A Way to Understanding

Understanding is one of our 6 dormant senses and key to opening the Practical Mystic in us. One way to do so is to understand that our place in the world as Adults goes beyond being responsible for one's self growth and providing for your immediate family.  You may have a job, a house, spouse or children, but these make not an Adult.  For most, it just frustrates the Adolescent, who prefers to wander.   A phenomena in what is appropriately called the "western world" (a state of mind rather than geographic) is that people not initiated into Adulthood get stuck in the place of Adolescent, the place of power promoted heavily in our culture towards acquisition/consumption (becoming) as to become pathological, debilitating and even cannibalistic.  This understanding will aid you in consciously making the move from extended Adolescence to Adulthood, initiated through a Rite of Passage.  For our world is in dire need of Initiated Adults.

"A true adult is in conscious relationship and service to our mysterious and endangered world and,
more generally, is a creative, joyful, and contributing member of the Earth Community,
able to enhance our more-than-human environment."  - Bill Plotkin

One devastating result of the glut of over-aged adolescents in the West of the Medicine Wheel is our true Adolescents have no where to grow and no guidance from initiated Adults, which kills their spirit slowly, a slow suicide causing depression in our youth that, if not addressed, results in actual suicide or at the least, stays with them throughout their life, creating a very sad future for Humanity and the world we share with other life-forms.

When people do not take their Rites of Passage, this congestion builds up to the crisis point we are at now.  As said, this congestion breeds mental and physical illness and not only deprives our youth of true adult guidance but will leave us with NO ELDERS. Even now, our demise will not be due to lack of clean water, food and air but the absence of true elders that has us willfully destroy the very body that gives us life.

It is said that experience is the mother of all teachers, and spirits the teachers who lead us by experience.  In this rather loopy feedback system, does Understanding come as to make us capable of adapting to change as a movement from sticky mind programming based in negativity to flowing, positive programming based upon universal truth, the Laws of Existence and ultimately the peace that comes of the union of opposites, also known as Transcendence.

The Course of Changing Mind offers a route to Transcendence forged not only of Native American teachings, but those of Buddhism, Daoism, Toltec Wisdom, Physics and the Metaphysical, Botany and Science; the introspective, inward-focused meditative practices of the Eastern philosophies joined with the creative, outward-focused practices of the Western world mixed with the Intelligence of the Plant and Animal Kingdoms, a veritable smorgasbord for your enlightenment to arise like the morning star.

This Course nourishes your enlightenment, so long ignored in Ignorance, with the power of The Word, song and imagery in a 10 week virtual Vision Quest, a Rite traditionally undertaken by sitting alone for 4 nights and 5 days in a remote spot on a mountain with no food or water and basic shelter.  Yet in these busy times, few are willing or able to "go tell it on the Mountain", and so the mountain comes for you.

Though this may appear to be yet another on-line course, it is a Ceremony.
And because most in the West have a computer and internet, is it simply the most effective means
to bring initiated Adults into a world
drenched in over-aged Adolescents.

In the Medicine Wheel each being has four aspects of Self; the Child, Adolescent, Adult and Elder.  From the perspective of the initiated Adult, childhood is where we attain once again our innocence and wonder about life. Within the Adolescent aspect, we can regain our enthusiasm about life, look forward to life, and gain our independence from that which we have been dependent on. When we rest in Adulthood we look at taking action in our life and maturing, taking responsibility for our lives and what we create.  In the place of Elder, we remember we can live with wisdom even while we are young if we are diligent and self disciplined on our spiritual path.

In the Course of this Rite you are virtually "put on the mountain", taken to the height of Novelty, the Peak of the North, as to begin to see things as they truly are. From here one learns to see both ways, how to be in both the physical and spiritual worlds at once and navigate the mental and emotional skillfully from this place.   Eventually, the "novelty" of the material wears off as you learn the ways of simultaneous existence.  In the end, one comes to revision what Redemption and Revelation mean for you.  For in the shamanic state, one does not rely on meaning yet creates it.

The shamanic path leads one out of the trappings of Samsara into the Medicine Wheel, where the light of Understanding sparked in the East is fanned by the winds of the North to dispel the darkness of Ignorance in the West as to allow the child of the South to let the Moment come when it comes, and let it go when it goes, as for All Beings to Be Happy, come what may.

