Step 4: Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

How many fingers am I holding up?
What's a finger?

(actual conversation heard in a dementia ward)

As we are not yet out of sight of the calcified Western Front might we take a look at the markings on the wall. We wish to point out here the importance in understanding that putting a sign in place of the thing it is signaling occurs when you are in a state of mind in which you believe you know something, which not only hampers the development of Pure Intuition but creates an addiction or dependence on its undeveloped state in your linear consciousness, contraindicated for the development of your Heart Centred Awareness, the Network attuned to the good of all that we might truly proceed in a way that is All Good.

Where our sciences cannot locate or name the ocean or matrix that gives goodness its power for good, and evil its power for evil, the unified field of the Heart can demonstrate our complex and inexplicable caring for each other, and for our life together here, the life where we loved the planet and loved our lives, but no longer remember the Way of it. Indeed, caring for one another is a complex thing and signs significant only for people. No people, no significance. And these significant things burn an impression upon the Akashic Records, which holds or records, all that has been, all that you have done for it to be how it has been, and for which there are firewalls or privacy settings.

People largely depend on “signs” to influence their choices due to an immature sense of Intuition and Imagination, which as said, can soar no higher than your last experience in this state. Yet signs are completely insignificant to Choice. More importantly still, consider this: the eyes could never adjust to absolute blackness, like that of cave deep below the earth or that of the Void, a darkness so profound its also steals your voice. Here, your only source of communication, of meaning, comes of Imagination. Imagine now what the Void will look like for you with only this limited sense, perhaps terrifying, perhaps with some slivers of goodness. What must be clearly understood is that the only projector in Ultimate Reality is You.

As if in preparation, life here ups the anti and things become more and more strange, topsy-turvy even, as if the hourglass of Time had turned over, or shattered, and we find ourselves walking through the sands of time upon our the face of our mother earth. So it’s a good thing that signs, diagnostic markers, abound, yet they must be taken appropriately to keep us from messing up her face. Symbols are in fact symbolic of Illusion, as most documented signs are. The signs of Reality are invisible and cannot be known until you are in them. A sign popped up the other day that read, “There is only one Day.” And in a swirl of truth did I come to realize there really is only one Day, and is it the state of being Awake, approaching every moment like a babe in the woods and growing, maturing with it.

Putting the sign in place of the thing it is signalling occurs when you are in a state of mind in which you believe you know something, which not only hampers the development of Pure Intuition but creates an addiction or dependence on its undeveloped state in your linear consciousness, which is contraindicated for the development of your Heart Centred Awareness, a Network attuned to the good of all that we might truly live in a world that is All Good.

As life ups the anti things become more and more strange, topsy-turvy even, as if the hourglass of Time had turned over, or shattered, and we find ourselves walking through the sands of time upon our the face of our mother earth. So it’s a good thing that signs, diagnostic markers, abound, yet they must be taken appropriately to keep us from messing up her face. Most signs are invisible and cannot be known until you are in them and still there are those out there. A sign popped up the other day that read, “There is only one Day.” And in a swirl of truth did I come to realize there really is only one Day, and is it the state of being Awake, approaching every moment like a babe in the woods and growing with it.

All of Life happens in this Day.  There is no yesterday, no tomorrow and no someday.  There is only this Day, all else merely excerpts from fractals of factual memory, drops of Consciousness giving way to the Truth of Remembering.  And to this Day do we return time and again in the great feedback loop of Life. And as you are responsible for creating the self that lives in the reality of your own creation, are you the chooser of how the Day goes for you.

swirly pop

As sustenance for experiencing enlightenment, a regular dip into the metaphoric process of food and the digestive system is appropriate, that is to say, healthy. Keep in mind that one does not eat and poop at the same time, or at the least the same place. Though kitchen and toilet generally near one another in “civilized” places.

As sustenance for experiencing enlightenment a regular dip into the metaphoric process of food and the digestive system is appropriate, that is to say, healthy. Keep in mind that one does not eat and poop at the same time, or at the least, in the same place. Though kitchen and toilet generally near one another in “civilized” places.

It is by no coincidence that so much of our lives revolve around food. Much as a Gardener cares for the garden, is it important that you care regardless of what others think. It is also important to know that the Garden grows more than Gardener sows, and that to feed is to Remember.

Remember too, let none revere you for being enlightened.  You will be just another volute flower in the blossoming field of Consciousness. And if they do, move away.  For those who would place you in a vase on the table would just as soon have your head as a trophy of the Collective Consciousness. In the words of Archangel Michael, “As warriors of peace your Light shines brighter out into the world and you must be vigilant so that you will do nothing which will make you a focal point for negative vibrational forces”.

From the beginning people have lamented the sense of isolation enlightenment can bring - no longer resonating with friends and ways in which they used to enjoy. Those who choose the shamanic path of moving into lucidity know it's not about fitting in, about being pessimistic or optimistic, but being the mystic who is also realistic, one who can see both ways and who is comfortable with the dynamic tension of being truly Alive, that is to say, living in Truth.

There is nothing elitist about awakening to what is happening on this planet. Though at first it may create a sense of separation, eventually brings a more authentic connection to others through an expanded capacity for compassion as you gain an extensive knowledge of that which your fellow humans are suffering through. And the friends you find yourself in the company of true. It does take some getting used to, having friends in the Spirit World you cannot actually see, touch or hear with your regular senses yet as your Precious Sensitivity develops, your find meaningful relationship with them too.

To start, tune into the invisible signs of Nature calling that surround us as Sound; the chirp of a bird, rustle of leaves in the wind, lapping of waves upon the shore, the call of the rooster’s crow. These do not take up space in your Consciousness yet fill it and by doing so, your pendulum does not swing so radically from positive to negative, and your mental and emotional natures become stabilized and centered, “stopping to smell the roses” if you will.

Have we been doing this all the time, unconsciously balancing our Conscious Awareness? Yes, but in a distracted or refracted way due to focusing blame upon others for our own lack of attention. And there is nothing wrong with you for doing this.  It is simply that you can do better. A disciple on the path of Enlightenment must strive for heart-centered detachment and wise discernment and the guidance in this Course will imbue you these disciplines. The effort is up to you.

Now this sounds good but what does it really mean?   If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyways. If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyways. The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. I think you get it, without the “point”. And, let us finish it, for in the end, it was always between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.

Words as patterns of consciousness can add to the intelligently performed arts of Reality, the entirety of Creation that lay beyond this visible world. For the Mystic, words are signals of Sound, carriers of only that which is True, regardless of whether you perceive them as wrong or right, an ability that comes with Wisdom. A collection of Trued Words will be given to you in the Key Word Apothecary for the Mystic is not concerned with conventional meaning, not even perception, yet the Spirit behind the words, the way of perceiving. No sign, action, dream, imagination, feeling or thought is True of itself yet in relation to what it stands with. All things can be “trued”, just as a bicycle wheel must be trued in order to function at optimum capacity. Imagination has direct and unequivocal access to Memory, and when Memory is filled with Values the Imagination soars.

To become so true, with each lesson of this course, another layer is peeled back. The thing is, each layer is a composite, a collage or sorts, and so we must visit many things along the way, meet them as they reveal themselves and peel them back. For this, the lessons are designed, not in a logical, linear way, but in alignment with the net like workings of the Heart that catches all that you truly are. Here, where the words “I Love You” may not have been able to reach you, are they now relative to catching a little glimpse of Divine perfection in someone or some thing, and in doing so, be momentarily blinded by the Glorious light of May all beings be Happy, come what May.

Coming to know the True Self requires discipline and effort, yet the Self requires no effort. Understanding is a great help to Effort for Understanding changes the energy field so that Truth can be acknowledged, not just the finger pointing but what it is pointing at. Understanding comes when you take your attention away from ideas, goals and concepts that are not true. With effort taken care of, Self-discipline has a chance at you. Just as with Self-love, such disciplines come of knowing the Self. I asked someone who said they had been in touch with their self, “Who is that Self?” And did he begin his reply with, “it is the person who….” I cut him off right there, for he was going down the wrong road.

