary risk is only taken by one stuck in autonomic reaction, a slave to their own flight or fight mechanism without regard that all things are connected in that your actions in taking that risk may not actually present you with hardship but someone else, and so, unnecessary. The fight or flight system is largely governed by “the fear of missing out”, which is governed by the notion that you will not survive if you don’t do, eat or take that thing to satiate yourself or improve your circumstances. A necessary risk, on the other hand, requires one to step up to the Difficulty right under your nose courageously before Trouble gets a hold if it, let alone wander unconsciously into the territory of Danger.

We give you now another map, a final set of instructions in regards to working with problems and their associated risk. Just as the hive or anthill has many designated workers, so it is with Problems, which swarm at your feet in this order:

1. Difficulty        2. Trouble      3. Desperation    4. Danger

It is a grave error to confuse Difficulty with Danger, as a reactionary autonomic system often does, for in doing so you throw yourself (or others) upon its ticking bomb. Here it is good to also keep your own shadow at your feet for it knows the way through this tricky terrain.

If meeting the Difficulty head on doesn’t do the trick, you have the opportunity to learn how to “trouble shoot”. If you miss, the Difficulty will come at you again and without the skill of the Archer, the seeker of Truth, continue until it is taken down.  This is often the case after one has attended a “healing workshop” or casual circle/ceremony that has buried the Trouble rather than nip the shooting invasive bud of it. Indeed it is said, the sign of a Good ceremony is that everyone feels a wreck afterwards. This is not a difficulty yet a sign that the Problem or discrepancy has indeed been focused on and is being corrected. Perhaps see this as a shipwreck, the keel of your Soul run aground and so its sails luffing in the wind, which is risky business that may court Desperation before its time. At this time the best course of action is a good giggle, which may be difficult to conjure up but necessary, for positive energy powers the lighthouse that reminds Fear of its place upon the outer limits, as you will come to understand after this step upon Stone C.

As to keep your course out of Troubled waters know that you are not that ship and there is no big rock you are stuck on. It is all happening in an imagination based on the past, an undeveloped imagination still trapped in the linear consciousness of the mind. If we do not consciously act to stay out of the Trouble that Ignorance produces we find ourselves in the complicated sequences of Desperation, which thrives in the absence of parsimony, clarity and brevity and fosters Delusion. Simply put, stay out of Trouble. If you are faced with argumentative people, just stay out of it. If you engage with someone who is deluded, then there are two deluded people, and one is quite enough.

Once Desperation has taken hold it may court the catastrophic aspects of Mother Nature, for she alone can distill the Fear of Death from Danger. In the story of First Mother and First Father the drought had only reached the point of Desperation when it was intercepted. It is also said that Black Elk, the great Medicine Man, shot himself in the foot running back from the forest when he heard gunfire coming from Wounded Knee. As such was he unable to stop the massacre, yet arrived with his medicine bag full.

Again, the best medicine for Trouble is this: Better to stay out of Trouble than to get out of Trouble. This tactic loosely follows the law of parsimony, which is excellent at reducing a problem into its manageable essence (Wisdom), which is then reduced into the living essence, also known as the Great Solution. Parsimony is a kind of eloquence that courts voluntary simplicity by making the fewest assumptions about any given thing or event. Voluntary simplicity gives Spirit space to speak of the Abundance of Peace and Joy that it is, air to the fire so to speak. And what is born of Spirit is what the inner life recognizes as true. So for the seeker of Truth, simply stay out of Trouble.

So filled with Simplicity are you strengthened to work with the challenge of the experience that is now before you, the something you asked for, that which your Self wants, that has come to you personally yet not to be taken personally. It is true that everything you receive you have asked for. It just may not look like you assumed it would. As one becomes more attuned with the Spirit-Mind the ways of voluntary simplicity come naturally, if not wholly unexpected. As naturally as the breath flows in and comes out.

                            Humans are made of plant Intelligence and an animal body.

The instructions were given to us, perhaps even before Time, on how to co-exist with our animal and plant brethren. This clear and simply set instruction was/is also a Sacred Agreement, made by forces too great for you or I to comprehend, yet perfectly capable of following for Life to carry on. This included asking permission before taking anything of the plant, animal or mineral kingdoms, giving thanks for the offering and taking no more than needed. Awareness of this Agreement fertilizes your understanding of from where all things come. Understanding the origin of things gestates the beauty of what you are and do. This knowledge belongs to the people and we must educate ourselves and help each other walk in Beauty. Sometimes Life holds your hand, sometimes it lets you stumble around. But always, there is help. This is the way of Life in the Spirit World.