It takes an initiated Adult, imbued with the Rights of Understanding and Responsibility of the North to magnetically align with the True and Free.  Yet this alignment doesn’t guarantee smooth personal circumstances; on the contrary. It exposes all that is not real. So what does one get for being initiated? Basically peace of Mind, a mind as open and fluid as the heart, changed from Consumption to Contribution that we might remember the future.

 "The major cause of depression, disease, restlessness, greed and violence
is failure to undergo the Rite of Passage to
initiated Adulthood."

Accommodate the Incomprehsible

Experiencing enlightenment comes of knowing that you are biased, one-sided in any given moment, that inevitably you come with limitation, and making that bias as obvious as you can, making clear what is false and what is real in man's thinking so that Enlightenment may blow up the bridge between them. So is it said that Enlightenment is a destructive process, a marker for your departure from the place of Adolescence into assuming the privileges and responsibilities come of the Conscious Adult and the KNOW-HOW to apply it!  This can also come gently, in voluntarily stepping into your maturation.

As it is, the maturity of Enlightenment can be thought of as Remembering. The child lives in the state of enlightenment yet knows not how to use its tools to nurture their world, nor is it their place to do so. As the gap between child and adult grows due to extended adolescence one may experience the Soul, also long ignored, demanding to come into union with the Ego which can be experienced as psychosis and delusion.  Yet too often the person and society at large have no experience or tools to work with it and become stuck in depression, confusion or other forms of mental unrest. A way to understand, support and celebrate the "love affair" of Soul and Ego so often spoken of by the mystics, in yourself and others, is the undertaking of this Rite of Passage to enlightened, initiated Adulthood.  As said on airplanes, you must put your oxygen mask on first.

In doing so, this Course weaves the threads of the Red Road, 4 Noble Truths, the 8 fold path, the 4 Agreements, the Royal Alchemical Arts, Conscious Word Apothecary, Maps of Consciousness and various Medicine Wheels into your cozy "sweater" of Enlightenment that you may pull it on in preparation for adapting to the luminous "body" of the One.

For some Enlightenment does indeed pose itself as a far away star, hovering beyond your reach.  This is simply to coax the longing for its familiarity in those who feel a stranger in a strange world.  Though Enlightenment may seems as distant as the sun, it is very close to you; you can feel it, and know that it sustains you.  Enlightenment is not perfection, it is simply cleanliness, a mind kept clean and so able to clearly see with the Vision the mental projections or "defilements" of Self, Soul and Ego.  Initiation imbues one with the Vision necessary for full Realization which then enables the enlightened Adult to act in a greater field of influence that is at once touching and untouchable.

As an Adult initiated in and experienced with the Vision and fuelled by the power of The Word as Sound do I bring forth this Rite of Passage in you, guiding as the water does the canoe.  It is true. I am an enlightened Adult, one who sees both ways, tapping into the spiritual river that flows through the mundane streams of Life as source. Yet and still I cannot steer The River.  I can not lead you yet act as your guide, due simply to the fact that I have been there and done that to bring the food of enlightenment to the People.  Now for some, the declaration of being enlightened might put them off right away, like greenish eggs and ham. Fortunately, my training is also influenced by Sam I Am, for a wise sense of humour and cadence is integral to protecting your developing enlightenment from abuse.

When not conducting Rites of Passage in this manner with Changing Mind, I run a sweat lodge, provide shamanic ceremonies, participate in Sundance ceremonies, care for individuals with autism, dementia and downs syndrome in my community and care for myself, dog, children and family and enjoy the mundane tasks of the household. Indeed, the mystic poet Rumi tells us that we are all a guest house and we must keep our lodges tended to.  And it is Osho who advised us that "the new man with be part Mystic, part Poet, and part Scientist"; the Triune Being with each room in their house in order and as such living simultaneous existence.

In taking a Rite of Passage one enters the Spirit World where things get done 6X faster than on the physical realm, yet not in a linear "to do list" fashion.  What might take years of therapy, searching, webinars, rehab and the consumption of a plethora of books can be acquired in these 10 weeks.  For does the Spirit World use highly advanced technology and quantum mechanics which can meet the whirling maelstrom of Consciousness.  That said we are not going to turn a Chevy into a Ferrari right away, yet over time Change will come. The breadth of this Course will attune your vehicle to higher frequencies, clean your filters, rev you up and send you on your Way when Change comes.  In fact, it matters not so much what the vehicle. What matters most is the driver and what you do with it.