Skill, which we also term as “know how”, is required to effortlessly approach the unapproachable. We spoke of the skill of approaching a problem without rupturing its solution, of approaching Difficulty without courting Danger. What about the importance of regularly flushing yourself of all old knowledge so as not to become toxic? These are skills that prevent ideas, goals and concepts from taking over your operating system. For one cannot live and grow on such things though they can parasitically grow on you.

Reading the meaning in a sign, not the messenger of it, is not only a skill but imperative for the development of your Heart. Here is an example using Money. I was speaking with a friend the other day about Money and said, “it is the fear of Money that haunts people”. In that moment, I saw Fear pointing to something with its invisible sign language, but I kept looking at Fear for it was becoming quite elaborate and bizarre in its efforts to call my attention to it. Luckily, that is to say, before facing Fear got to the point of being frightening, I looked in the direction fear was directing me to, but could not clearly see what was there for it was unfamiliar. Once Awareness arrived with its pure equanimity, Fear let out a great sigh of relief and left, leaving me in Peace to approach the unapproachable. Looking closer still the next day, I saw Money shrouded in 1000 veils. And a narrative came of the middle-eastern dance of 1000 veils where each time a veil is removed, money is placed in the dancer’s belt. And in seeing this through the lens of my Awareness, Understanding and Consciousness were not far behind.

Often people will ask a question. When one applies the skill of Listening, which is also an art, you may see the question is not an actual Inquiry into the Self yet the problem-seeking person that is speaking. If that person understands how to work with problems, this is helpful. But if not, is it a sign that a large assumption is backing the deal in which case the inquisitor has been questioning him or herself all along, which perpetuates loneliness as the haunting fear of being alone, though they are two different things.

Do you recall the 3rd agreement of the Toltec: Don’t make assumptions. And is your awareness of the consequences of doing so growing?   It is practically impossible not to make assumptions with the system you are working with for there are many gaps. But Nature has no gaps. As you go along this Course the missing pieces start to appear, connections made, always in the non-linear way and supported by your own experiences that the impossible not be unapproachable.

Assumptions are born of those who do not know themselves. So as Don Miguel is imparting you with the Wisdom of “don’t make assumptions”, what he is pointing to is know your self so you will make no assumptions. Are you with me so far? (Note here that Wisdom often begins with the word “don’t”, just in case you thought it spoke some other language.)

We have spoken how all things wish to know them selves but if something assumes itself as something other that itself, disorder comes of it. Likewise, if you do not know who you are, I cannot actually communicate with you, which courts disharmony. Furthermore, when one confuses the Self with the Person, there is disharmony. Intelligence watches how the Person works, and based on these observations Intuition guides one to appropriately follow the Self. In this there is no wrong way. Yet as all things must be separate to be whole, Intuition must be separated off from the linear consciousness of Intellect that each may function at their optimum capacity in the Unified Field.

It is said, the seeker is that which is seeking for in the feedback loop of Nature it cannot come to Being any other way. And besides, Inquiry always comes to its own end and it is all Good in the end. Only thing is, one must know when they've come to an end in the tangled threads of a conditioned mind.  And there will be no peace and rest until the entanglements are unwound to the Source. This process is demonstrated in the video Dream Weaver, if you care to observe it.

We also touched on the 5th Agreement in Step 3, “question everything”. This does not refer to demanding validation from things for your suspicious eyes, yet to instigate the actual process or Skill of questioning, asking. You can, for instance question/ask the thing in front of you, with all the sincerity and respect you can muster “what can I do to get your cooperation?” And if you cooperate with its request, it may just reveal to you its inner living meaning. This true meaning of something is its Spirit, its way of perceiving, as with plants is the healing power, not the chemical compound it contains, which can change on a dime depending on the meaning you come to it with, the meaning in a disease for example. And it is this meaning that is then addressed rather the disease, which is merely a sign.

It is self-judgment that has one question things without sufficient energy to sustain the answer, the meaning, actually depletes your capacity to Understand and a debilitating waste of time for all, for the Self is not only beyond assumption, it is beyond judgment. If Self-judgment comes to you, see it as a sign to rest and digest what you already have, and meditate on this as the storm passes. You can then use your Questioning to Ask for help with your judgment, that it be refined into the higher art of Discernment. Without the ability to ask for help, your dependency on Need is fortified rendering one fairly helpless and denies Spirit, which lives to help.

Often I am questioned by one of my elders. And rarely do I have an answer, because all they really want to do is see the affect their question has on my being, which usually causes me to stutter, sputter or otherwise turn to mush, signs that something is up in me, something not clear or hiding. Here I am mentally immobilized, “caught” as it where. And in this they have their answer and then speak to me (or not) from that place to make any necessary corrections. There is absolutely no room for self-validating or self-justification under the eyes of an Elder, which can at times be a pain, the kind I can work with so long as my Stubbornness doesn’t get in the way.

As stated upon Stone A, Pain is not a problem. Pain is a signal, a frequency from the Earth itself that resonates in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The Earth is not in pain but because we come of the Earth, she feels our Pain, particularly that of women. The frequency of Pain is filled with lessons on Truth, designed to have one face the challenges that Life passes on to us as unrealized beliefs, and so pain is associated not with problem but Challenge, which is skilled in the removal of outdated beliefs and conditions. So relieved of the “same old”, is one enabled to approach Nirvana, the unconditional.

Along the way one becomes able to differentiate Challenge from problem, risk, threat or attack, though in many traditions there are no such thing as Challenges for the wayfarer on the sacred path, only a devastating willingness to learn and grow. For despite, trials and tribulations, one who stays the sacred path will return to the light when that path is marched on with Perseverance. When one no longer feels the need for protection from Vulnerability, this keen and strong predator of outdated beliefs works on behalf of the Self to come to realization about itself. Simply ask yourself, “what am I feeling vulnerable to?” And like an unhooded Hawk, Vulnerability will go out and get it and bring it right back to your cloaked arm.   Yet what is returned to you may not be to your liking at first for Vulnerability ultimately uncloaks the perceived threat of giving up the identified self.

Yet and still, the sole aim of Challenge is Surrender, for a body cleared of brittle beliefs is soft, more receptive, a stronger signal of the unidentifiable Self or Soul, your true Gift.   So many are asking about their “gift”, how to “share their gift”, as if it were some permanent, original thing. And it is. The Soul Self is the flame of the One and the flame and God (the sun) one and the same. So it is said, we are all One. And so Surrender sounds out:

The Self is the Gift! Call off the search!!

That is a pretty clear sign, is it not? One that rather puts you on the spot with nothing to hide behind, nothing to blame, nothing to rebel against. Being so “set up”, called out or put on the spot is not an enviable position yet medicine for the pandemic of Envy which poisons Pity. As Gandhi has said, “do not pity the beggar, for you do him great harm.” This is not due to Pity itself, but that Pity has been defiled by Envy to the point it no longer knows itself and so wanders our “home” thinking it is something other than it is, which in the case of the Western Mind, often shows up as “not good enough” which is often collaged into entitlement as for one to think they are better than the rest of Creation. As the most pitiful creatures of all creation, we regularly ask for pity from Creator. For only Creator can have Pity upon us.

Maybe you can appreciate here the great surgical skill necessary to mercifully alchemize a room full of people who, when put on the spot, would rather be anaesthetized, that is to say, feel nothing than Surrender to the Love that surrounds us. For Love is ruthlessly kind, with little or no tolerance for things being anything other than they are. So as the old ones wondered how people could forget what a thing is, does Wisdom translate it as, how could people live without Love?

I asked a mentor of mine once what it means to “tend to an Elder” and did he state, you just take them where they need to go and translate if necessary. Well, I didn’t know any native languages and so thought I would be of no use in this. But over the years and in the increased capacity of my Understanding, Wisdom has taught me otherwise.

Intention has been a popular word of late yet like any word, can easily be worn out, turned from its tonic state to toxic if overused. Yet and still as with Eckhart Tolle corralling ego so it could be more clearly seen, the wide use of Intention has done the same. When one looks up the meaning of intention in the dictionary they are directed to the word purpose, which directs one to the word intention. The singular word that bridges the gap between them is aim.