People who know these things are not left feeling life is something they don’t belong to, fit in with; they know that being alive and human is not a disgrace, a problem, but an obligation to live well inside the mothers ribcage while the universe dances on our bones, welcomed, knowledgeable of what things are, where they come from and what they are for and that all thing can be used for good or evil and for this we are given Choice. And in exercising our Choice for the good of all, we are able to praise altogether a human worth descending from. And in doing so is the alleviation of Grief. Now, as we move out from the shade of this Tree, your enlightenment nurtured, consider this:

Let happiness be your companion rather than your goal.

In the video entitled, I'd Rather Be you learned that Happiness is the base of all existence; the state when all your spiritual needs have been met so that your words and actions can benefit yourself and others.   If at first you don’t succeed, follow the instructions. You may feel sad, frustrated or angry as difficulty lays itself before you time and again and still have happiness. And at the same time, be happy for what you have, what has been given to you by the maker of Breath which knows all your needs.

A human need is simply that which voluntarily wishes to be met by its creator.

A need about to be met can get very nervous, anxious even, like the bride awaiting her groom in the bedchamber of the Wilderness, which is similar to experiencing anxiety, which becomes ever heightened as one comes towards the climax of Self-Realization. Needs get nervous because they live in the autonomic nervous system, like plants in pots. Many people will want to smoke at this time, tobacco or marijuana, as to quell the nervousness. This can be useful for a time while the mirror disengages but at some point these too must be given up in order for the need to be clearly met, once and for all. Be clear, the need is not to smoke, it is for something much deeper, much smaller and finer. Smoking can “cure” a need, which is to say, preserve it until it is ready to be met. But inevitably it must be voluntarily given over to Progress, which cannot be stopped. Once you resign your needs to Creator, all desires, addictions that bring suffering, will be alleviated in being happy with what you have, which gives your Spirit permission to come closer in.

May all beings be Happy. Come what may.

Progress is the final stage of reducing problems into the Great Solution so as not to breed more problems. Progress also reduces Process peaceably and completely by dissolving the outer shell of Trauma without a thought, silently absorbing its tiny worlds into the course of Destiny, that it might meet our Values. This is not the kind of Progress of the Western World, but of the East, fueled by the Four Noble Truths, rather than the oily remains of dinosaurs.

All right, your Awareness is tweaked towards being in Right Relation with problems so you may surrender your attempt to memorize these instructions yet devote them to your Understanding. Surrender and Devotion come of a realm not subject to polarity that has little or nothing to do with the mental realm. What keeps the mental realm impoverished in slavery is the bond-reject impulse that has not merged with the transcendent stream of Non-Duality. Your Awareness also sees that which is unjust as undoubtedly directed by the Great Doubt, which nudges one to take the position of the Witness, which understands that the Universe is in Harmony though the world may present as Chaos. In this state lives the peaceful warrior.

There is a Buddhist prayer, Eh Ma Ho, which suggests all things eat and are eaten in the Continuum of the All One represented in the word Enlightenment. In the Continuum you will become more and more adept and adapted to how things work in radical interdependence with the Quantum and Physical and how Life is more than happy to work for you as its servant in the two worlds, that of Yuk and this of Yum, which you must learn to do. This is the Mastery born of the union of opposites, the Realization that 1+1=3.

Many people have the wrong idea about Mastery, which is somewhat of a problem.  Many people have the wrong idea about lots of things but this does not change the nature of those things, it just makes them difficult to work with, like a moonbeam in your hand. Difficulty arises from a needling need unmet, which if not attended to courts Stress, which will kill you without blinking an eye. What if you have no needs? What if nothing is wrong with you despite constantly seeking evidence of the contrary? We will address the Contrary and Needs in the bigger picture later in the course and how Wrong works. But suffice it to say for now, that in the Village, there is no need for Self-Actualization, the glowing eye in the sawed off top of the pyramid. It simply Is.

We will now prepare to leave this territory, this step in working with Problems, which requires the stripping of your autonomic suit. Many people take refuge in solitude and isolation, seeking safety in Autonomy, the silvery sword that cuts the one who holds it but can never cut itself.  Indeed one can forget who they are if they spend too much time alone in Autonomy for Purpose can only be experienced in relationship. It is said that where there are 2 or more, God is there. And when there are 10 or more, Community is there. Community is not the action of living together or gathering under a particular intention, event, convenience or comfort. Community is a living entity of itself, the village healer, and each one it comes across, the sick and wounded it takes in. Thus there can be no fear in Community. It is then Ceremony that marries the healer and the wounded in the powerful circle of Medicine People.

As you we come closer to the South once you cross the Threshold, your own true nature and the true nature of all things is being revealed to you. Once we reach the North, the home of the enlightened Adult, the view of The Great Mystery is very clear. One can even see both ways, that of Great Spirit too.