It is has been said by Bertrand Russell, 'The only thing that will save humanity is Cooperation.'  When one Cooperates with the Spirit World we are more likely to Git R' Done, to expand the realms of knowledge into increasing intelligence that moves us towards Wisdom. This intelligence is not so much pure intellect yet a purely blended mix of thought, emotion and feeling that enables your vehicle to give Life your all!

How Do We Do This?

Having already experienced the West fully and perhaps overly, your fight-or-flight system and adrenals are likely exhausted, perhaps even checked-out on their way to redundancy just as the wisdom teeth and appendix did.  The Course of Changing Mind streams the skill and know-how of the North, the place of Adult, into your neural pathways that come of a Central Nervous System developed long before mankind came into being that we may become responsible for remembering the future.  Furthermore, the constantly adjusting in-depth knowledge of this Rite of Passage will inculcate you with the skills, wisdom and practical KNOW HOW to help your Self upgrade/evolve your system to:

  • adapt to heart-centred thinking
  • put your memories in order that all may be deemed innocent
  • know that you don't know
  • unglue your bond with oppressive behaviour
  • see more that you can tell and understand more than you saw
  • navigate problems without breaking into their volatile solution
  • remove struggle from your vocabulary and attitude
  • reduce dependency on the hierarchy of Need
  • disengage from trauma based control
  • mind you own business
  • free yourself from confusion
  • know your Self;  that comfortable feeling of being familiar rather than a stranger
  • maintain enlightenment through Conscious language use
  • accept everything about other people, in fact, marvel at the unique patterns and dynamics that connect a radically interdependent world

And in doing so,

  • work with illness/imbalance
  • attain mental emanicipation
  • enjoy stress-free parenting and stress-free children
  • relieve depression
  • alleviate addiction
  • unify with Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul
  • enforce healthy relationships
  • experience Enlightenment as an initiated Adult

The mysterious Medicine Wheel Teachings you encounter on this journey will come clear through your personal experiences, the "teacher". With the fertilizer of Experience the teachings flourish into Understanding, which must be first expanded as to make room for them.   The great medicine man Black Elk once spoke, "I have seen more than I can tell and understand more than I saw".  By the end of this Rite of Passage,  you too will See and Understand.  And one day you will not understand what is was you didn’t understand.

Basically you will come to Peace with whatever "ails" you with a mastery of the alternative Arts as to understand the visible and invisible worlds, how they work and what things are FOR.  Furthermore, the Earth needs humans to be healthy and mature if it is to be fully itself, evolve and fulfill its destiny.

You Don't Know That You Don't Know

Don't worry.  It is perfect for now, a wonderful starting place that keeps the Great Mystery alive in you. For Love lives in the Unknown.  You see, Christ did not know he could not walk on water, yet did it just the same, having a deep understanding of the Laws of Nature and Existence and faith in taking that first step.

Just as Jonathon Livingstone Seagull was a bird who knew there was more to flying than just flying, Christ was a Jew who saw the shortcomings of being a Jew during his “40 days in the desert”.  Spending these “weeks in the desert” with Changing Mind will lead you to see who and what you are, beyond conditioning, providing an inner cleansing of your current state of human consciousness, dissolving beliefs, attitudes and prejudices with our spirited and soulful technology of Word, song and imagery that will stretch your mind, your bandwidth, to see the world As It Is.

Upon Crossing the Threshold this 10 week course will funnel ancient knowledge and practical techniques into the Knower, Thinker and Doer in you, a bandwidth beyond the confines of time, matter and space. It is difficult to be "ready" in the absence of time and space yet as you are reading this, and the words reading you, are you deemed ready.

This interactive on-line Rite of Passage will cleanse you at the deepest level by a landscape so mundanely profound, so unexpectedly obvious and so terribly hilarious that you will know something is “up”.  I share with you now a selection of the Visions acquired through Experience by recent participants. You can find more under Shared Wisdom, otherwise known as "testimonials".

I have felt so supported by the teachings, the weekly Council, Facebook group chat, and the one on one Shamanic sessions. I highly recommend this Medicine Wheel Journey of Initiated Adulthood.  There is something for everyone in this course to resonate with at a practically spiritual level. I have felt that as I read, the material is reading me, right into the depths of my heart.

Ashleigh, Vancouver, Canada

I have been reminded of the wisdom of my inner child voicing itself when it feels uncomfortable. This has been strongest for me in the incredible paradox that comes of stepping into my vulnerability, particularly around feelings and emotions I had as a teenager that I was taught to repress. In the Course of Changing Mind I found a place of confidence where I can meet these things with joy and gentleness.   