Intention is a sign to the Universe that you are seeking your purpose, the one inside your feet. Intention alone cannot set you straight yet give appropriate tension for the Purpose of Life to meet its mark in you. Once you are in right relation with Intention and Purpose, prepared for the unexpected and irrevocable that may come of it, you may enter flailing periods of Doubt, deep questioning and experience more of what you perceive as failure. Yet flailing is not failing. Doubt may also come to those who hide in/behind ceremony as to prevent it from making a wreck of you, which an “ordeal” often does. The common saying that applies here is sometimes things have to get worse before they get better, just as the marriage of Life itself follows the credo of “for better or for worse”. You will face the medicine of the Ordeal when we reach the South, the shamanic death of the childhood myth.

In Satsang, a combined form of Council and Ceremony, there is no hiding from the flame that burns all that is not you away and so Doubt launches furious attempts to distract you. And in doing so, teaches you to teach yourself the experience of Right Relation between Doubt and Inquiry. From this place, when you notice the swirl of "should I stay or should I go" come into your being you will learn to use the dynamic tension between them rightly to fuel your ever-growing ability to make a difference in a world that comes of the Same, and so feed Diversity.

Similarly, Intention is woven of the loom of your Purpose as to become irrevocably set when the blanket of your open mind is filled with Enlightenment, not the pain and rage that can turn constructive criticism into a devastating weapon.  Recall now that the heart is ever open, but cannot speak through a closed mind. It is said that our ancestors heard wrong when First Father spoke, because of the Thunder and the Wind. Out of his love for the people, First Father commanded, “change, change your skins”. But because of the Thunder and the Wind in the people’s minds, they heard “stay, stay the same.” So it is that the most simplistic teachings can easily get lost in the closet of complexity the linear mind holds you in.  Yet and still, nothing can be lost on you where there is Love.

In the climate of Love skill comes naturally. Knowledge of Complexity too comes easier for here the mind is entrained to coherence and connection where meaning bursts through seemingly irrelevant information encoded with patterns that only Cognition can perceive. Without a keen understanding of Complexity, signs can block out the scenery and clutter your mind. Consider now viewing one of those Magic 3D books where you must patiently unfocus your eyes as to see the image within random shapes. And once you have perceived the meaning within it, Understanding flashes into Awareness. In Right Order, Understanding always comes before Awareness, a process that begins with Cognition. This process of locating the meaning within things, within signs, must be repeated over and over again to strengthen the Heart as your primary organ of perception. If you remain focused on the sign, the Heart weakens. You must not even remain focused on the meaning yet keep moving deeper inside of it. And if you get distracted, you must start the process over, from the point of first contact. Here is a visual aid to kickstart your Understanding of this process.

Things in the ordinary world seem to shrink once you have viewed this but this is an illusion, and so things there don’t necessarily look up, or even get easier, but one does see more clearly the orienting threads of Wisdom that you may bring it forth to feed the people.  One such thread follows that real meaningful change does not happen in the Ordinary World, only appearances change. Real Change occurs in the Spirit or Special (a term used for non-traditionalist) World that all be in accordance with the Law of Nature that states you must be the change you wish to see. When we speak of Transcendence as the union of opposites, the ultimate level is the union of the Special into the Ordinary, which you will undergo at the stage of Resurrection as to return with the Elixir; be a spirit in the material world, a fish out of water, so to speak for to be IN union is not simply to bring two things together but merge them as One into the third dimension. In An Inklings Weave this is spoken to as the 1/3 Reality.

Wisdom, the source of true nourishment for the awakened being, lives in the Centre of the Wheel of Mistakes where one learns to learn without making mistakes for only Wisdom knows the difference between what you can and cannot change, the difference between good and evil. Indeed Wisdom is the mastery of the art of differentiation that leads one to Nirvana. I have heard people say it is impossible to learn without making mistakes yet nonetheless do 6 impossible things before breakfast.

It is of utmost importance now that you take care of your energy, for sitting in the unknown, the ever-changing and impermanent, takes much more energy (the sum of your values) than the known, yet less effort. When ones energy is low, deficient in values, the ego, which has a strong preference for the known, is called forth as a self-preservation measure. Learning too requires more concerted energy from Vulnerability and Courage than knowing which in turn gives them power. But firstly, learning requires one to give it all up, for learning costs what you know. As told in the teaching of the Black Kahuna, one must regularly dump their load of knowledge, or be poisoned by it. So unimpeded by the weight of knowledge in your bones, filled rather with the buoyancy of Wisdom and lightness of Spirit come of knowing you know nothing, one can fly like an eagle. Zeus, god of the fire that both burns and warms spoke: knowledge and wisdom will be the guides of thy times, in that order. First comes knowledge, its true nutrients absorbed and metabolized as for the energy of Wisdom to fuel the being. And any unabsorbed or untrue remains of that knowledge pooped out.

Though the Universe sends many “signs”’ their meaning can only truly be perceived in Silence, also known loosely as the pause for the cause or still point. If one fills the pause with more thoughts or other advances or distractions, all the work by the Universe must be repeated. Within this Silence is Sonar, the guiding force of Sound which utilizes Knowledge at its highest function. Through Sonar one “knows” something only for a split second, just long enough to show the meaning in the thing to your Cognition, which gets the process of perceiving with the Heart started. This living meaning gives rise to chemical responses in the brain essential for real communication, which differ greatly from the chemicals related to reaction. The process described here is the basis of Heart Centred Communication and true diagnosis. When things are perceived by the mind first, there is no real communication yet knee-jerk reactions and assumption.

Silence is essential to the Art of Remembering which reverberates deep in our bones to read the pain of the loss of our origins and rites of passage with which our Ancestors renewed their wounded souls. Yet once passed through the pain, the Art of Remembering can track meaning all the way to origin, connect hundreds of thousands of years back to the knowledge keepers and how they worked with knowledge. Without this one easily falls prey to Depression, the loss of a tangible ritual dialogue with our origins.

This tangible ritual dialogue spoken of by Martin Prechtel is our communication with the mystical gnostic in the “sign”. Many ask for a sign or perceive one but are not abled to communicate with it, very much like asking a question but not having the energy for the answer. Communication with the Dia-Gnostic is most available in the frequency of the Healer, who can feel no fear, for fear makes noise. As such, when a child appears to be making noise, perhaps address this as that the child is in fact feeling fear. And to ask the child to simply be quiet, does nothing to alleviate that fear but rather increases it for now they fear they will never truly be heard. And simply being aware that it is fear giving a sign through noise is sufficient, for to speak to the child of fear would only confuse them. What a child is scared of can be completely irrational for it is unseen, yet all the same real to them. Likewise, Care operates in the physical where Love is spiritual. To care for your child when they are making noise, squeeze their hand or kiss their cheek. To Love them, simply be aware. The noise making may not stop, but any “noise” they might make up in their imagination as a result of being neglected in this cut off at the pass.

We wish to bring your quiet attention now to the words This and That. This is relative to Illusion and That relative to Reality. And as said in Buddhist teachings, where there is this, there is that, indicative of the union that binds them as the frequency of Acceptance, also communicated as above, so below yet in truth, has no such dimensions. In fact, the frequency of Acceptance is most attunable in Story and Narrative.

In this frequency Silence speaks, which can be loud or quiet, depending on the activity of the mind. The human capacity to speak can also occur in Silence for Silence is a state of the mind. Silence can function along side Sound where there is no looking for approval, avoiding pain, being needy, trying to be clever, questioning or assuming; only direct, appropriate responses. Silence requires the mind to be silent, not the mouth, car, birdsong, wind in the trees or even the neighbour’s lawnmower. The Sound of Silence is living, the other dead.

To nurture the living spiritual DNA to be enraptured by our indigenous past requires a sense of Origin, renewed by the first Rite given to us by White Buffalo Calf Woman that is the purification (sweat) lodge and its Inipi ceremony. It is said that if one comes enough times to the lodge, you will remember who you are and where you came from and so be endowed with your inheritance of Conscious Knowledge of how to live a good life. This is particularly helpful for those whose DNA tests expose a multitude of genealogical landscapes. Origin is not only from which all things come but the original, ancient guide to the precious “gift” of your Self, that which all most deeply want for without realization of the Self there can be no Nirvana. As said earlier, taking a Rite requires a guide, and the guides of that guide.