Be clear now, enlightenment does not remove you from reality but rather embeds you in What Is Real.  If you want to dream and astral travel, go to sleep.  The average human sleeps up to 1/3 of their lives, a generous gift from the Eternal for your intrepid devotion to being Awake.   The more we are Awake, the more the 4th dimension becomes stripped bit by bit of its black goo, until finally the Emperor is naked, the slavery of Time as we have known it freed to serve as our greatest resource, that which governs the development and formation of relationship to values and duty. I suggest that you place “time” in your search box to see how many times it appears in this step. And absorb each of these times as opportunity for your values to be strengthened, even if you are not yet sure what they are. For as they become stronger, they too shall be revealed to you, and your Devotion to them grow.

It is said that the hugging guru, Amma Gee sleeps only 2 hours a day, which is to say, she is maintained by high levels of Devotion in the temple of the body that is the Earth and the temple of Mind that is the Sky. Sleep as you sleep, but as you are awake, share yourself with the great gift of Life you have been given. Being asleep and awake can also happen simultaneously. This state is commonly known as Samadhi, when the mind expands like a lotus in summer and the body its deep roots.

Let the words of this step you have taken unfold now as we come to the canoe awaiting us at the far edge of the problematic territory to paddle downstream to the South. And as you dip the paddle in the water, you release negativity with each stroke. Just as the Universe simultaneously expands and contracts do alternating stages of Consciousness and Unconsciousness greatly deplete your reserves of Struggle so you can funnel more of your time to Devotion, which is adept at calling upon the option of suffering in good measure.  Happiness is also optional which, when you come to this choice, suffering seems so crude.

Once your stubbornly engrained stain of struggle is removed, Ease and Grace move in.  Did you know that the word "sin" originates from the word stain?  It also communicates "without" in Spanish and in Hebrew is related to Shin as the dark spot in the flame of the candle.

Now, you may say, you are pulling the card of "semantics".  I don’t know about you, but I can certainly feel the dynamic tension of the house of cards; and that a good wind is coming. Do you remember the last words of the ancient medicine people of the Amazon?

"The Word is and will Ever Be."

What would have an ancient culture steeped in oral Wisdom say such a thing? Notice now how the inquiry here is focused by the key word “what”, for does why create the most stationary bicycle imaginable. It is good to question things, as taught by the Toltec, for one who asks, learns. And as said on the website, if there is a problem it is due to your unquestioned thinking. Yet to only exercise why will get one nowhere whereas engaging how, what, when, who and where forms a revolutionary movement in Understanding. So is was said by Lord Tennyson, and understood by Arjuna, "Ours is not to reason why, Ours is but to do and die.” This is a surefire antidote to the ego-mind, the epicenter of linear Reason, which will readily omit duty, privilege or right from the essence of Our.

As we come to a close I remind you that as every question is impregnated with the answer, the Immaculate Concept already within you, do you also have a fire within you.  That fire is your Spirit and also your Passion; it can burn and it can warm. Be a wild animal, a universal traveler, lion hunter or superhero when you dream at night, in the day a candlelit star. Know your Right Place, Right Action and Right Thoughts.  Take your cues and consciously deliver your lines in submitting to this journey, not as hero, but peaceful warrior. When one engages life consciously and fearlessly, the intelligence of Rudra, the state of full Egohood, possesses you with a 1000 medicines, able to move mountains.  But of course, make this not your goal. For such a one Respects the Sacred Mountains as they are.

Once again, enlightenment can help you through some of the toughest challenges and technical difficulties Life can dish out as to strengthen you yet is not a means of escape from Life.  No matter who you think you are, you still have to do the dishes.  You are both puppet and master.

This will require hard work, sweat and perhaps tears to understand your part. Yet all in all, in doing so, you will find the Peace in your heart that is your untouchable connection with Spirit. If this feels confusing or overwhelming, take refuge is this:

One day you won't understand what it was you didn't understand.

And celebrate that you made it through this swirling eddy today with your catch of fish. Now that you understand the nature of problems you are that much closer to playing with a full deck. We will take leave with this audio video that well describes the true light-hearted nature of problems, if you like.

And afterwards, clear your palette with the Word Song by the Young Spirit singers. As you ask, what do the words mean, allow them to speak to your heart, which they incurably will. For real meaning comes not from the mind but the Heart. I asked an elder once who was teaching me a song, what was the meaning of the words, and he told me, “just keep singing it until your heart tells you.”

Kindly reread the inquiry posed at the beginning of this step, then proceed to Stone C – Fear .

If you have not already done so, you can commit to this Rite here.



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