Amy, BC, Canada

I am ever looking for new experiences and ideas, thinking.  But these last weeks I felt a fog roll in, and learned to be ok with that, not worried or anxious about it, but to just keep walking.  I don't know what the process is that is going on or what I should be doing, except for just living.  And that is a huge teaching for me, to experience what it is to just live, and be here in the moment.  I don't know what the process of change is except for just living, and being comfortable in my own skin, which is quite new to me. 

Laura, Byron Bay, Australia

In my day to day life, I am thinking more about my responses, able to speak calmly and see things through, rather than reacting, which always have bad consequences. I like who I am becoming.    

Justin, Vancouver, BC

I have never been so profoundly touched in my consciousness by something I didn't "get". And find myself having a good laugh about it!

Linda, Vancouver Island, BC

The Path and The Way

"Our job is not to clear up the Mystery, but to make the Mystery clear."

The Mystery is the Divine Creative Power, which remains unclear to those not yet spiritually enlightened.  Permit me to unfold some of the Mystery now. The trick is to keep things moving so as not to get stuck in the traffic jams within you. If you are going to stick with something, stick with me and this Rite of Passage to see with new eyes, staying open to the relatedness of all that comes in the readings of the Path and the Way that will deliver you to clear-sightedness over these 10 weeks.

In The Library you will find the initial Steps and Stones laid out as The Path and The Way to take you to the threshold of your Rite. When you cross the threshold by signing up for the course you enter the Spirit World which will take you where you are taken, those places where you are possessed or obsessed that block your Spirit from coming to you, for in shamanic practice, we seek for that which is lost and return it Home.

I will tell you straight up that the teachings of this course are not an easy read. In fact, you are being read by the teachings as for the Teacher within to be brought forth to choreograph the perfect experiences for your spiritual development.  The words, songs and images of the Course, along with our weekly Council meetings also track the pills of pain you took by the hand of your inner physician, finding the places where the extraordinary lives as to bring you out of the stagnancy of Consumption into the circulation of Contribution.  Our personal one-on-one encounters go beyond coaching. These sessions are direct shamanic healings via Skype to clear any boulders still resisting the Mountain, getting in The Way of you giving Life your All.  For the place of nurturing and generative Adult is to Give Life.

In giving life, you will come to Peace with whatever "ails" you, with a mastery of the alternative Arts as to understand the visible and invisible worlds, how they work and what things are FOR.  For the Earth needs humans to be healthy and mature if it is to fully evolve and fulfill its destiny.

One of The Rites of Passage teachings...

"If there is a problem, it is due to your unquestioned thinking." 

As with the don't know statement earlier on, this one too requires a long, warm, bubbly soak in Understanding to fluidly navigate oneself to the Source, the Spirit behind the words. Indeed all of the teachings in this Course contain many bubbles of Understanding, each one "restarting" your system as to open to something new with each passing that, drop by drop, the wholeness of your Soul and Spirit may well come to you.  As it is, Inquiry ever comes to its own end which, on the way, leads to knowledge. Knowledge put into action by Experience leads to Understanding which breeds Intelligence - the stuff the Universe is made of.   What if you were the experience of increasing intelligence living in a climate of Love? What would that be worth to you?  Better yet consider what the cost is to you, your family, the planet and all life upon it of remaining in the climate of Greed.

Take the teachings of the Medicine Wheel to Heart

In Buddhism it is said that the teachings are a raft to take you from one place to another yet must not be clung to.  Once taken across, one must leave the raft and walk on your own two feet.  As a natural extension of the Medicine, the Course of Changing Mind brings you ancient means, tried and tested for centuries, millennium even, dropping in drip by drip, as for you to come into your Spirit-Mind, your Sensual Body and joyous reunion with your whole being. You know something is Good if it lasts that long. Some aspects of this method were once banned, made illegal and nearly forgotten. But always there were those who managed to bring forth the Medicine. With your permission, and my guidance, the alchemical teachings will bring forth The Medicine in you.  As it is said, when the student is ready, prepared for the worst and expecting the best, the teachings (experience) will come for one is never given more than one can handle.  Yet and still Life is under no obligation to wait for your perceived readiness.

As alluded to earlier, one of my guides is Dr. Seuss, which gives you some idea of the places you will go.  Though the white blanket of Enlightenment may seem "out there" for the average person, like a star, it is doable undertaken with a steady course, unshakeable guide and some practical know-how to wear it well.  A'han.  All My Relations.

Our next group initiation begins September 12th, 2017.

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