It is of utmost importance to Origin that you know what you want, for yourself and those that will come after you, and that you Ask for it. The easiest way for the initiate to determine this is remembering that if you bump into something and it “hurts”, it is not what you want. But more important than the thing, the thought that led you to it not one you want to pursue. When something hurts I recommend you say Ouch, which immediately address that hurt just as the application of Arnica has immediate affect on Trauma if used directly after impact. With the hurt relieved, one can then touch into the Art of Tracking without distraction, which we will come to in many layers. In this place it is important to remember that pain is not the same thing as hurt, and to be offended doesn’t mean you will wake up the next day with leprosy. The Art of Tracking aids one to beget their sense of entitlement to struggle, being hurt or offended for these are indeed mere distractions upon the Way.

If you find yourself repeatedly running into negative feelings, things that hurt, it is a sign there is a bug in your system that is preventing it from getting on-line with the Network, just as a sneeze is a symptom of a cold. When you notice this pattern, it is a diagnostic marker for the bug to time out, having realized or “seen” itself through your Tracking and so ready to be let go of lest it fester into Stress, which greatly derails Understanding. Many come to ceremony “ready” to let go of things but the process may be futile if the flush, or wreck, is not successful. The flushing of negativity can be subtle or gross. In the purification lodge ceremony we sweat out negativity and the songs pass it along to the Ancestors, for they are served by negative energy in their Journey through the stars. Other ways are belching, vomiting or other physical or psychic miscarriage as to clear what you think you know, which magnetizes negative energy and so again, one must regularly cleanse oneself of knowledge as what they think they know. Indeed, True Knowledge is not what you think you know. Here the warrior of Peace must dip into Vigilance to guard their own Peace from disruption. One can also apply regular maintenance by employing the sounds Ha (fire) and Chu (water), which incidentally sound much like a sneeze, to dislodge and expel negative feelings/energies as to be of service to the Ancestors.

Holding onto negative energy can bring about “bad feelings” about something or someone that can have us sacrifice our very loved ones. The most common such occurrence is miscarriage of a fetus but can extend greater into our familial plots if the invasive bad feelings and negative energy that creates them are not weeded out. Another occurrence of bad feelings is that they will have you step on the toes of a brother or sister, which indicates that the portion of forgiveness each was given upon birth is getting low. It has been said by the elders that, even before this, he/she/they/you were forgiven. Like the chi in your spirit bowl, forgiveness can also be depleted, exhausted even. And so you find yourself stepping on others toes so you can ask them for forgiveness, which can make you look like a jerk, a sign that your own forgiveness is indeed depleted.

I find the best means of replenishing forgiveness is Qi Gong or to get some good quality body work/massage. For, as it is, most of our quota of Forgiveness is spent on abusing our own body with Unconscious thoughts and action. But one day, we shall put all practices aside, as to become the practitioner. Herein, Forgiveness is none other than the disintegration of everything you think you know and believe, an excellent purgative and laxative for accumulated knowledge that has henceforth nourished you but become constipated in your holding of it. Consider now the journey of Jumping Mouse, how one guide would come but also go. Not only because each guide can only take you so far but also because they have others to tend to. So it is with Knowledge and Wisdom.

What is true in the word languishes due to our language being in a state of vast humiliation. It no longer describes the world we live in due largely to being a carry over from the misunderstandings written by the childhood myth. Yet the origin of the myth is Innocence which the Adult must return to. This is not the naïve Innocence of the child, which has little use for knowledge. The mature sense of Innocence is kept pure by applying knowledge as it comes and Humiliation from carrying it beyond its expiry date. And the best means to communicate with the Child what the Adult has learned is the Imagination.

The language in this course is not most people's native tongue (and indeed might be rather tongue untwisting) for it originates of Origin beyond culture that floats in on the breeze when the house of cards falls. No word exists alone; each relies on what is beside it, its relative. Origin is related to the Mother Tongue, which speaks to each one in the language that best accentuates Sound to reach us. For instance, I recently spent time around German speaking folks. I was raised in German speaking home and was fluent myself but lost it when sent off to school. Yet I could not properly translate the words to English, my heart remembered the Innocence that Sound wanted to speak with me about. And in this, I came up with a new word, Seingemucht. I asked one of the German speaking folk what this might mean and they squinted hard and said well, sein means to be and gemucht something like it dis done. Originally I had heard it as Zengemucht, which I do believe will be a welcome addition to the dyslexicon of the Scribe.

Sometimes words come harshly or sharply, yet do not actually hurt you. Sometimes things just have to be spoken a certain way to find their home, as Elders well know. Understanding this will take some time, but these days the concentrated power of Time is what we have most of, grains of sand smoothing our rough edges. All we really have to do is stay focused on the diamond, the glowing star. For each word is a story of itself, and the stories behind each word must be told so there can be no mistake in the meaning of what has been said, which requires time, patience and love.

Just because you speak English doesn’t mean you have to sound like everyone else. In fact, the more each comes to know thy Self, ones own pattern language, the more diversified our patterns of speech become; a concert of sound rather than white-noise drone.  And like each instrument in a symphony, might one be so highly attuned to the sound of your own words and understand what you are saying in concert with the whole. As can be experienced in Kirtan, sometimes you can hear you own voice and sometimes your own voice is the whole. When you are aware of this, your voice is recognizable as a unique time “signature”, an otherwise invisible pattern of the Universal sign language.

Though all are a part of Universal sign language, songs speak differently than words and teachings differently than conversation. Though it may sound like reading and talking, the writings and on-line meetings of this course convey the Teachings in a holistic manner, drawing upon the patience and love necessary to build and strengthen your Network. This may seem tedious at times but all is necessary for all that has been said before by the likes of Christ and Buddha to flow in a spiral pattern as to flush your linear thinking to make direct connections with who you are and where you come from. Visualize the spider’s web now: its linear “holding” lines and spiral “cohesion” lines and consider how a spider builds its web using only touch, for despite having many eyes, it is severely far-sighted, so far is to be Sacred. The dimensions of the Sacred will become meaningful in your life when you stop considering only the visible as real. The invisible is most important; the essential is not visible to the eye, but to the heart.

Words are the masculine energy force that compartmentalize and give structure, which are connected to the vast possibilities of the spontaneous experiential sequence by the feminine. In spirit farming the two forms of emotion, Fear and Love, convey signals of movement. Fear may be expressed as push me emotion, based in the reduction theory, also known as homeostasis (waiting/anxiety) whereas Love is a pull me emotion, based in incentive theory, or reinforcement (calling/excitement). Both evoke motivation, the root of the word emotion. One always has a choice, the choice to bring knowledge to good or evil. When one is able to harness the difference between any opposites, the intellectual capital of emotions, one can stop the feeling of being “pushed and pulled” and get to the enterprising business of using them to channel your feelings to Spirit that it may send you exactly what you need to prepare your “guest house” for its coming. Though you are addicted to making choices about where you should live or work or what to do next, these “choices” are erroneous as you adapt to your place as an Adult. Here the only Choice is to stay on the path of the Sacred, the Red Road, or not.

It is also no coincidence that Dr. Doolittle presented the “push-me-pull-you” as a singular two-headed Llama, just as Buddhist teachers of the Dharma are called Lamas, skilled in the Alchemy of blending give and take as a non-dualistic approach, known in the spirit world as Cooperation.

Here is another example of Cooperation from Osho:

Sadness gives depth. Happiness gives height.
Sadness gives roots. Happiness gives branches.
Happiness is like a tree going into the sky,
and sadness is like the roots going into the womb of the earth.
Both are needed.
The higher a tree goes, the deeper it goes, simultaneously.

As said, you can be happy and sad at the same time. You can even be dying and healing at the same time. Likewise, just because I trust myself doesn't mean I'm not shaking as I enter new territory. Do you remember the double-headed President of the Heart of Gold intergalactic ship in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? This is sometimes how you might feel, torn as to know which way to go by your twin premonitions. Sometimes it is your very heart that says you must and your very heart that you cannot. And sometimes thinking you have to make a decision can make you feel crazy. Yet it is a sign, a reminder to teach one to create, learn, grow and know, in that order, often simultaneously, or in random order, as the case may be, but all these steps must be taken.

