Through Knowledge comes Experience.
And Experience is the Mother of all Teachers.

The path to Mastery weaves through knowledge and experience.  Yet it is through Understanding, capable of change from negative, disempowering mind programming based in separation to empowering, positive programming based upon universal truth and oneness, that we begin to access the power of the Changing Mind.

The light Understanding is sparked in the East, fanned by the winds of the North to dispel the darkness of Ignorance in the West as to allow the child of the South to let the Moment come when it comes, and let it go when it goes as for All Beings to Be Happy, come what may.

Shamanism is the Art of making the invisible visible, giving form to what it is to be a response abled, enlightened Adult; the beholder of the unified field where one can see both ways.  You may have a job, a house, spouse or children, but these make not an Adult.  For most, it just frustrates the ignorance of the Adolescent, who prefers to wander.  As one is made not born, must one make the move through the Medicine Wheel, through a Rites of Passage declaration, to become an initiated Adult.  What does one get for doing that? Basically peace of Mind, which stokes a peaceful heart unimaginably attractive to the Soul.

 "The major cause of depression, disease, restlessness, greed and violence
is the failure to undergo the Rites of Passage to
initiated Adulthood."


The meaning of enlightenment
is in the middle.

The propagation of Understanding fuels Enlightenment which fills in the gaping gaps between Ignorance and Understanding and all unresolved parallel realities (also known as Duality).  Experiencing enlightenment is not something hovering beyond your reach. As with the seeds of Awakening, it is something that runs deep inside you. For some Enlightenment poses itself as a far away star.  This is simply to coax your longing for it. For some it is the bridge across duality which leads to Awakening; for others still it is a dance with Eternity, coached by Time.  Either way an enlightened Adult acts in a greater field of influence that is at once touching and untouchable for do they possess The Vision.

As it is, the maturity of enlightenment can also be thought of as Remembering. The child lives in the state of Enlightenment, yet knows not how to use the tool to make a difference in the world.

As an Adult initiated by The School of Lost Borders, trained in Shamanism, experienced with the Way of enlightenment and fuelled by the power of The Word, do I bring forth the Rites of Passage in you, guided as the water does the canoe.

It is true. I am an enlightened Adult, one who sees both ways by tapping into the spiritual river that flows through Life. I have been there and done that as an explorer and hunter of spirit; I have done the math and I am a happy being.  I also have two children, a dog, a cat, and a knee that acts up when I get too far ahead of myself.  Now for some, the declaration of being enlightened might put you off right away, like greenish eggs and ham. Fortunately, I was also trained by Sam Ayam, for a sense of humour is integral to every Rite.

When not conducting Rites of Passage in this manner with Changing Mind, I run a sweat lodge, medicine ceremonies and work as a housekeeper at a local resort.  Indeed, the mystic poet Rumi tells us that we are all a guest house, and we must keep our lodges clean.

When taking a Rite of Passage one enters the Spirit World where things get done 6X faster than on the physical realm.  What might take years of therapy, searching, webinars, rehab and reading can be accomplished in these 7 weeks.  For does the Spirit World use highly advanced technology and quantum mechanics which acknowledges Consciousness as a key player.   That said we are not going to turn a Chevy into a Ferrari right away.  Yet will Changing Mind tune your vehicle, clean your filters,  rev you up and send you on your Way.

It is has been said by Bertrand Russell, 'The only thing that will save humanity is Cooperation.'  When one Cooperates with the Spirit World we are more likely to Git R' Done, to expand the realms of knowledge into increasing intelligence so that you are more able to give Life your all!

You Don't Know That You Don't Know

Don't worry.  It is perfect for now. It's what keeps the Great Mystery alive in you. Christ did not know he could not walk on water. But he did it just the same.

It was Experience, the Mother of All Teachers, that made it so.  Through your experience this course will funnel ancient knowledge and practical techniques into the Knower in you.  These teachings span beyond the confines of time, matter and space.  Upon this 7 week interactive on-line Rites of Passage teaching you will be cleansed at the deepest level by a landscape so mundanely profound, so unexpectedly obvious and so terribly hilarious that you will know something is “up”.  You will also find out more than you wanted to know.  As such this course is not to be taken lightly though it will lighten you up.


