Welcome to **SPLAT**, my Pet name for that which carries the teachings. These teachings are not just about the words but about the energy transmission and guidance that flow therein. Therefore they ought to be listened not just with the ears but with the heart, unhurriedly, in peace and stillness,
letting it move and flow through us.

'Patterns of Change'

Basically change is already there.

'Keeping your head above water'

What might this portion of the Hopi Prophecy mean?


When you believe things that you don't understand.

'Food Sensitivity'

Feeding a butterfly
what a caterpillar eats

'The Same'

Everything is different and so it is the Same;
paradox leading one to Samadhi.

'Soul and Spirit'

As there is the co-existence of light and dark, so do Soul and Spirit dance.

'Samsara joins Symbiosis'

Samsara gets an efficiency upgrade from Symbiosis as for all things to move Right along.

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