When one thinks they can create without learning and growing from it, disharmony is there and so mistakes line up. Too when one thinks they can know something without having created it, it is certainly not Knowledge they are speaking of. Generally when someone quips, “I Know”, it is really them saying, “shut up” or, “I am shutting down”. People are generally afraid to grow because then you are more visible, as are your mistakes and mishaps.

The analogy that life is like an onion is significant yet still a linear concept. But we will carry on with it to reveal the layers, to get to bottom of it Life’s loving essence, which will often have one cry. When one can access the Love within them, they may indeed feel sad along with it, for Love will show you where you have made mistakes that you have not yet learned from, where your growth has been stunted. This too is a sign that you are getting to the bottom of things, that depth of the Well that is Love which inevitably brings happiness rather than suffering. Nothingness, Forever and the Void are all layers of Existence. Dreams are a layer of Illusion where Imagination, as the word would suggest, has its origins in Magic, one of the layers of Life along with Meaning and Beauty. Illusion is too a layer of Life yet if one solely lives in Illusion they are highly limited in their ability to experience Life in its fullness. To “live your dream” will provide deeper understanding of your place in Illusion, yet how one feels about the dream nudge you closer to Love. Devotion to ones Values will take one farther into Life. Addiction too comes in layers and the addiction to behaviours much harder to quit than heroine, and for which little assistance is given to us within the Illusion. But Life and Love know better, that our Love of Life equips up with everything we need to change our behaviours, the change we wish to see yet due to the Suffering inherent in movement, do everything in our unfocused power to avoid.

This sounds like an intellectual process, and it is, for intellect is too a layer of the Heart-field and in Right Place, can get rather loopy.  But more important than this, what I have written above is transliterated from a realization I received from the Akashic Records that I did not love my children the way they deserved to be loved, that is, to the capacity in which Love possessed them. I provided everything for their physical survival, taught them about death and attempted to prepare them for life as best I knew how, but in Truth, I did not Love them, could not touch into the fresh Love they still possessed because I didn’t know, had forgotten, how, my own Love wilted, nearly dead itself from living not as a human. And so, at best, I taught them how not to love. And the depth of this sadness brings tears to my eyes, decades later, which is a good thing for Regret, a direct descendent of Blame, has very limited access to Love where Sadness,  its most intimate of partners, can always reach that spot that Love alone cannot. And it is my deepest and sincere hope that such signs posted reach out to you like the limbs of the tree, unraveling you as they have me, that you find your way to truly Loving your loved ones. It is also for this that we spend much time upon this Course on “parenting”.

It is important to note that to force oneself to believe and to accept a thing without Understanding is political, and not spiritual or intellectual. Where the political takes one out of the game, Intellect is a relatively good place to observe your emotional body as it aches and longs for emotional connection but bumps into old programs and conditioning blocking the exchange, the Sacrifice necessary for making Change, small as it may be. It should also be clearly understood here that Consciousness, much like Imagination, does not recognize an object or word, only the living meaning within it and so can starve without this meaning. It has only a sort of blurry awareness of the presence of an object, word or colour even, without ability to name it, just as jumping mouse realized when we awoke from the dream. But as he flew higher into Self-Actualization, all he heard was a voice telling him who he was. For him there was no recognition or perception, nor any permanent unchanging entity as denoted in Soul, Self or Ego. Only consciousness is consciousness, a “seeing” that arises out of conditions yet not dependent on them. For conditions, or aggregates as they are termed in Buddhism, are too individual forms or layers of consciousness that influence humans, plants and other things, each of which sees things differently as for Diversity to flourish.

Just like in human consciousness, plants have the capacity to play more than one role. Indeed, what is largely unknown is that every thing has the ability to be read more than one way, just as each sign of the zodiac has multiple aspects and also rely on one another for their mutual significance.   With such complexity afoot, a sign of itself is relatively benign without the simple Conviction of Yes and No. I was once asked if I was ready to surrender and sit in humility. I reflected on this overnight, as I slept. In the morning I lingered in Silence and then clearly saw Surrender and Humility cast their tandem ballot with a Yes. I also saw Doubt sitting on the fence, and this was a good sign too. Clearly, with so much complexity and dilapidated language in the world, Cooperation with Conviction is essential for the development of Humility, if not the ultimate in simplicity. Just as it is your Choice to stay on the sacred path or not, do Yes and No clearly designate the behaviours necessary to make is so. For behaviour not aligned with the Sacred Path is what limitations feed on.

As said, caring for one another is highly complex, as is mythology, the yarns of stories that connect this to that and the lesser though just as potent Childhood Myth. Yet Complexity can be experienced with simplicity. The best way is to paint your eyes with an explanation of how to work with Complexity: picture yourself inside a 3D celtic knot in constant motion. Though this is not actually a knot, its weave is never ending. Now feel this. For without feeling one cannot understand Complexity as the closest thing to being in the Mystery. Sitting with Silence in Complexity one might also hear its constant motion as “out with the old, in with the new”, taken care of by the Lymphatic system. The best physical stance to take when in Complexity to keep the Fluid flowing is the da Vinci, pictured below. Note however that the foot is turned as if walking or about to. And it is best to continue walking in this way, with your hands out to the sides, as the snakes that inhabit Complexity will not inflict their painful bite if you do. For to walk is to progress, to progress is to grow, to grow is to love and to love is to live, which occur simultaneously with that first step. Snakes only attack humans that are not Alive, as a diagnostic, and so St. Patrick banished them. In any case, your hands will naturally lower themselves in Voluntary Simplicity when Complexity is done with you, for now. It is highly unlikely that Complexity will come to one walking the Black Road, for it is difficult to get Through to you there.

How do I know these things? I don’t. I experience them which grows Conviction, which one can then expand upon like a lawn chair in this way:  If you have broken a law, you may have to pay some penance to your Honour. Yes? But it does not negate your original essence of Innocence. No. Furthermore, the same sign can communicate Yes to one person and No to the one standing next to them. And from this comes the saying: “You don’t have to see what I see to get it Right.” You see the dirt on the floor, he sees the film on the window and she sees the cobwebs in the rafters. And together, we get it done. Taking this into full consideration will undoubtedly alleviate the stress of perceiving someone having a different experience of the same thing as a threat.

It is said, “be not afraid of the stranger kissing you.” There are certainly some strange angels about. Let them show you a thing or two about emotional intelligence and maturity. Consider this now:

At a certain age it is said that you are “over the hill”.

One who is mature has gone to the hill, climbed it to see farther across the vast prairie, and come back to the people to tell what they have seen. White Buffalo woman on the other hand, after bringing the Sacred Pipe, instructing the people of the Rites in which to use it and bowing to the four directions, finally disappear over the hill. We will come to the hill of Certainty after you have undertaken the Dance of Coyote upon Step 11.

To be an initiated Adult is to ripen in enlightenment the ability to see, which comes of lightening up and not take one’s self, nor the actions of others so seriously yet pay careful attention to the living Meaning and Wisdom they impart via the Diagnostic skill of the Practical Mystic. It is said too, always be prepared. In this is Radical Self-Reliance, also known as Indian Time. There is nothing so embarrassing to a Lakota than having to take up someone else’s time because you were not prepared. The Lakota highly value Autonomy, which is the capacity of a rational individual to make an informed, un-coerced decision.   We will approach Autonomy on another thread shortly. For now, it would be wise to take linear thinking out for spin as to think not it knows where it is going.

Thoughts can make your waters murky and too have a way of cleansing you. The best cure for brain-washing is more brain-washing, yet remember that the Art Of Overthinking is one of the dark arts, capable of creating problems that aren’t or weren’t even there and so calling forth Mischief. Fortunately we also have the capacity for Critical thinking, which can be summed up in one line: “If I were you…which I am not”.   End of Story. No projector and no screen. Take your thoughts and actions to hand, but for God’s sake don’t point those things at anyone until Awareness steeps you with the Wisdom that you no longer have to believe every thought that comes into your head. That said, when you point a finger at someone, you too are sure to get your own. You see, it is just as important to stop projecting as it is to stop being the screen, so as to watch and allow the flame moving on its own, sure only as the flame can be, that it can move you.