The Path and The Way

Permit me to unfold some of the Mystery now. The trick is to keep things moving so as not to create traffic jams within you and get 'stuck'. If you are going to stick with something, stick with me and you will both see the light and lighten up.

Mystery is not about traveling to distant places, it is about seeing with new eyes, staying open to the unknown that lives right next to you.

In The Library, to your upper right, you will find the initial Steps and Stones laid out as The Path and The Way to take you to the threshold of your Rites. When you cross the threshhold by signing up for the course you enter the Spirit World which will take you where you are taken, those places where you are possessed or obsessed that block your Spirit from coming Home. When your Spirit comes home you are alleviated of addictions and obsessions to the depths of your Soul.

I will tell you straight up that the teachings of this course are not an easy read. In fact, the Words are reading you, tracking the pills of pain you took by the hand of your inner physician, finding the places where the extraordinary being lives, bringing you back into circulation.

Our personal encounters go beyond coaching. These sessions are direct shamanic healings via Skype to clear dense energies (obstacles) that are getting in The Way of you giving Life your All, as a Happy being.

In the course of taking your Rites of Passage, of Becoming the Journey, you will be inculcated with the skills, wisdom and practical KNOW HOW to:

  • work with illness
  • attain mental emanicipation
  • enjoy stress-free parenting
  • relieve depression
  • alleviate addiction
  • unify with Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul
  • enforce healthy relationships
  • experience Enlightenment as an initiated Adult

Basically you will come to Peace with whatever "ails" you, learning mastery of the alternative Arts as to understand the visible and invisible worlds, how they work and what things are for as to seamlessly bring the world back together again.  As it is said, Christ will return in a seamless robe.

As told the Medicine Wheel Teachings you will encounter on this journey come through your personal experiences. With the fertilizer of Experience under your belt the teachings flourish into Understanding.  The great medicine man Black Elk once spoke, "I have seen more than I can tell and understand more than I saw".  By the end of these 7 weeks,  you too will learn to See and Understand.  And one day you will not understand what is was you didn’t understand.

One of The Rites of Passage teachings...

"If there is a problem, it is due to your unquestioned thinking."*   

Inquiry comes to its own end which, on the way, leads to knowledge. Knowledge, put into action by Experience leads to Understanding which breeds Intelligence - the stuff the Universe is made of.   What if you were the experience of increasing intelligence, learning all the time? What would that be worth to you?  Better yet consider what the cost is to you, your family, the planet and all life upon it of remaining in ignorance.

*Byron Katie

Take the teachings of the Medicine Wheel to Heart

Please go to options to sign up for the course now.

As a starter for the course, please become familiar with the teachings of Jumping Mouse for it is sure to get your heart started.

As a natural extension of the Medicine, the Course of Changing Mind brings you ancient means, tried and tested for centuries, millennium even, dropping in drip by drip, to come into your Spirit-Mind, your Sensual Body and reunion with your Soul.  You know something is Good if it lasts that long. Some aspects of this method were once banned, made illegal and nearly forgotten. But always were there those, the shamanic healers, who managed to bring forth the Medicine.

With your permission and my mentoring the teachings will be brought forth in you, as well. As it is said, when the student is ready, prepared for the worst and expecting the best, the teachings (experience) will come. Be it known too that one of our guides is Dr. Seuss, which gives you some idea of the places you will go.

Though Enlightenment may seem Impossible for the average person, it is doable. It just takes some practical know-how.

Additional materials required for the Course are An Inklings Weave and The Shaman'ca Loop, available below.

>>All above photography by Ne'ith Arrow

There are many ways for one to take their Rites of Passage.  The course of Changing Mind is one way.  What is true for all ways, is that one must have a guide, someone who keeps the home fire burning as you Become the Journey.


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