Phonics that you were taught in school is one of the primary culprits of misunderstanding, corralling our natural dyslexic abilities into the linear. In the video duck duck goose we review this route of the infernal circle that enforces making sense based on the childhood myth. It is good for you to know of these things and also that Sonar is underway with the task of alleviating it, which requires from you a broader Understanding of things and to stop making sense yet mature those you have been given.

If there is one way to define enlightenment it might be the capacity to feel profound joy, compassion and loving kindness for all beings. It is the acceptance of all things in all beings, their wholeness, and so your own for you are a part of Wholeness. Likewise, love all your feelings as if they are The Divine, the portal in which the drops of Consciousness may come to you, yet be not greedy, be not drowned by them. If tears come, let them come and let them go. Whereas tears are a sign for Spirit to come, so is their cessation a sign it has arrived at your beckoning call. Indeed, a single tear acts faster upon the spirits than whining and complaining ever could. That said, where Grieving is in order, cry your eyes out. It is true, there is nothing like the presence of tears to open the hearts of others. And too, you can do nothing against the will of another. If the strange angel of Grief unrealized that is Anger visits, set a place for it at your table and let it cleanse you to the depths of your Heart yet feed it not to other people or animals. Nor let your tears betray your anger or your anger betray your grief.

Enlightenment finds a cozy, self-sufficient tiny home in the heart. Do you remember it was said that enlightenment is the state of an open heart? How does one open something that is already open, already pumping and circulating all the time? The trick is to be sure your mind is also open, or things will get stuck in you. When Enlightenment flows through all of you, so does Temperance become your temperament, aligned in the understanding that the heart is the Lord and when the Lord is happy, the kingdom is happy. When the Lord is angry, the kingdom is angry; just as the mood of the queen ant dictates the entire hill.

As there is too much to teach and too much to learn so you must learn to teach yourself to simply connect the dots as they come to you, no matter how random those connections may seem for the unfolding of Cooperation, that which seamlessly weaves complexity in voluntary simplicity. The best way to connect the dots is to follow instructions, protocols, which are designed for you to connect with your enemies and allies alike, the guides or signaling forces of your Spirit. Many “spirit guides” do not possess what we would call morals yet an integral code of Right Ethic and most certainly a good dash of Aethos. There is no duality in the spirit world. If you are pissed off at someone your spirit guides will take that as a sign to attack that person on some level, just as a cell attacks harmful or hurtful infections. So is it of utmost importance that one acknowledges their power lest the cells start eating one another in the being of the One, commonly known as Cancer though may act upon themselves in many other subtle forms of cannibalism. And be clear now, spirit guides are not your own yet here to guide and protect all that is, just as the elementals guide and protect Nature, which they will do at all cost and morals the territory of plants. Animals and Plants possess their own kind or “strain” of Consciousness. Humans too. Our particular strain positions us as both a miniscule aspect of nature and all that is, for everything in Nature depends on your perceiving of it through our strain of Consciousness. Each consciousness can enact what Consciousness itself alone cannot. And then there is Truth, which goes Well with Everything. And Everything takes care of Everything in Cooperation.

Cooperation itself is governed by the Laws of Nature, necessary for spirits to be incarnated, which is influenced by Human Nature, and so of utmost importance that each one comes to know their true Nature. And as a participant in this process I have been taught in Shamanism that one must master the spirits or be mastered by them.

Spirits respect one who has mastered their own mind,
and only by this one, will they allow themselves to be mastered.

Spirits are repelled by Dependency. The mastery that produces the illuminated one takes Dedication and Devotion, as will getting through this reading, which again, requires no effort yet Diligence and Discipline. You may wonder, why so much writing? Why so many words? Because this is how much misunderstanding there is. But really we are just getting started, sorting through the laundry basket so to speak before you enter the first wash cycle in the Spirit World after crossing the Threshold.

Though you came an orphaned human, you are not alone here yet your actions your own and it is you, not the spirits, who will be held accountable. To say “my spirits guided me” is a faux pas to the spirit world, just as one must never perform a miracle in public and a shaman would not call his or herself a shaman. It doesn’t mean these things aren’t true or real, it is just not something to be spoken or displayed publicly. In fact it makes the spirits cringe and not want to come out to play, and the absence of your spirit and their guides will often present as a problem. Guides can also read your mind and if they find your Conviction faltering, despite pretty words and flowery offerings, they will not come. The spirits must be sincerely invited, through ceremony and prayer. One must never assume their guides are with them if they have not actually asked for help, that is to say, made appropriate means/offerings for spirits to get to you and keep them well fed and cared for as part of your family, your loved ones. Sacrifice, in the way of fasting, is another form of offering to/caring for the Spirits. In the words of the prophet Muhammad: Prayer gets us ½ way to heaven; fasting takes us all the way. Furthermore, in Ecclesiastes 1:8: “Give and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap.” And as said, when you take one step, the Universe makes 1000.

The same goes for the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, which differ from Ancestors and appropriate offerings must be made to all. The Grandmothers and Grandfathers are spirits that actively tend the Heart-field, without lifting a finger! The Ancestors work farther out. An elder once told me, “the ancestors sit around drinking coffee and smoking unfiltered camels until someone asks for help.”

When faced with what appears to be a troubling visitation address the trouble immediately which may be done with prayer or ceremony, a tobacco or hair offering which communicates directly to the spirit world what is in your heart in order to allow and assist it to blossom as an experience, which feeds our Understanding, which feeds the Soul the world-feeding inner life of the flame in a relatively effortless way. Furthermore, when we refuse, deny or fail to follow the instructions and protocols, the Unified Field is endangered, and the milk of the Kachina tainted, the essential essence of the Milky Way that naturally cleanses the 4th Dimension that the higher frequencies of this, the 5th World, may go viral to invade our being.

Human beings are a manifestation of and handy container for the force of all Life, the non-dualistic, non-gendered living essence also known as energy, medicine, mana, prana or chi, which differs from power. We are made of this force and it fills us yet Adult men and women have specific roles. Woman, because she was made first from the earth, nourishes and protects the Earth, greens it. Man nourishes and protects the Universe and the Universe nourishes and protects the Earth, by sending rain. In the Adult, both give Life and the roles distinct yet always complementary and cooperative, functioning like the concentric circles cast by a pebble in a pond. As a whole, the Adult, Child, Adolescent and Elder too have specific roles, independent of gender, as part of the full circle vision inherent in Cooperation.

Your Higher Self knows nothing but Cooperation, which can also seed Conflict in one who treasures the outdated version of Autonomy that clings upon one in the Spirit World like saran wrap.  A sign that a distorted or outdated version of Autonomy is running you is that you are eeking out a meager existence, filling the fridge to feed yourself and perhaps your family, and in doing so also force-feeding them to eat of the left-over scraps of Independence as we have known it. Is it no wonder that so many come to Depression for relief, which is the lack of desire to feed yourself, bath and go amongst the people or be with your family. We will speak more on the good work Depression can do in letting go of outdated versions of Autonomy, yet how only that which has been “disabled” can be let go. Depression is a disease that came out of nowhere, as most modern diseases have, and so we treat it in this Nowhere, in the Unified Field, for there are fewer risks there. As we are seeing, there is no appropriate treatment for Depression in the ordinary world, no matter how hard one works at it. Only Meaning can treat its unruly chemical responses, and Meaning must be met in the Unified Field, accessed via the Way.

If you are in alignment, straight and true with the Way, Ceremony will assist in keeping you that way. If you are not, she will masticate you. It is said by the old ones that the sign of a good ceremony is that one is a wreck afterwards. As with Terence McKenna’s words, this is True for those stuck in the West, those who have wandered from the Sacred Path. And so this “wreck” a signal that things are not yet in alignment. And here upon the Sacred Path, there is no one to finger, no one to Blame, for it is the path upon which all are borne Innocent. As said, Regret is a direct descendent of Blame whereas Feeling begins with Respect, the first protocol of Ceremony. And at the end of this cycle, the “funhouse” we have been in, the only way to Reality now is to Feel.

Yet even in one with balanced chemical response, reasonable alignment and the capacity to Feel, the Spirit of Love can equally propel you onto the battlefield as bring you to a place of refuge, send you to jail as grant you freedom, all of which can occur simultaneously. When Krishna ordered Arjuna to go into battle against his own Grandfather, Arjuna refused for on either side were his family and he did not want to fight those who were relative to him. Yet Grandfather persisted in his pursuit of War and Krishna enforced in Arjuna that he must go to battle in order to remove the cause of Fear that dwelt in his Grandfather’s army. Krishna did this by opening his mouth in which Arjuna saw the entire Universe as being relative. Consider now this cause of fear the same as the vile substance trapped inside a problem. Fear is not the problem. Fear is a great ally. It is the cause of fear that must be delicately and skillfully alleviated like disabling a time bomb. As such Arjuna, one of the greatest warriors of his time, went to war, albeit against his will, which is to say his heart told him so. And in doing so, such a long time ago, did he eliminate the cause of fear that Fear may simply be what it is, just as Chaos can only be Chaos.

Now, the thing is, the war is over. It is only the lost, loyal soldiers hiding within your perception that you are an island that have not gotten the memo. Yet to surround one who is frightened in Love can bring about fear and anger in them, for it is unfamiliar landscape, and they will feel lost again. Eventually they (referring to your subconscious personalities here) will also get the memo that in Truth, nothing can be lost so long as Love is there. It may just take some time for them to actually read it, and more to “get” it. But the turn-around is quickening as we all get the hang of doing better. When the windy wolf blew the little pigs’ house down, did the pigs then take it upon them selves to rebuild a better and better house until they achieved a result that had no cause for Fear. One could say the pigs learned to trouble-shoot, which is akin to the freedom of flying just for the heck of it.

To the seeker of Truth it is immaterial from where an idea comes and the source and development of the idea a matter for the academic. For the seeker, experience is the teacher. You may have been hearing that the idea of cause and effect is faltering. This is so; its light fading into the realization that you are cause and you are effect simultaneously. And in this realization Suffering is given notice to pack her things as Struggle floats downstream to the Ocean of Compassion.  For many, living in a world without struggle or suffering may come as a shock. How could it be so? For it has been said that a great life is filled with Suffering. Yes, and so filled this great life is then taken in by the Good Life, which empties into the limitless belly of Harmony. The Four Noble Truths tell it this way in four relatively easy steps:

                                             1.  There is suffering
                                            2.  The cause of suffering is attachment to desire
                                            3.  Suffering will be alleviated
                                            4.  Suffering has been alleviated.

Suffering has been given a bad wrap due to misunderstanding, as many things have. Yet unraveled by Understanding, one can see there are three kinds of Suffering, or Dukkha, that fill a great life. There is the loss of feelings of enjoyment and happiness, the feelings of disappointment and despair and thirdly, the freedom from both pleasant and unpleasant sensations, all of which occur in a continuous cycle, known as Samsara. You may wonder, how is there suffering in freedom from sensation? It is due to the fact that you are not familiar with it, that you are dependent on your 5 senses that deem what is pleasant or unpleasant. Indeed, all suffering comes of your discomfort with Change, the gaps between the movements, the space in which letting go happens. The first and most crucial step in letting go is to Allow. If we continue applying the Art of Differentiation we began in Step 2 we can consider the following words as two independent yet related actions: 1. Let. 2. Go.  Once you allow something to be, it can go or it can stay, the choice is yours. And not unlike the realization that one must have created something in order to know it.

In fact, for the Ultimate Reality embedded in the Noble Truths to arise, any word could be substituted for suffering for the entire teaching is based in impermanence; things come when they come and go when they go. For now your understanding of the First Noble Truth can be reduced to there is, as to see things As Is, which can be translated as Reality. How we see is highly individuated, just as the medicinal qualities of a single plant can be deemed by a dozen vegetalistas twelve different ways. Remember, you don’t have to see what I see to get it right. The meaning or consciousness in something will speak to each in unique ways, and when we put our heads together as One, we can then get a better understanding of what is there. When one taps into the meaning of an illness or disease, the plant will respond to that meaning, which has as many variations as there are seers. Yet and still, all melancholy and fear disappear when one can see things as they are, understand how they arise and are terminated and then to work undistracted with patience, intelligence, determination and energy to stay on the path of Help and Health.

Let us now give attention to the hungry ghosts, or “wanna-be’s”, the aimless thoughts and feelings disengaged from the 4th dimension but not yet connected via Feeling to the 5D that hunt for habitat in the 3D like a hawk and seeking shelter, may inhabit your guesthouse. These inhabitations or visitations generally show up in you as a Habit, which disables Clarity for Clarity, not without her limitations, does not function well in the habitat of habits.

What we are saying here is that the realm of Hungry Ghosts, as delineated by the Buddhist tradition, is a holding tank for all the bachelor thoughts never married to feeling. Hungry Ghosts are beings with bottomless pit stomachs. What is little understood is that Awareness also lives in the realm of the Hungry Ghosts as the granddaddy of them all, with the greatest appetite for it has no stomach. As you cultivate your Awareness, it is enabled to swallow the Hungry Ghosts whole and send them back to their own habitations, where they cannot hurt anyone. These ghosts do not wish to harm us, only be returned to their habitations in Peace.

Remember what we said about Enlightenment – the refuge is inside of you and the spirits and hungry ghosts know you as a route of “purification”, that which sends things back to their own habitation as for all to be in Right Place. In humans, “purified” refers to being in a state of Harmony and Balance. One must be purified before one can access Purity, the compaction and concentration of power, one of the gifts of the North whereas the power in the West is wild, unfocused.

When your heart is filled with Enlightenment many things will clamour to stay a spell in your guesthouse as they make their way home. Being “inhabited” is a good sign that Enlightenment, the refuge, is within you; and Awareness the best housekeeper there is.

All spirits readily sniff out a ceremony for there is a good chance at a home filled with the openness of Enlightenment there. Yet is also in ceremony that mischievous things can hide. As such, you may leave a ceremony with more than you came in with, or at the least, it was like a clothing exchange, that which has been disabled exchanged, or Sacrificed, for that which is ready to be enabled in you. In the end, all you can do is ask for Help, a word most intoxicating to any spirit.  In fact, Help sounds like Play to the spirits, for they do things a little backwards.

We have spoken at length about asking for help, yet too taking more personal responsibility for our own wellbeing and moods is what the spirits are really interested in for acknowledging ones own personal power is a prerequisite for consideration for advancement to Nirvana, the Universal Creative Power. So set a place for Right Intention and Right Effort to let each guest be Aware they are welcome at your table yet will you not tolerate foolery. But hey, you might be saying, the guests are munching away on my Enlightenment! Yes, you are feeding them, just as Envy, Greed, Lust and Resentment got their fill of Truth in the video I'd Rather Be. 

As with the spirits, these guests, these hungry ghosts or lost children are also our relatives, and you must tend to them, help them return to their place by setting clear boundaries and calling it like it is, as for Order to meet Chaos in complementary fashion. This is done by observing and watching your thoughts as best you can as well as diagnose the “signal” of the thoughts of others on you. Once you observe the impersonal thought, which can be a symptom of the dis-ease or defilement in the person, you can watch it change, or better yet, evaporate into the Hydrological as healed. So too are there times when you must refuse to feed something, to entertain it, for it has overstayed its welcome in your misunderstanding. And in this is Kindness, allowing all to return to their own kind.

Though the order of some things may not be the same for all, each step must be completed to evacuate your misunderstanding that the bandwidth of Understanding might move in. And so it is good that your misunderstanding has been vast. For instance, many are familiar with the phrase, dance like no one is watching. However this is a small part of the whole prescription. One must also love like you’ve never been hurt, sing like no one is listening and live like it is heaven on earth. What is the outcome of these directions? That is entirely up to you. As is what you will do once you reach the True North. Yet are there 3 steps you must take to begin the journey. If you are reading this, you have nearly complete one of them. The other two are to select how you will take the journey and taking in the story of Jumping Mouse, the links for which we have conveniently placed here that your tanks of Effort might be reserved to carry on.

The spirits respect your ability to put things in order that they be connected with Right Order. Putting your personal past in order as that which is behind you is the first step towards true Individuation, which in the words of Carl Jung is:

“ a way of attaining liberation by one’s own efforts and finding the courage to be oneself.”

Individuation is the Autonomy valued by the Lakota and differs from the Individuality systemic in the System. You need not lose the lessons you’ve gained, or the parts of your persona you’ve worked so hard to polish but it is a limited construct and you are an infinite being. It is said, All things shall be revealed. There can be no other way. And the liberation of all things is forthcoming including emancipation from mental slavery, which this course will see you through in its own loopy way. Indeed you may be feeling topsy-turvy right about now. For to walk away from what you know can feel abnormal or suspicious even, relative to how long you have been enslaved.

A woman from Mauritius recently wrote: “I became a slave at age 5. Every day I looked after the herd. Every night raped by my master. I always thought, without understanding, that this was normal. When they came to take me away, at first I completely refused. I couldn’t imagine a life away from my masters, a life where you worked no matter what, even if pregnant or giving birth. This was the only life I had ever known.”

Be not fooled by geography, society and the tempest of circumstance. In some form this experience has come for all of us, and the only master the childhood myth, which generally begins to enslave one at the age of 6. Then between the ages of 19 and 23, one gets the chance to review it, via their Rite of Passage. Now, without loosing site of your Compassion, bring your Awareness to the “key” in the above story, the way out, which is “without understanding”.   As such, a slave is one without Understanding and so hooped in misunderstanding. Now, consider this: only a baby can get in or out of the Cervix.

What goes in must come out and does so in ways that appear in completely different forms. It is with this Understanding that you are free you from the chains of the mental realm, and then it is up to you what you do with it. Also note the importance of regularly dumping what you know. And always remember, as when you set an intention, you never know what will come of it in the “all beings eat and are eaten” Continuum. What you can understand is that this course will help you understand that you are a form of energy technology, a resource of the Earth that serves as a sensory instrument for the Divine through your very presence alone, also known as being hollow; a step up indeed from being shallow.   With the depths of this Presence and the pivotal skills you acquire here, your “gift” for serving your life purpose (the one inside your feet) as a flicker of the Divine comes naturally in everything you do.

Perhaps you are feeling “on the spot”, and indeed, you are spot on! When the details get stuck inside you, “backed up”, it slows the process down so as not to harm your electrical circuitry, so important in developing your precious sensitivity. In an Enlightened being all things pass through you because your heart AND mind are open. And in doing so they are kept purified for Life is Movement. Let me say this once again, your heart is already open. It is the mind that is closed, and so things get backed up. For some this is a clever technique, getting bogged down in the details as to keep one from Suffering, the response to Movement in the uninitiated. But we are here to change that.

Where you struggle is where there is a sign hanging upon your mind saying "closed".  Your response to the sign may be a feeling of build up, emotional overload or physical pain.  At such times it is recommended to karate kick a tree or have a good wail at the ocean to shake things up. Trampolines are excellent for this. One might say that the trees and waters are immune to thoughts and emotions but this is not quite right. It is more that they are Masters at connecting Feeling to Emotion, to keep the Divine updated on closures.   The Wisdom of Feelings is that they are also differentiating environmental checkpoints, signs for the spirits of how the climate change from Greed to Love is going.

Furthermore, when something someone says or does presents difficulty for you, or a pestering thought in your head, just hear or see it out, bear it and then if does nothing for you, put it on your bullshit pile and let it do what it does. If it is doesn’t stay there, something is still alive and kicking in you to be integrated. As said, there is no getting rid of for the initiate and so we move from here into the Art of Integration.  In letting what was previously neglected meet you, those unwanted “guests”, perhaps even despised, you can then go about integrating them into Consciousness. Do not attempt to integrate these things into your Person for it will only become another projection, but into Consciousness itself, the habitless habitat from which they came. And in doing so, your shadow "heels" at your feet. One way is to make a plan and stick to it, an actual life-changing plan with something you are interested in, such as Peace or Joy, and then let that unfold. This is the hard work spoken of earlier, yet not necessarily difficult. You see, there is difficulty but nothing is difficult, just as eventually one can find no sufferer yet there is suffering.

It is said that a good Shaman is slow-cooked, not seared. In each one is the Shaman, the archetypal healer called when one is facing an unresolved parallel that keep ones from knowing Thy Self. In a melting pot culture, some will be “ready” sooner than others, just as meat takes longer to cook than kale. My favourite analogy is popcorn. First just one or two go off then quicker and quicker the many proceed until done.

Culture is the starting enzyme. What is the culture of the melting pot? Is it the ingredients, the pot, the fire, the water? The Divine life energy inherent in all things?   Surely we have seen our culture melt the pot as if this could destroy the inner Shaman. And too, culture can save lives. It all begins, and ends, with Language.

I understand that all this “sounds” like a lot of work. But as the search has been called off, bring your guards close in that all may rest in Peace. In this moment, attune to your hearing. What do you hear around you? What sounds are nearby? Which are far? Give your full attention to all the sounds coming to you from each direction, including up and down. It is precisely in this space of hearing that healing occurs instantaneously. And you needn’t give it another thought. Particularly if you are feeling “attacked”, make space to simply listen to all the directions, just for a few seconds, in every event, every day, for the Rest of your life. Repeat as necessary.

Necessary knows when something is ready (done) by signaling boredom, a craving or a specific physical pain to come aboard. When you feel a sudden bout of these, also take this Rest. When the Rest itself results in a pain or boredom, you are done resting, and so ready to move on. Pain can also be a sign, the effect, that an old belief, Cause, is giving way to something new.

Life energy is depleted by a deficiency in values which has one entertain old habits, engage in excessive thinking, fearful thought forms, the stress of struggle and stubbornly protecting your negated aspects instead of liberating them into Harmony, which is inevitable. The refusal to give way to Liberation is a sign to Struggle, Strife and even misunderstood Suffering to come to you. Here you are beginning to see that you are actually giving off more signs or signals to the spirits than they give to you. And as we come near to the end of this step, that signs read by the Diagnostic, a skill of the Practical Mystic, do indeed give one direction in how best to meaningfully relate to others in that magical way that always produces Beauty. And so the old ones give this direction: Walk in Beauty.

In the meantime, energy can be nourished and replenished with Qi Gong, a means of Cultivating Awareness. When the Spirit Bowl, the space in your pelvic girdle which also houses the Hara, the basement apartment in which the little ego dwells is full of Qi/Chi the little ego is more inclined to slip through the keyhole.

Your spirit’s favourite break-fast is prana, the breath of Creator, from which it extracts chi (qi) or Life energy. When you accept your Spirit to be your Beloved as you are awake and let it go on its “fast” as you sleep, you are less likely to be bothered by any overstaying guests. So respected, your spirit will help you out in your tasks as an inn-keeper. It is not afraid of doing the dishes and in fact, revels in the mundane! Keep your Spirit Bowl full and bless the little children, be the Servant Master to the homeless spirits rather than be mastered by them. They will love, cherish and respect you for it, for they have not the skill for being masters. And besides, Peace begins at Home.

In the end, one who possesses Spirit eventually comes to possess the Spirit-Mind, that which minds Life spiritually, concerned more with group that the individual, and in doing so the individual is less likely to be possessed by anything other than a devastating willingness to Learn. In this way you will come to be in Right Mind and apply that Mind to your responsibility to understand how to be a Human Being, spirit living in the physical where Self watches over, cares for, the person. In the meantime, whenever you cultivate your Awareness, you also fill the world-feeding bowl.

A memory comes to me now of the young Oliver Twist holding his empty bowl up to a higher authority asking, “please sir, can I have some more?”

If you do not yet have your copy of An Inklings Weave, please contact me for a copy or order it on the website. The Shaman’ca Loop is an audio download also on the site, our “base camp” under the directions to get started. These two resources will continue to guide you in the territory of the Adult, which you may live in for another 20 years or so once you “move in” through this Course. I look forward with Joy to seeing you in our first Council session. If you have not already done so, you can

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